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You flashed in my mind, Love

Posted on: May 29, 2020

You flashed in my mind, Love

Note: Re-edit of “Emotions weaken my constitution, Love. May 2, 2011”

You flashed in my mind, Love.

My eyes never crossed your path:

Are you tall, blonde, svelte, green-eyed…?


My ears never heard your voice, Love.

Is you voice soft, passionate, warm, cadenced…?


How could I find you?

The moment you knock on my door, Love

Would you be fluttering with white wings, red, yellow?

Would you be blossoming in springtime violet, blue attire, Love?


Would you be crawling in my night dreams and waking dreams?

Would I be ready to sense your presence?


I am not one to hoard things.

All I care is to experience new sensations, once, one at a time.


Emotions weaken my constitution, Love.

Would you be gentle with my feelings?

Am I hard in the hearing?

Am I fuzzy in the vision, Love?


Do not despair, Love:

Keep talking, nudging, dancing, swinging, whispering.

Keep me alert, awake, alive, ready, Love.


Are you knocking Love?

As I open the door, do not manage my feelings.

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