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Those militia/mafia “leaders” who bankrupted the Lebanese at all levels?

Posted on: June 15, 2020

Those militia/mafia “leaders” who bankrupted the Lebanese at all levels?

A contest of who are the worst highway robbers of the State budget.

Late Rafic Hariri PM appointed most of the current corrupt “civil servants” in many institutions, particularly in the financial sectors institutions (Central Bank), the airline, the waste collection, the Beirut Real Estates (Solidere) and infrastructure projects, and directly linked to him and Not being controlled by any government administrations.

Nabi Berry and Walid Jumblatt had the monopoly for importing the “laced” and far below standard fuels and chains of the private providers for electricity, and the private financial “Boxes” (sanadeek) for the southern districts and the Lebanese refugees during the civil war, and the cement monopoly.

There are over 60 public institutions directly linked to the Prime Minister, to belong from the religious Sunni Muslim sect.

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