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I thought we drawn in blue eyes?

Port of your blue sea eyes 

On the deck of your blue eyes rain

Audible vibrating lights.


On the port of your blue eyes

From a tiny open window

A view

Of faraway birds swarming,

Searching for yet undiscovered islands.


On the deck of your blue eyes

Summer snow is falling.


I am a kid jumping over rocks

Deeply inhaling the sea wind

And then returns a weary bird.


On the port of your blue eyes

I dream of oceans and navigation.


If I were a seafarer

If anyone lent me a boat

I would surely ease up my boat closer

To your blue sea eyes

Every sundown.

Note 1: An abridged free translation from Arabic of the famous late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani.

Instead of being the King maker, he opted for the throne: Mr. President Michel Aoun

President Michel Aoun knew well enough that he is no match to the militia/mafia leaders that ruled Lebanon for 30 years, under the same political system.

President Aoun knew well enough that they will confront him step by step, hoping they will adapt gradually to a more transparent system with moderate level of looting of the budget.

Does anybody believe that President Aoun could Not find a match for the Presidency among the thousands of members in his party? The void in the Presidency would Not have lasted 2 years.

President Aoun was chief of staff and Prime minister after President Amine Gemayel tenure.

President Aoun wanted to break a guinness record of becoming someone who grabbed the 3 highest positions. Period. And at a very old age of 85.

What glory is there to be President of a pseudo State?

What glory is there to rule over pseudo-citizens since independence in 1943, with all kinds and forms of discrimination, genders, religious sect, class status, origin of birth, the district you vote in…?

I wrote this letter to General Michel Aoun, exactly 16 months ago.
Before he was elected President. I sent the letter to his private email.

He read it and highlighted a few lines.

مارون بطرس مخول

Dear General Aoun,

You are definitely the best and the most entitled to be elected as a president to this broken Republic.

You have all the qualifications and the top qualities:
You represent the majority of Christians,

You head the second biggest parliamentary block,
Your CV is the best,

You are strong, courageous, honest and transparent,
You are a leader

All what you have is too much for such a country… all the honest people want you as a president, the dishonest ones don’t want you… unfortunately the bad guys are more in this country…

General, please, in the name of God, in the name of the very big portion of the “faithful Aounists”, be the president maker, remain the valve of security for The Republic and for the Government.

Remain in Rabieh as “Damir al Massihiyyin”, “Damir kull al Lubnaniya al shourafa 2”… “Damir Lubnan”.

In politics, as you definitely know, there are deals; let the President be someone you trust, someone from your school.

Ask for a good portion in the Government to secure the interest of Lebanon and safeguard the interest of the Christians…

General, the majority of the Christians and big part of the non Christians, our brothers in this country, have full trust in you.

Of course they dream to see you president in Baabda, but deep in their hearts they prefer that you stay in Rabieh, free, guardian angel for the presidency with good representation in the Government.

General this is the wish of many many Aounitsts.

We feel more safe and more comfortable when we see you, as you are now, king in your kingdom, free to say what you want, not hands tied sitting in Baabda with more responsibilities and less authorities.

This is a shout from deep of the heart, let the president election go through, have a president accepted by you…

As surely with a president accepted by you and watched carefully by you is better for the country than no president.

God bless you, God save le General
Maroun Makhoul

يا ريتو سمع مني..لانو القذارة عند السياسيين اللبنانيين سكرت عليه كل الطرق ومنعتو يحاسبن.
انشالله يقدر يستلحق ويكون عندو الدعم والوقت تيرمي كل سارق ومجرم ومرتكب بالسجون
ومؤبد ،على الاقل تعويض معنوي على أهالي الشهداء الذين سقطوا بتفجير المرفاء.





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