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What make you feel in prison, in a cage?

Posted on: August 4, 2020

What make you feel in prison?

Do walls build prisons? Do iron bars make a cage?

Richard Lovelace wrote this poem in 1642, in the Westminster Prison:

“Stone walls do not a prison make,

Nor iron bars a cage;

Minds innocent and quiet take

That for an hermitage;


If I have freedom in my love,

And in my soul am free,

Angels alone that soar above,

Enjoy such liberty.”

Note 1: Joelle Giappesi or Julie, is a Franco-Lebanese who was put in prison, condemned for 5 years firm, for repeated heroine addiction at the age of 43. “Walls do not make the prison” is not simply a fiction novel.

Note 2: When everything around you is bankrupt, State, Banks, Central Bank…

When colonial powers sanctioned your economy and finances

When colonial powers add barriers to trade and daily communication with neighboring countries

When You know with certainty that tomorrow is never going to be better, and Absolutely Not to your kids and new generations

When you know that famine and unemployment will spread like wildfire, and you have no defenses to prevent small robbers and violent acts habits…

Those barriers are Not walls or cages: They are the worst forms of mass ghetto encirclement and incarceration.

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