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Assisting a person die is another harsh task for nurses: Last minutes human care and touch

Posted on: May 16, 2020

Assisting a person die is another harsh task for nurses

Last minutes human touch to pass away peacefully.

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Trensitas Wgmg is feeling hopeful. May 7 at 11:05 AM

Last night on my guard 😞💔:

I felt the need to help someone die that I didn’t know.

NO, “I didn’t kill her” and she didn’t die on my shift,

I just took some minutes to caress her hair. And immediately her expression of pain changed, gasping even with oxygen to the fullest.

She almost unconscious snuggled his cheek in my hand, like “taking refuge”.

I said” Sleep. You’re not alone, we’re taking care of you!”.

I let her for a few minutes rest in the palm of my hand, and with the right I accommodate her mask and kept stroking her hair.

Her breath started to relax and went down.

She made a very touching gesture of relief, sticking to my hand and she fell asleep feeling accompanied.

When I left, I put a savannah roll to replace my hand on her cheek, careful not to wake her up.

I know it was her last hours, but at least I’m going, knowing she’ll pass away peacefully.

There is no medicine that relieve the emotional pain of a dying man. Nothing can replace a minute of human warmth for those who has nothing left but a few hours or a few minutes…

And that because of COVID and strict isolation that last moment is living in solitude away from their loved ones

There is always time, you can’t always, but when you can, let’s make all this lockdown not be in vain

When medicine and medical body already gave everything they had to give, our presence is all they have.

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Note: From the onset of this pandemics, I reiterated the need to figure out methods Not to let victims be isolated from the voice and videos of their dear relatives.

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