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Tidbits #40

Posted on: May 19, 2020

Tidbits #40

Europe & China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA. And this is where the “Financial parasites” injected this virus first.

Humans are naturally risk- and loss-averse. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has shown that, in situations where the potential penalties outweigh the possible payoffs—like meeting friends who may or may not have Covid-19—most people will play it safe. (Stay home if it is Not a life/death situation)

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, warned against reopening the economy too soon, telling a Senate panel Thursday that communities doing so risk new coronavirus outbreaks.

Even though Covid-19 is a viral illness not affected by antibiotics, early data from hospitals shows that very high proportions of patients—more than 90 percent in some cohorts—are being treated with those drugs to cure or protect against secondary infections during respiratory illnesses or hospitalization.

Resistance to antibiotics is already a crisis: It causes an estimated 700,000 deaths around the world each year, almost four times the death toll from the novel coronavirus so far. –

Trump is angry with the World Health Organization, but on April 18, 2020, dozens of celebrities participated in the One World: Together at Home concert series, which raised $127 million for the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. The series was hosted by Lady Gaga, and stars such as Lizzo, Celine Dion, and The Rolling Stones, all live-streamed performances from their homes.

In 1971, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and others took the stage at Madison Square Garden and raised over $10 million for relief efforts in cyclone-ravaged and war-torn Bangladesh. Organizers George Harrison and Ravi Shankar set into motion a unique form of fundraising that would have a huge impact on charitable organizations around the world.

The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded Madrassas in the last 3 decades

I just read a sentence I wrote to my parents in 1997: “Respect yourself and keep walking. There is no right and wrong.  The capital Sin is for not sticking to a comprehension to your question “what is the purpose for living” and advance with determination toward that goal”

For his promotion to a higher officer level, he invited 150 persons. The wife had to prepare a dozen dishes for 20 invitees every Friday and Saturday. No one to help the wife. You do the math the many welcoming parties.

In an interview for 60 Minutes yesterday, Fed chair Jerome Powell also said that the US economy could “easily” contract by 20-30%. and that low-income workers and women are taking the biggest hit. And employers will now offer lower salaries to people desperate for work.

In a settlement, the social network Facebook agreed to pay $52 million to thousands of US content moderators over mental health issues. The complaint was brought by moderators who said they operated in unsafe workspaces.

JumiaAfrica’s largest e-commerce platform (located in Kenia?)—reported a 7% decline in revenue despite seeing a four-fold increase in grocery orders.

The first step isn’t asking what task a robot can replace, but the reason humans do the task in the first place.Jackie Bischof,

In 1861, the nation’s political body made it legal for citizens to mail privately-printed cards of less than one ounce to each other. Capitalizing on the new law, John P. Charlton and Hymen Lipman, printers in Philadelphia, moved to patent the first postal card in the country—a mostly blank card with a decorative border.

This class of 2020 may attend a virtual ceremony, take part in a drive-through graduation, or even listen to Barack Obama or Lil Nas X deliver televised commencement speeches

US central bank is buying trillions of dollars of assets, including corporate bonds, to prevent the financial system from freezing up. The Fed’s buying spree reduced interest rates and is driving investors to take more risk.
“We have such massive fiscal and monetary intervention,” Frederick said. ”In the absence of government intervention, the markets would be off a cliff.” —John Detrixhe,


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