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Assisting a person die is another harsh task for nurses

Last minutes human touch to pass away peacefully.

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Trensitas Wgmg is feeling hopeful. May 7 at 11:05 AM

Last night on my guard 😞💔:

I felt the need to help someone die that I didn’t know.

NO, “I didn’t kill her” and she didn’t die on my shift,

I just took some minutes to caress her hair. And immediately her expression of pain changed, gasping even with oxygen to the fullest.

She almost unconscious snuggled his cheek in my hand, like “taking refuge”.

I said” Sleep. You’re not alone, we’re taking care of you!”.

I let her for a few minutes rest in the palm of my hand, and with the right I accommodate her mask and kept stroking her hair.

Her breath started to relax and went down.

She made a very touching gesture of relief, sticking to my hand and she fell asleep feeling accompanied.

When I left, I put a savannah roll to replace my hand on her cheek, careful not to wake her up.

I know it was her last hours, but at least I’m going, knowing she’ll pass away peacefully.

There is no medicine that relieve the emotional pain of a dying man. Nothing can replace a minute of human warmth for those who has nothing left but a few hours or a few minutes…

And that because of COVID and strict isolation that last moment is living in solitude away from their loved ones

There is always time, you can’t always, but when you can, let’s make all this lockdown not be in vain

When medicine and medical body already gave everything they had to give, our presence is all they have.

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Note: From the onset of this pandemics, I reiterated the need to figure out methods Not to let victims be isolated from the voice and videos of their dear relatives.

The last poem of Ahmed Fouad Najem

إذاعة صوت الغد.  April 5, 2014 at 12:31 PM

آخر قصيدة لأحمد فؤاد نجم..

إلى الأمة العربية ، بعد الـ ” طُز ” لم يعُد يليق بكِ التحية

ما أخبار فلسطين؟ .. شعبٌ بلا وطن .. وطنٌ بلا هوية
ما أخبار لبنان؟ ملهى ليلي كراسيه خشبية وطاولته طائفية

ما أخبار سوريا؟ تكالبت عليها سكاكين الهمجية
ما أخبار العراق؟ بلد الموت اللذيذ والرحلة فيه مجانية

ما أخبار الأردن؟ لا صوت ولا صورة والإشارة فيه وطنية
ما أخبار مصر؟ عروس بعد الثورة ضاجعها الإخوانجية

ما أخبار ليبيا؟ بلد تحوّل إلى معسكرات أسلحة وأفكار قبلية
ما أخبار تونس؟ إنتعل رئاستها مهرّج بدعوى الديمقراطية

ما أخبار المغرب؟ إنتسب إلى مجلس خليجي باسم الملكيّة
ما أخبار الصومال؟ عِلْمها عند الله الذي لا تخفى عنه خفيّة

ما أخبار السودان؟ صارت بلَدان والخير خيران باسم الحرية
ما أخبار اليمن؟ صالحها مسافر وطالحها كافر وشعبها قضيّة منسيّة

ما أخبار عُمان؟ بلد بكل صدق لا تسمع عنه إلا في النشرات الجوية
ما أخبار السعودية؟ أرض تُصدّر التمر و زادت عليه الأفكار الوهابية

ما أخبار الإمارات؟ قبوّ سري جميل تُحاك فيه كل المؤامرات السرية
ما أخبار الكويت؟ صارت ولاية عربية من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية

ما أخبار البحرين؟ شعب يموت ولا أحد يذكره في خطاباته النارية
ما أخبار قطر؟ عرابّة الثورات وخنجر الخيانات ومطبخ للأمبريالية

إلى الأمة العربية ، بعد الـ ” طُز ” لم يعُد يليق بكِ التحية

لم يعد يليق بكِ سوى النعيق والنهيق على أحلامك الوردية
لم يعد يليق بكِ سوى أن تكوني سجادة تدوس عليها الأقدام الغربية

لم يعد يليق بكِ شعارات الثورة حين صار ربيعك العربي مسرحية
لم يعد يليق بكِ الحرية حين صارت صرخاتك كلها في الساحة دموية

لم يعد يليق بكِ أن تصرخي بالإسلام وتهمتكِ بالأصل أنكِ إرهابية
لم يعد يليق بك يا أمة مؤتمراتها مؤامرات وكلامها تفاهات وقراراتها وهمية

لم يعد يليق بكِ التحية .. يا أمة دفنت كرامتها وعروبتها تحت التراب

وهي حيّة !!!
Majdi Taha

And what is this virtual wealth that Lebanese enjoyed? Didn’t think Lebanon has any of these multinational financial “Moral Entity”

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing?

Since 1993, and during late Rafic Hariri PM, Lebanon virtual wealth was built on selling debts that nourish real estate and government bonds bubbles, in the name of maintaining the peg in a failed state, and end up in the pockets of the political and financial elite under a veil of bank secrecy.

Lebanon was promoted as a Prime Real Estates to be looted, seashore and entire mountain tops sold for cheap.

Open air, open investment on public facilities and infrastructures. What happened in Russia during this infamous Yeltsin.

Lebanon was to emulate the economy in Dubai and investment was to pour in from Saudi Kingdom and the Gulf States.

Downtown Beirut were structured under a company called Solidere for 30 years, and renewed unlawfully for the Hariri clan.

And the government and Parliament received loans to be distributed to the militia/mafia leaders. Everyone of these leaders were reserved a war treasure coffer. A small part was for the leaders to “invest” in their electoral communities and assign their members in the government institutions.

Suddenly we woke up and realized that this was an illusion….

They are trying to unite?

After dozens of years of virtual wealth, the Lebanese people are rocking irreversibly into real poverty.
And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.

After dreaming of leaving our children a better life, we can only promise them an existential regression, like that of thousands of young Iranian (initiatives), gifted, over-educated, broken dreams, whose only horizon is a career Taxi driver or home help.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the insecurity of the times we live, people’s savings have been eliminated in return for the cancellation of public debt, with impunity, irresponsibility of those responsible for disaster and increasing inequality.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
In the face of the delegation of the International Monetary Fund, a divided, inconsistent team with divergent ideas, and conflicting diaries, which promises the failure of negotiations even before they begin.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
After years of collusion between double violence of money and that of weapons, we are fighting in the context of double violence, the lack of money and the omnipresence of weapons, which strengthens our failed state status to hold a monopoly on legal violence or to define and protect its borders.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
And then what? Without external financing, self-financing. Money flawed, stolen, corrupt, transfer abroad in an immoral way, will buy everything, public goods and private goods, and the return to normal will raise the wall between those who rule and the ruled, whose existence is likely to settle properly in misery.

And what are the hundreds of civil society groups doing? They are trying to unite.
If the lack of sovereignty, lack of future, promised poverty, existential regression, impunity, inequality, the despoliation of private saving and public resources have so far failed to unite the groups of civil society, it’s that there’s a problem somewhere.

10-year-old Muna in Yemen shows how to keep safe from Covid-19

COVID-19 in Yemen: A day in the life of Muna

In the Al Sha’ab camp in Aden, 10-year-old Muna shows the world how she’s trying to stay safe from the coronavirus.

UNICEF May 5, 2020

Ten-year-old Muna Zayed is one of around 1.7 million internally displaced children in Yemen, the world’s largest humanitarian emergency. The situation in Yemen is dire, and the need to reduce the additional strain of coronavirus spreading is urgent.

Muna lives with her family in Al Sha’ab camp in Aden, in the south of the country, after ongoing fighting forced them to flee their home in Taiz. Muna’s school is closed as part of efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19. But she still wants to show the world what her day looks like.

Muna’s diary: How Muna and her family are staying safe from COVID-19

Link to video on it’s hosted site.


Muna walks with a school friend to the camp’s main water tank to collect clean water for washing and cooking.


On the way, they stop at the main bathrooms in the camp, so Muna can wash her face. She says residents try to keep the bathrooms clean to reduce the risk of catching coronavirus.


Muna says she tries to collect water when there are less people around, so it’s less likely that COVID-19 will spread.


“I hope corona never comes to us.”

Muna’s cousin brings some vegetables to the family’s home, so she cleans them carefully before cutting them up for cooking to help her mother prepare lunch.


“I’m happy that I’m with my family.”

Muna says she knows it’s important that people wash their hands regularly to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Residents in the camp don’t always have soap, but they still try to wash their hands thoroughly.


UNICEF has been scaling up preparedness and response programmes across Yemen, including providing clean water to communities in need, and distributing basic hygiene kits – containing soap, towels, buckets and jerry cans – to empower and enable internally displaced families across the country to protect themselves.

Across Yemen, UNICEF and partners have also reached more than half a million people with information on physical distancing through house-to-house visits, and is aiming to reach thousands of health workers with sensitization sessions on COVID-19.




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