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Pass me the Flute and sing with me

Posted on: August 14, 2020

Pass me the Flute and sing with meGibran Khalil Jubran

« A3TINI NAYA WA 8ANNI  fal 8inna serr al woujoud»
This Lebanese poem of Jubran Khalil Jubran was sang by Fayrouz.
Pass me the FLUTE and sing.
This whine of the flute
This secret of eternity entrusted to the wind
Will still be heard
When the world vanishes into the void
Have you, like me,
Elected the wood for home
Renounced and shun away the Castles
And instead escalated the docile rocks
And followed the course of streams…
To wash your body
In the fragrant perfumes of the field 
To dry off your skin
In a towel of light abundance?
Has dawn intoxicated you with its ethereal breeze?
Hand me the flute and sing
The song is the prayer
The most virtuous and most revered
Have you sat as I did,
At Vespers in the enclosure of the vines
Hung cluster and worthy chandeliers
Golden, beckoning to you?
Have you taken the green grass to nap on
And opted the sky for cover?
Amnesiac to the past and its roots
And hermetic to the future strain?…
Give me the flute and sing
Forget the remedies and people’s woes
Aren’t we just lines written in water and lures?
Gives me that flute and sing 

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