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And what remains after we discard all these mythological craps about sexuality and love?

“Finissons-en avec tout le fatras de mythologies et de ces conneries dont on entoure l’acte sexuel:

  1. L’amour et la sexualite’ sont deux emotions differentes. C’est une evidence que nous devons admettre sinon on accumule des problemes de tension qui ne sont pas necessaire a une vie heureuse et paisible.
  2. La nouveaute’ exerce toujours un attrait
  3. La conquete est un plaisir por les deux sexes
  4. On a un besoin pressant de nous rassurer quant a la valeur sexuelle
  5. Que l’amour ne se conjigue pas au singulier
  6. Qu’une personne peut aimer plus d’une personne a la fois
  7. Qu’il n’y a aucun mal a coucher avec les amis
  8. La promiscuite’ est enrichissante
  9. Les femmes se marrient pour l’argent facile
  10. Les hommes se marrient par pure commodite’
  11. Les maries restent ensemblent pour ne pas avoir a mourire seules…”

Un passage de “Actes d’Amour” de Elias Kazan. 

Et Ethel de demander au psychologue Cambere:

“Dis-moi. Une fois qu’on laisse tomber toutes les conneries dont tu parlais, qu’est-ce-qui reste?

Cambere: “Quelque chose de tres bien”

Question: What is this great emotion that remains after we drop all these  mythological craps about sexuality and love?

Note 1: What should remain is this most powerful of emotion: Pity. Pity is the greatest of all true emotions, and it include all kinds of mammalian species:

  1. We need people to have pity on us and that is why we extend a bad connotation for pity and try to find alternative terms for it, like kindness, compassion, caring...
  2. We know deep inside us that we survive thanks to the hundreds of people who had pity on us during our harsh life. Most of these people are strangers to us, and many didn’t even wait for us to ask for aid.
  3. People extend their pity and do Not expect but that someone else will return the favor in kind (pity), when hard times tacke us.

Note 2: Elias Kazan is the famous movie director and he turned to writing novels after the movie industry sanctioned him for being forced to divulge to the “Maccarthy Commission” in 1965 the names of the supposed communists in the industry.

A few differences between Philosophy of Paper (law) and Philosophy of Life

I mean by paper (contracts, deeds,…) whatever the law consider as yours, and what you cannot agree with because you physically and emotionally cared most about during your life.

  1. A property that you decided to mortgage has never been yours, deep inside you. You didn’t care about the property or the community you lived amidst it.
  2. A building that you never cared to sweep and clean its outside yard has not been your at heart. People who owns apartments in a building and just clean the inside and neglect to care about the outside of the building don’t consider the building as Home.
  3. If you fail to keep the garden clean and beautiful, then the garden is Not yours at heart.
  4. If you were too busy to raise your kids and save quality time with them… they are Not your kids
  5. If you relied on your wife to maintain and clean the house every day and raise the children, you are Not a husband
  6. If a woman is forced to give birth against her will, in heart and mind, the child is Not hers
  7. If a woman is paid to bring to life a child, for any reason, and then feel that she is entitled to care and participate in the upbringing, then the child is hers

You got the gist.

All the pent up anger and revolts throughout history, between the common people and the power-to-be were due to this instinctive comprehension of the difference between Philosophy of Paper (law) and Philosophy of Life.

People want fairer and equitable laws in order to bridge the gap between what is considered Right and what is forced upon them as “Just”

Life is as important as death: If you live to develop your humanity




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