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Are you looking me in the eyes, and censuring me?

Posted on: May 27, 2020

Are you looking me in the eyes, and censuring me?

Note: Re-edit of “And you dare look me in the eyes, and censure me? May 23, 2011”

What a whirlwind of constant matter,

Never increasing or diminishing.

This constant matter, filling the vast void,

Transforming, emitting, recycling…

Into forms, sounds, lights, animates, and inanimates…


What is this ridiculous probability

To be who I am?

And you dare blame my huge vanity?


Is the spirit eternal?

How should I know?

Why should I care?

Is one eternity not good enough?


Have you been by a dying person?

Have you heard anyone on his deathbed, looking straight at you and saying:

“I know one thing to be absolutely true!”


Had you the guts to go on adventures?

Had you learned to read, and read all that came under your hands?

Had you written down your reflections?

Had you shared your thought, and listened carefully to feedback

Before you claim to form an opinion?


I may then disagree with your position,

But you got my respect.


Are you such a coward, and never left your hometown?

Do you want to believe that the world turns around you?

Were you pressured to learn to read

So that you may read in a single book?


Have you lived so long

Just to end up believing that all knowledge and wisdoms are found

In a single book?


And you dare look me in the eyes

And censure me?!

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