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Avatar getting shielded by their Gods?

Puny avatar; why in the name of God?


Show me a single religion condemning

As blasphemy, the biggest sin of all,

Speaking in the name of its God.


Puny avatar;

Why in the name of God?

Allah, Jehovah, Krishna, Buddha


Show me a single religion

Not inaugurating a President

In the name of its God.


Not haranguing the troops

In the name of a God.

Not persecuting other religions

In the name of a God.


Puny avatar; why are you hiding your weaknesses

In the name of a God?

Are you scaring me with eternal fire?

Is a candle burn not bad enough?


Are you frightening me to obedience by eternal pain?

Millions are suffering constant pain in hospitals, tents, in open air;

Of curable diseases, famine, thirst,


No pain-killer powerful enough to let go in peace.

Isn’t a single case bad enough to you?


Are you enticing me for immortality?

Anything scarier than boring immortality?


Puny avatar; why are you heaping your ignorant arrogance on me

In the name of a God?


Is there a single religion with enough imagination?

A total silence preceding a major cataclysm as God.

A complete darkness, not a candle flickering.


A world devoid of the feeling of touch;

Not a single soft breeze, not a wet loving kiss.

A world odorless and tasteless as God


Any one of that kinds of Gods would scare the hell out of me

And you won’t have to preach in his Name.


Puny avatar; talk in the name of God

And stay a dwarf: petty, mean, and coward.


Mankind! Stand up.  Wake up.

Dare speak in the name of Man.

Take on your responsibilities in the name of mankind.

Embrace your countless limitations;

Develop your limitless potentials.


Pray your God in the solitude of your heart;

Give grace to your God in the many ways to enjoying life;

For the opportunity to working with passion and sweating labor.


Puny avatar you were and is

In the name of God.

Try speaking in the name of man

With respect and humility to your fellow co-survivors


Sharing the same boat, the toil, hardship, and labor.

Sharing the smiles, joy, laughter, and compassion

Sharing what earth has in reserve to us all.


Singing with birds, the breeze, the sea wind.

Avatar you are and will be

And puny no more.

Global Crime Syndicate started with the 19th-Century Opium Trade

Precursor To The Global Crime Syndicate: The 19th-Century Opium Trade

By 1839, this criminal operation in drugs had addicted and zombified an estimated 10 million Chinese and set back social and economic conditions in that country by centuries. I

t was one of the better divide-and-conquer strategies ever devised by the global Crime Syndicate.

Opium was prohibited in China, and the Manchu Emperor of China didn’t take the opium infestation laying down. Rather, he moved aggressively by dumping a fortune’s worth of the merchant’s opium into Canton Bay and destroying production facilities.

Sassoon and his posse then successfully lobbied for military intervention.

England sent an expeditionary force from India to intervene, and they ravaged China’s coastline in a series of battles. Eventually, they dictated the terms of a settlement.

The 1842 Treaty of Nanking opened the way for a further explosion in the opium trade, which went on until the Maoist Communists finally eradicated it a century later.

At one point,  it was estimated that at least 30 million Chinese were addicted to opium.

In addition, Britain took the territory of Hong Kong, unilaterally fixed China’s tariffs at a low rate (aka “free trade”) and arranged for the “merchants” in Canton to pocket $3 million as compensation for the loss of their ill-gotten property.

The Sassoon family’s enterprise relocated to Hong Kong, where it expanded into “merchant” banking.

Various opium dealers formed the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank. Over time, the bank — today known as HSBC — would extend its reach into the drug fields of the Middle East and Ibero-America.

Throughout the 19th century, British families Matheson, Keswick, Swire, Dent, Inchcape and Baring, and the Jewish families of the Sassoons and Rothschilds controlled China’s drug traffic.

In 1887, the big Sassoon and Rothschild clans merged by marriage. They were by that time operating out of London, where they intermarried with British aristocracy (City of London), were knighted and went on to finance and promote the Bolshevik and Zionist movements and God knows what else.

To the victors go the spoils, and over time the true history of the opium business was whitewashed and obfuscated by these powerful interests.

They have branched off into media control, which today explains the criminal do-not-trust nature of that influence that I document constantly.

Time and time again, you will see these Crime Syndicate scions landing top positions in intelligence and finance. Since the establishment of Zionist Israel, it has morphed into new manifestations.

Facing continual blow back, the British fought a second opium war in China from 1856 to 1860.

In due course, the crop was grown in China proper, especially in Sichuan province, allowing a new generation of criminal enterprises to develop.

This second war opened up the market to additional players.

In typical modern style, a Crime Syndicate “marketing campaign” emerged that promoted opium smoking as a fashionable, even refined pastime. Opiates were instrumental to the launch of a number of international pharma companies.

Enter the Americans: 

The destabilization of China and the building of the western U.S. railroads opened the floodgates for human trafficking (Shanghaying, as they called it) and expanding of the Chinese opium trade by Americans.

The American families of Perkins, Astor and Forbes made tens of millions off of the opium trade. The Perkins founded Bank of Boston, which is today known as Credit Suisse.

William Hathaway Forbes was a director at Hong Kong Shanghai Bank shortly after it was founded in 1866.

John Murray Forbes was the U.S. agent for the Barings banking family, which financed most of the early drug trade. The Forbes family heirs later launched Forbes magazine. And I covered Secretary of State’s John Forbes Kerry family lineage.

U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s grandfather Warren Delano created his wealth from the China opium crime racket.

Like U.S. Secretary of State John Forbes Kerry, FDR claimed not to know anything about it.

Note that as a general rule of thumb, when the words “Boston Brahmin” and “merchant” appear in historic contexts, it’s whitewash code for drugs or other criminal activity.

The cesspool of “connected people” stemming from this opium cartel of British elite, American Brahmin and Jewish Sassoon-Rothschilds runs deep and wide well up to present day.

I used to dismiss the talk about secret societies, such as Skull & Bones, but no more. Incidentally, the primary outfit in the opium trade was Russell & Company, the trustee of Skull & Bones.

Is it simply a coincidence that so many worldwide movers and shakers today spewed forth from this old line of criminal activity?

Nothing to see here, move along?

Daily encounters with Taxi drivers in Lebanon this summer.

It seems everything was said even in 2016.

The Outrageously Racist
The Stereotypically Sexist
The ‘I don’t care about traffic lights

The Truly Kind and Wise
The Intellectual
The Hard Worker

And ‘There’s no more hope for Lebanon’

The Smart/Skilled and  ‘there’s no more hope for anything in life
The ‘There’s no place better than Lebanon’

The ‘Any place is better than Lebanon

Chapters from a book I could write about my daily encounters with Taxi drivers in Lebanon this summer.

The Maronite Patriarch wants Lebanon neutral: The reaction was International control of Lebanon

The introduction to the news of TV

Actually, why the US, France and British navies are parked in the port of Beirut?

We expected the backing of a neutrality from the colonial powers, and they opted to internationalize Lebanon and get away from this pseudo-State

We expected the lengthening of the economic and financial sanctions and we ended up with an atomic conflagration on Beirut

We were confronted with a Deal of Century (to totally align with colonial implant Israel) and we landed with the devastation of the Century…

Georges C. Aoun is with Georges Yasmine on Fb. 23h

مقدمة نشرة اخبار ال otv المسائية – الاثنين 17 آب 2020

ثمة مفارقات وتناقضات في المشهد اللبناني لا يمكن اغفالها وعدم التوقف عندها :

كنا بالحياد صرنا بالتدويل
كنا بايران في الجولان على حدود وتخوم اسرائيل صرنا باسرائيل على مشارف وحدود ايران في الخليج .

كنا بالانهيار صرنا بالانفجار
كنا بالتدقيق الجنائي في الاموال واين ذهبت صرنا بالتحقيق الجنائي بالارواح وكيف ازهقت

كنا بالعقوبات صرنا بالمساعدات
كنا باعادة اعمار سوريا عبر مرفأ بيروت صرنا باعادة اعمار بيروت نفسها

كنا بالتوجه شرقا عدنا لنكون الواجهة والوجهة والمواجهة غربا
انتظرناهم من الشرق فجاؤوا من الغرب كما قال الرئيس الراحل عبد الناصر اثر نكسة 1967

كنا بالاموال المسروقة صرنا بالاهراءات المحروقة
كنا بصفقة القرن صرنا بانفجار القرن

كنا بهم النازحين واللاجئين فصار ابناء مار مخايل والعكاوي والجميزة والمدور والرميل والصيفي والاشرفية وبرج حمود والخندق الغميق والباشورة نازحين في وطنهم.
كنا بتصعيد الحصار صرنا بتخفيض الدولار

كنا بحلم محاسبة الفاسدين فاستفقنا على حقيقة وواقع التغطية على المتورطين الذين حولوا العنابر الى مقابر
كنا بنفض المجتمع الدولي يده من لبنان صرنا بنصف العالم في شوارع بيروت

كنا بتكبيل الزعران بالاغلال صرنا بتحميل حسان دياب مسؤولية الاهمال
كنا بتجريم لصوص الهيكل صرنا بتكريم الفريسيين ونسل حنان وقيافا على المذبح

كنا بقيصر الروسي صرنا بقانون قيصر الاميركي
كنا على اساس طفح الكيل فعدنا الى دايفيد هيل ومع حبة هال ولا ينقص الا رفع اليد بتحية : هيل سيزر

كنا تقدمنا خطوة متواضعة الى الامام فعدنا مسافات شاسعة الى الوراء

في 6 اب من العام 1945 القى الاميركيون2  قنبلة ذرية على هيروشيما وناغازاكي . كانوا يومها امام خيارين : اما احتلال البر الياباني مع ما يترتب على ذلك من خسائر بشرية هائلة محتملة او افهام احفاد الساموراي بما ينتظرهم من اهوال وتدهور احوال . اختار اليابانيون تجرع الكأس الاميركية المرة

في 4 اب يظن من فجر او دبر او حضر او هيأ لابادة بيروت ان انفجار المرفأ انهى حربا لم تبدأ وطوى صفحة لم تفتح واسقط خصما بالضربة القاضية وسجل هدف الفوز في الثواني الاخيرة من المباراة .

ما حصل بداية وليس نهاية
في الحرب قايضوا ارضنا بالوطن البديل وبادلوا حياتنا بالبترودولار

اليوم يعودون الى النغمة ذاتها ويعزفون لحن الموت فوق غيوم بيروت

المعادلة اياها لم تتغير : الاستقرار لكم لكن القرار لنا واذا اردتم العكس فليكن. اعطونا القرار وخذوا الاستقرار .

في يوم من ايام ولايته دخل احد مساعدي الرئيس الكبير فؤاد شهاب الى مكتبه وقال له : فخامة الرئيس كل الدراسات والابحاث تشير الى استبطان المياه الاقليمية اللبنانية لكميات كبيرة من النفط وعلينا ان ندرس جديا البدء بالتنقيب والحفر ليصبح دولة دولة نفطية غنية . يومها اجابه الرئيس اللواء بالاتي : يا ابني مش ناقصنا اعداء بعد . بيكفينا الاسرائيلي




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