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Romancing anti-matter?

Posted on: June 30, 2020

Romancing anti-matter

A re-edit of January 28, 2010 poem


Earth was created without mankind.

Earth will vanish, disintegrate, way after mankind does.


Mankind is dead certain that Earth will stop to exist

Why?  This makes much sense:

Superman of Krypton did die.


Most people would prefer this rarest of phenomenon to strike,

After they are gone and buried deep, the deepest.

I am of the very few liking to witness Armageddon,

This stupid religious myth,

As all those “Second Coming” in every religious sect


I am of the very few liking to witness our Cataclysmic End

Within the full power of my consciousness:

This event is not supposed to be repeated frequently.


For mankind there is a qualitative difference:

Would Earth evaporates in instant glory?

Or ends up dying slowly, very slowly, and totally devalued?


A glorious end is:

Even ants should find it hard to survive.


For greedy new mankind, the deepest wish,

After this long journey to knowledge and technological progress,

Is to leave Earth as the supreme Victor:

Earth should be a carcass, a dry shell,

Nothing is left to be exploited.


Table rase”: The ultimate for our species

Is to proclaim total victory over matter.

Nothing of material value must be relinquished to stupid Universe.

No chemical elements or compounds, no minerals.

Just your basic electrons, protons, neutrons…


Unadulterated victory over anthropic:

Quark (this super tiniest and indivisible of matter),

Boson (this super tiniest field that gives consistency to mass),

Quarks and bosons have to kneel and declare defeat.


Long live antimatter.

Down to living organic creatures

After me “Eternal Void”!


Just consider this improbable odd of being “who I am”.

And you blame me for my huge vanity?

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