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Margin for Freedom? Any margin for Liberty?

Posted on: June 8, 2020

Margin for Freedom? Any margin for Liberty?

Son of Man versus Son of God?

Note: Re-edit of “Son of Man: Margin for Freedom. March 30, 2009″

Does heredity define to great extent every individual?

Is every one of us the product of long lines of successive unions?

Yet, the probability of identical persons is nil among the billions upon billions of human kinds that roamed earth.

Every person that dies is never replaced and his unique set of characteristics, and the identical set is gone for ever.

Maybe our margin for developing certain characteristics is limited.

Even then, what could be modified a little by nature, environment, social conditions, and personal thrive will have an impact in defining future generations.

We have always attributed our reality to act of God, His will, our Destiny.  That’s what all religious sects wanted us to belive in.

We have been sons of God until recently.

Research and technology are altering many genomes for a healthier man, even before he is born, even when he is a fetus, even by sorting out and selecting one among the many embryos to re-insert in the mother’s uterus. 

Man has started to affect genetically future generations.

God is no longer the sole and exclusive owner of man, and that is a qualitative new perspective to humanity.

Mankind is becoming part owner, though with a tiny share so far. 

As long as man is not able to tamper with the brain on a large-scale, then all the religious sects will brandish that “God will still have the bigger share in man”.

When you partially own a person then you are responsible for the whole entity.

We tended to let God off the hook for too long. 

If man has to be taken to court for wrong doing or designing and manufacturing defective products, then it is about time that God be taken to court after each war, each genocide, each apartheid systems designed for the suffering and humiliation of fellow men.

We have always attributed to God all the good values, even the immoral values in our daily realities.

We have tried hard to interpret God frequent calamities in a lenient manner.

If God exists, and he should exist, just to be taken to the International Tribunal for crimes against humanity. 

That is the margin of liberty that we still own; to study, read, reflect, have our own opinions, take hold of our personal responsibilities, and act accordingly.

When a person denies his own share of responsibility and stop reflecting and studying… all he does is then but wind.

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