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You trample on my Cortex and I fire

And now, be warned, I fire (Original, August 3, 2009)

We always had sacerdotal castes;

All kinds of religious sects and cults.

Like mariners,

We always had these syphilis plagued castes,

With a dozen sexual incurable diseases.


Brain in states of liquefaction:

There were no cures through the ages;

Castes experimenting with logical structures

Of mind domination,

Based on premises of hallucinating imageries.


We always had reptiles whistling blood curling warnings;

Forked tongues, long and wiggling tongues,

Sniffing and tasting blood and decomposed bodies.

Dragons, small and large, inflating their throats,

Changing their colors to venomous clad shades, scarlet purple,

To scare off undaunted predators.


Witches to be burned, suffocated

50,000 of them within 2 centuries.

Women with half brains to slave for Male kind

Shorts too short

Jeans too tight

Hair too long and tempting.


There is not one single human kind.

There are Two.

One man realizes he has a Cortex;

He comprehends its limitations;

He is proud of using his developed brain;

And he is intent on resuming the challenges head on.


Another man knows that he has a Cortex.

But refuses to use it:

His Cortex is the center of all evils.

He wallops in his almighty limbic brain.


He wants to meet his God face to face;

He wants to unite with his Creator;

The One and Only One.


There must be two nations.

One nation for the Cortex gender;

One nation for the limbic gender.


They have nostalgia for their origins.

They need to backtrack to their sources.


Reptiles whistling blood curling warnings;

Dragons, small and large, inflating their throats,

Changing their colors to venomous shades,

To scare off undaunted predators.


Experiments Not fitting theology and dogma

Wars blessed by My God

“Second Coming” crap for My Elite Class.


We have got Popes and their cohorts of clergies;

Muftis and Brahmans with their regiments of clergies.


The sinless classes;

Leeches and tenia worms.

Those limbic “smart” reptiles

Have been trying to rewash our mind.


I ejected them from my system, anus exit.

I fenced off my precarious territory;

You trample on my Cortex nation

“And now, be warned, I fire”

The man who looks like you

# George Floyd #

The man who looks like you, (René Philombe), 1977.

.. Why ask me
If I’m from Africa
If I’m from America
If I’m from Asia
If I’m from Europe

Why ask me
The length of my nose
The thickness of my mouth
The color of my skin
What about the name of my gods?

I’m not black
I’m not a red one
I’m not a white man
I’m not a yellow

Because I am a man
The man of all heaven
The man of all time
The man who looks like you!

Andy Warhol, ′′ Mohamed Ali ′′.

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