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Is lacking a National identity such a big deal? Can a national calamity restitute the fundamental spirit for a union?

Posted on: August 11, 2020

Is lacking a National identity such a big deal?

Can a national calamity restitute the fundamental spirit for a union among the sectarian communities?

If almost all national identities everywhere were invariably built and sustained on myths, fabricated historical falsehood, faked stories and adventurer wars decided by the elite “old money”, the oligarch and feudal warlords, the religious clerics and dogmatic hubris…. Do we need to unite under such an identity?

What we need is to be unified under the banners of civil rights, human rights, sustainable environment, equitable and fair election laws and durable regulations,…

What we need is to be unified under the banners of civil marriage, linked to fast communication technologies, access to social platformsfreedom of expression, laws not discriminating among genders, race, color…, versatile opportunities to jobs and to applying our expertise, affordable education system, national health system…

What we need is to be unified under the banners of caring for our elderly, hospice facilities, decent retirement packages…

What we need is to unify against any State invading our borders, bombing our infrastructure, humiliating us, destabilizing our society and economy, and blocking our daily trade and communication with neighboring countries.

What we need is to unify against any political current that has proven to work against democratic representations, imposing racial demagoguery on the Silent Majority, and disseminating sectarian political ideology.

What identity are we claiming?  

Can you recall any current sustainable Nation that has gained a forced “identity”, without a strong army, multiple defeats, and suffered millions of soldiers fallen in battlefields, and million of peasants witnessing their home and crops burned, for fictitious claims?

Youth and the poorer classes were sacrificed to institute a Nation and were never taken seriously. Why? Because they are viewed as just meat for the canon and a burden to a stable political system

Even a “unified” language in any claimed “nation” was Not feasible, barely a century ago, before the State invested heavily for a main official language.

Restricted communities feel comfortable within their customs, tradition and slang, and only the adventurous soul step out of the boundaries to transfer to urban metropolis and try to mingle with diverse life-styles and working habit.

There is no way that the administration and control of individual status be relegated to the religious sects. A unified Nation cannot be sustainable if the religious sects are given the privilege to administer the citizens individual status, from birth, marriage and death.

Note: Only a statewide program budget to spread economic opportunities to all the communities and districts can the people envision a prospect for a sustained nation.

Without the economic fundamentals, even any effort to adopt a public education and public health system everywhere in the nation will be hard to apply and let the people feel they belong to a worth it Nation.


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