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Farewell Beirut (di3anek ya Beirut): Omar Z3enni poem

 الكاتب الشاعر المغني عمر الزعني المولود سنة 1898 والمتوفى سنة 1961 وهو الملقّب بموليير الشرق حيناً وبفولتير العرب حيناً آخر،
على مدى نصف قرن عاش في بيروت، ولبيروت .. غناها كما راها في ذلك الوقت. عرف «بإبن الشعب» و«بإبن البلد».
مما غنى لبيروت قصيدة تحكي واقع الحال … والشاعر عادة هو مرآة عصره …

يقول -..وهو كتب ما كتب وغنى منذ اكثر من سبعين سنة وكأنها القصيدة المغناة كتبت صباح اليوم .
يقول الزعني..

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

يا مناظر عالشاشة
يا خداعة وغشاشة
يا عروس بخشخاشة
يا مصمودي بالتابوت

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

الخواطر مكسورة
والنفوس مقهورة
والحرية مقبورة
والكلام للنبوت
الجهال حاكمين
والارذال عايمين
والانذال عايشين
والاوادم عما تموت

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

الخاين حامل نيشان
والسافل الو قدر وشان
والجاهل شبعان رويان
والعالم لايب عالقوت

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

ما في هيبة ولا وقار
بالاحكام استهتار
وين ما مشيت لعب قمار
في النوادي والبيوت

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

الغريب بيتمخطر
والقريب بيتمرمر
واللي بيفوت ما بيضهر
واللي بيضهر ما بيفوت

يا ضيعانك يا بيروت

Tidbits #45

Civil war underway in the US due to lingering indignity and latent racism. On May 25, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, begging for his life with a police officer’s kneeling on his neck. On March 13, EMT Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police officers who burst into the wrong apartment. In February, jogger Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two vigilantes.

Unfortunately, car pollution are exactly the emissions that are likely to rebound after lockdown orders are lifted. (Though who will return to air transport, except those private airplanes of the elite classes?)

The Navajo nation has the highest Covid-19 infection and death rates of any group in the US, as the federal government fails to provide them with adequate information and resources. Young adults in the community have taken it upon themselves to launch information campaigns to try to protect their elders, who carry the most language and cultural knowledge, Mona Gable reports for STAT.

Most of what we grow in this country (corn, soybeans…) is not food exactly, but rather feed for animals and the building blocks from which fast food, snacks, soda, and all the other wonders of food processing, such as high-fructose corn syrup, are manufactured.

Before the Covid-19 pandemics: The White House releases its $4.8 trillion budget proposal expected to seek cuts to social safety net programs and foreign aid, while also requesting $2 billion in new funding for border-wall construction.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London ordered a review of the city’s landmarks. A commission will look into statues, street names, and plaques that reflect Britain’s violent colonial expansion.It is an uncomfortable truth that our nation and city owes a large part of its wealth to its role in the slave trade,” he said.

An underestimate, due to the way that government statistical agencies collect data,.  Data show that blacks in the US have 10 times less wealth, are 20% more likely to be unemployed, and make 78% as much in weekly wages as whites.

Major surveys all exclude the more than two million Americans who are incarcerated and 90% of inmates are men. Since black Americans are six times more likely to be incarcerated than whites, and twice as likely as Hispanics, this has the effect of making it appear that African Americans are better off financially than they really are.

Is it a matter of perception on Loneliness? Some people need extended periods of time alone to recharge, others would rather give themselves electric shocks than spend a few minutes with their thoughts.

“If you don’t spend a dime, free entry, drinks, and dinners… and you got a lot of money and you spend a lot…that’s power. It signal recognition of a person’s social worth”. Thus, only the common people have to pay for the VIP clan?

How many years must a slave toil, be humiliated and degraded before a colonial power sinks in the gutter?




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