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What category of Sins have you decided to Confess lately?

Posted on: June 27, 2020

What category of Sins have you decided to Confess lately?

Do you recall any sins that you were pressured to confess before the age of 12?

Kind of extending to you a list of potential sins that must select to satisfy the logic of confession.

Most probably, the confessor is never interested in your kinds of sins and must be snoozing and then punish you with a couple of Ave and other prayers that you must have memorized for that situation.

Did you feel humiliated for Not having any sins to share with the rest of the people?

As you grow older, to do feel this indignity to confess what could take you to prison, deny you the right to vote, to find another job…?

Do you know that 3 million of incarcerated Blacks in the US southern States are denied the right to vote? And you are still wondering why these States are electing racist candidates?

I felt to relay a section in the tale of Anatole France “Le livre de mon ami”, a collection of memories of his earlier life.

“La premiere difficulte’ etait de trouver les peches (sins). On m’avait donne’ un petit livre qui contenait tous les peches.

Il y a avait des peches obscure que je ne connaissais pas le sens, sur le larcin, la simonie, la prevarication, la fornication, la concupiscence…

Comme “je m’accuse d’avoir désespéré”, d’avoir entendu de mauvaises conversations…

“Je m’accuse d’avoir des distractions a l’office, au repas, dans les assembles…


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