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Emulating Sex as with varieties of mammalian procedures

Posted on: June 20, 2020

Emulating Sex as with varieties of animal procedures

Note: Re-edit of “Mankind is having Sex Like Other Animals: No more emotional troubles? September 9, 2015

Are we okay with how we do sex?
We like to think we’re special, but the truth is that humans ain’t nothing but mammals.
This is particularly true when it comes to sex. Created by Mike Trapp for CollegeHumor, these illustrations show what it would look like if humans had sex like other animals.
I fucking love science posted

Male dragonflies make the first move to kick off sexy times. To soothe the female, he’ll approach her from behind while they are both still in flight.

For successful mating, the male must keep his grip on the female, using his anal appendages to hook around her neck. This bond is called “tandem linkage.”

The insects then display extreme contortion skills to get their genitals together.


Mating for the male anglerfish is a raw deal, where he latches onto the female and becomes irreparably fused to her body to release sperm only when she releases eggs.


Mounting the female from the rear, the penis of the male turtle emerges from his tail to insert into the female’s opening (cloaca). Because of the slow speed of approach, the female turtle can be eating, sleeping or doing pretty much anything.


For more animal mating rituals human-style, check out more of Mike Trapp’s animations here.


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