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Many wounded children went un-noticed: Even when pictures are displayed?

One Photo of a Syrian Child Caught the World’s Attention. 7 injured children went Unnoticed.

By ANNE BARNARD and HWAIDA SAAD. August 21, 2016

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Omran Daqneesh, a small Syrian boy from the embattled rebel-held section of Aleppo, somehow snapped to attention millions of people around the world, who watched and shared the arresting video of him as he wiped dried blood and thick soot from his face. (Turned out to be a faked picture, disseminated by the terrorist group of White Helmet, financed and controlled by the UK)

The widespread interest in 5-year-old Omran surprised the doctors who treated him, the photographer who shot the video and many Syrians who wondered whether the world had only just discovered how children have suffered every day in a war that has raged for more than five years.

On Saturday, Omran’s 10-year-old brother, Ali, died of wounds he suffered during the same attack, medical workers said.

Ali’s death, which did not draw the same instant social media outpouring as Omran’s suffering, only underscored how many Syrian children are dying under the radar of the wider world.

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Video Omran Daqneesh, 5, was rescued after an airstrike in the Syrian city of Aleppo.Within hours, a photo of his dust- and blood-covered face captured the world’s attention.This is the story behind the image.

Omran was injured on Wednesday by either a Syrian or a Russian airstrike — Russia has denied involvement — that destroyed the building where his family lived in eastern Aleppo.

On Thursday, a pro-government website published a photograph of a young girl that it said was hurt — around the same time as Omran — by rebel mortar attacks on the government-held western side of the city.

The rebels have no air power, (but chemical weapons and missiles and tanks and canons?) and the devastation in Aleppo has been greater on the rebel-held side

Andrew Bossone comment:

Adding to the many photos “unnoticed”

Omran, the Face of Aleppo’s Suffering, Is Just One of Syria’s Young Victims|By Anne Barnard and Hwaida Saad Syria’s Cinderella?

One monitoring group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, said that 100 children had died on the city’s eastern side this month alone, and 49 on the western side. (And the US was angry when safe passages were opened to fleeing Syrians)

For each family, the loss is immeasurable. And there are children constantly caught up in battles in other places, on all sides, across war-torn Syria.

Omran’s picture has resonated for reasons obvious and unknowable. Here are images of seven of the many other children treated in the past week at hospitals in the same region (and in other regions? Selective propaganda images?).

They are taken from among several that were posted by doctors and other residents of Aleppo on a WhatsApp group for journalists.

Ahmad Tadifi,

Doctors did not know who this child was when he arrived at the same hospital that treated Omran. On Wednesday, Ahmad had been separated from his family — as happens to many children in the chaotic aftermath of an attack — in the Mashhad neighborhood of Aleppo.

He underwent surgery for serious injuries to his head, groin and right arm and leg. Later identified, Ahmad was kept in the intensive care unit of the hospital along with his father.

Late on Friday, he died from his injuries.

Rouwaida, 5, and Rana Hanoun, 7 months

The Hanoun sisters were wounded on Wednesday in the same airstrike that injured Omran.

They were among 12 children under 15 who were treated at the same hospital in Aleppo. Both of the girls had suffered shrapnel wounds, but were treated and then released on Thursday morning.

Doctors shared their picture with the WhatsApp group around the same time they shared the photograph of Omran.<img class=”span-asset-img ” src=”” />Rana Hanoun, 7 months.

Aisel Hajar, 2

<img class=”span-asset-img ” src=”” />Aisel Hajar, 2.

Aisel suffered wounds to her head and to one of her legs on Tuesday, and was treated at Al Quds hospital.

The severity of her injuries could not be confirmed because doctors were busy treating new cases. But activists have nicknamed her “Syria’s Cinderella” because of a picture that one took of her shoes — Mary Janes, worn with white socks.<img class=”span-asset-img ” src=”” />Aisel Hajar’s Mary Jane shoes.

Amal, 4, and Hikmat Hayouk, 6

<img class=”span-asset-img ” src=”” />Amal Hayouk, 4.

The Hayouk siblings suffered cuts and bruises when an aircraft opened fire on Wednesday over the Sakhour neighborhood, and they were treated around the same time and at the same hospital as Omran.

The children’s wounds were relatively minor, but an adult relative suffered a critical neck wound.<img class=”span-asset-img ” src=”” />Hikmat Hayouk, 6.

An unidentified boy

Efforts to identify this boy, below, were unsuccessful. He was treated on Tuesday night at the Omar Hospital and released, said Baraa al-Halabi, a citizen journalist who photographed him.

None of the medical workers who could be reached remembered the boy, which is not unusual in the overwhelmed hospitals.<img class=”span-asset-img span-asset-img-vertical” src=”” />An unidentified boy.

Four children, no picture

At 3 a.m. Saturday, a barrel bomb landed on a house in the Jalloum quarter of Aleppo’s old city, destroying the house and killing seven members of one family — including all four children — said Abdelkafi al-Hamdo, a friend of the father’s.

The children were Aisha, 12; Mohammad, 11; Obaida, 7; and Afraa, 6. There is no picture of their injuries to show because they were pulled dead from the rubble.

Their father, Ali Abu Joud, recorded this video of three of his children’s bodies wrapped in shrouds. His voice can be heard breaking as he tells them goodbye, calling them “habibati” — my darlings — “birds of heaven, gone to the one who is better, gone to God.”


Pictures and videos can make a slight difference. If the world media conglomerates were Not owned by US and Saudi Kingdom, this ugly and savage civil war in Syria would have ended long time ago.

So many brutal casualties were committed throughout Syria but the media turned a blind eye.

The same case for the Yemeni children dying from malnutrition and lack of basic medicines.

Same case for South Sudan

And Ethiopia where the government has been killing demonstrators

And No coverage of the suffering in Eritrea (controlled by the US and Israel)

French Jihadists beheaded and slaughtered (gorge coupe’) many Syriens.

Currently, the trend of slaughtered hood of French in France is accelerating after Macron alienated the “Muslim World” by supporting caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad.

Total nonsense position at this junction, as mocking prophets is such a big deal for the “Republic” wellbeing and moral standing.

France has supported Al Nusra and Daesh terrorist groups in Syria.

The predecessor of Macron, (Holland) fully supported the terrorists movements of Al Nusra and labelled it a “moderate” group that was doing a “good job” (What kind of jobs again?).

These terrorists group beheaded the well-known Syrian archeologist Khaled Al Asaad in Tadmor.

Is Macron about to blame Holland for his horrible decisions and apologize for the wrongdoing heaped on the Syrian citizens?

The assassin of the French professor was in frequent communication with another Chichan person in Idlib, a bastion of terrorism in North Syria

سمير التل Samir Tal posted on Fb 

في العام 2013 قال وزير خارجية فرنسا آنذاك ان ( جبهة النصره تقوم بعمل جيد في سورية ) وفي العام 2015 قامت داعش الابن الضال للقاعده مثلها مثل النصره بقطع رأس عالم الاثار السوري مدير اثار ومتاحف تدمر خالد الاسعد

يومها لم يصدر عن الحكومه الفرنسيه اي موقف ( انساني) ولم تصدر اي بيان لادانة العمليه .. تذكرت هذه الوقائع مباشرة بعد مقتل المدرس الفرنسي صامويل باتي والتي اعتبر ماكرون مقتله بانه جريمه تستهدف ( قيم الجمهوريه ) وان هذه المعركه هي معركه (وجوديه ) أي ان جريمة

مقتل مدرس في فرنسا هي معركه وجوديه لفرنسا !
مع العلم بأن الشاب الشيشاني الذي ذبح أستاذه في فرنسا كان على اتصال مع شيشاني آخر

موجود في إدلب

هكذا دلت التحقيقات التي ضبطت مراسلاتهما باللغة الروسية
وبالمقابل قطع رؤوس الجنود السوريين وأكل أحشائهم وقطع المياه عن مئات آلاف من المدنيين وتدمير كل مقومات البلد كان بنظر الحكومه الفرنسيه ( عمل جيد ) يقوم به ( ثوار معتدلون ) !
الخلاصه .. القيم التي يمثلها هؤلاء الثوار المعتدلون والتي تدعمها فرنسا هي جيدة عندما يتعلق الأمر بسوريا ،

لكن إذا كان الأمر يتعلق بفرنسا فهي جريمة نكراء و“إيديولوجية مميتة”. !

Sabine Choucair posted on Fb

Lesbos. Day 2.
1. good news of the day: Camp ′′ Piqba ′′ will not be closed… at least not in the next 2 days… short breath…

A young Dutch woman gives us the good news and takes us to breakfast right away…

She is here as a freelance photographer, but also helps everywhere there is something to do… like so many here…She explains to us what will happen….

At 11:40 we’ll take her, our photographer, and our helping hand Thanasis, without whom we would totally be out of the box, which he took for 3 years and first look at the situation from within…

We meet one of the leaders Joachim from Chile!
There are several Greek NGOs working together there among other things… in horizontal not in a vertical hierarchy, which is very important to them all!

He tells us about her incredible work. Basically 90 % of the residents come from Afghanistan… there is a kindergarten in the middle of a small pine forest… (it could almost seem idyllic if you managed to hide where we are right now…) in which before Corona also Greek children learned, laughed and played together with the refugee children…. now they can’t come!

During the tour we also become aware of a painting on the floor, a welcome greeting for the clearing police officers as well… translates as much as ′′we don’t give up…”.

In general, everything is very colorful, there are drawings and crafts of children everywhere… Yes, this is a place where people get love, affection and recognition… finally!

At least being allowed to feel a little ′′at home… in a strange place”… even if everything is cobbled together and improvised… it doesn’t matter!

You notice it immediately… there’s so much blood everywhere here… so much commitment from so many so wonderful people!

The eviction was officially announced at the end of September.

Since then there has been a constant fear of the day it really will happen and the threat that overshadowed everything will come true… and all the work, all the fighting and commitment is destroyed…

That’s why the mood is very excited…
Clutch and hope alternate…

Suddenly we stand in the tiny laundry room… which was quickly converted into a discotheque for a short moment from a DJ to surprise and great joy of all!

There are no limits to ingenuity and improvisation talent!
There’s a painted picture of clowns on the wall surrounded by kids…

The Swedish colleagues and Sabine Choucair were there!
Then the plan finally stands… We’re moving in the clothing donation room (oh the German language! ) um… and get going…

There’s a wild and loud parade to collect everyone and go to the chosen venue…

We’re about to include a few Farsi (Iranian language) words from our last Iran trip, which leads to great amusement and forms the 1. the bridge… well maybe it’s our costumes too…

45 min laughs, amazed, wide open eyes, enthusiasm, happiness and carefree accompany us through our show…

At least for a moment, fear and concern are not the dominant power, but the lust for life has won, the joy of playing has sprung over!
For these wonderful children, it only takes the slightest tiny scales anyway!

A volunteer says thank you again and says how important our visit was

In the last few days many children have cried hard because of fear of being displaced again…
Pits wet and powered out but we’re moving very happy…
What a huge gift to create and experience this magical atmosphere together!

As we say goodbye there is a gathering of helpers to discuss the action in the next few days… because the danger is not banned…

Extinguishing planes are moving over our heads…And it continues…

Thanasis wants to take us to the burnt Camp Moria.
On the way there we drive past the new camp, which has endless snakes formed in front of it.

Only one person per family is allowed out (from 08:00-20:00) and everything is controlled!

There is still no running water and facilities… The 2 rows of Dixiklos seem like a bad joke!

When we arrive it almost knocks us out…
Yawning emptiness, an uncanny silence and the smell of burnt greets us and takes my breath away!

A sea of crushed containers and melted plastic bottles, tent skeletons and black coked olive trees as far as the eye can see!

Beggars walk through the ruins looking for useful things…
And in the middle of it, 2 clowns grabbing their hands…

Despite the dumplings in our throat and goosebumps, we try to do the best!
We have come to take pictures for the #leavenoone behind campaign, show contrasts… maybe to give hope too!

And the wall with barbed wire fence graffiti saying: ′′The Graveyard of Humanity ′′

On the way back we get stopped by the police: we were already surprised that we could just walk around there…
What we would have done there…. Thanasis explains in Greek… we understand nothing…
The situation is getting a bit fierce and we are asked to show our passports… Of course they’re in the hotel!

After some back and forth we can look for the copies in the notebook… That’s sweet! They don’t think so though. A quirky and also somewhat fun situation arises as we work through the 1000 ending pictures…

There’s Susie but where’s the Max? Yes, where is he the little Max?
At some point it gets too dumb for the cops and they let us go. Lucky we are clowns and still in costume!

We managed to bore her to death and apparently no ′′special′′ danger comes from us!

Off to the hotel, next day organization, washing costumes, making props, shower, walk, eat, sleep…
A very impressive and moving day comes to an end… The feeling that the trip was already worth it makes us sink into a deep sleep!
So excited to see what else is waiting for us!


+7Clowns ohne Grenzen e.V.

Was Lebanon uprising in October 17, 2019 instantaneous?

The next days proved it was planned, though Not obvious, and robbed from the people by the militia/mafia sectarian “leaders”

Jihad Alasmar posted on Fb. October 19, 2019

In the early 2019, Hezbollah uncovered a US/Israel/Saudi plan to destabilize Lebanon.

فصول المؤامرة

ولكن اللاعب الرئيسي فيها هو الأمريكي، وأدوات المؤامرة داخلية متمثلة بوليد جنبلاط وسمير جعجع،

هدف المؤامرة دخول البلاد في الفراغ السياسي والشغب بالشارع تمهيدا” لحصار لبنان وتطويقه وتجويع شعبه وصولاً إلى تقليب الشعب على حزب الل. لإظهاره سبب ما يحصل لهم من تجويع

ويقوم الشعب بالانتفاض على حزب الل. ومطالبته بتسليم سلاحه وحل جناحه العسكري خدمة” للمشروع الأمريكي الإسرائيلي السعودي لتصفية حزب الل. والقضاء عليه لكن التوقيت للمؤامرة كان غير معلوم لتنفيذ الخطة.
بدأ أفيخاي آدرعي التمهيد للمؤامرة عبر التويتر وجيش إلكتروني ضخم وتم التواصل مع عدد كبير من الشباب من لبنان وخارجه لخلق رأي عام ضد حزب الل.
أول فصول المؤامرة خلال جلسة لمجلس الأمن عندما قام نتنياهو وعرض صور جوية لمناطق

إدعى أن فيها مصانع وصواريخ باليستية لحزب الل. في الأوزاعي في ضاحية بيروت الجنوبية والنبي شيت في البقاع، لتحصيل رأي عام عالمي ضد حزب الل.،

تمكن جبران باسيل بحنكته السياسية من إفشال خطط نتنياهو فدعى السفراء في لبنان إلى زيارة الأماكن التي أشار إليها نتنياهو،

دعى سفراء الاتحاد الأوروبي والدول العربية والغربية وزار تلك الأماكن وتبين لهم ميدانيا” وبالعين المجردة كذب نتنياهو وبالتالي فشل التأييد العالمي لنتنياهو وتُسجل لباسيل موقف كبير وشجاع خدم حزب الل.،

عندها لجأ نتنياهو للخطة ب وإدعى قصة الأنفاق وأطلق عملية درع الشمال التي باءت بالفشل ومجددا” ظهر نتنياهو بموقف الكذاب، عندها تم التخلي عن الدعم الخارجي واللجوء إلى التحرك الداخلي،

في كلمة متلفزة لسماحة السيد قال لجنبلاط علنا” ظبط أنتانيتك” محاولة منه لإيصال رسالة لجنبلاط ان المخطط تم كشفه،

في ليلة التاسع من محرم عام ٢٠١٩ تحدث سماحة السيد عن الحصار والتجويع وأخذ المبايعة من جمهور المقاومة وهتفوا لبيك يا حسين لبيك يا خامنئي،

وفي يوم العاشر من محرم أطلع سماحة السيد جمهور المقاومة أن المرحلة المقبلة هناك حصار على لبنان وتجويع ومطلوب الصبر والمواجهة بكل قوتنا وأيضاً تم مبايعة السيد والتأييد من قبل جمهور المقاومة وهتفوا لبيك يا حسين، لبيك يا حفيد الحُسين بخطوة كانت أول مرة تحصل في مراسم إحياء عاشوراء،

شارك الرئيس ميشال عون بجلسة للأمم المتحدة بمجلس الأمن وأطلق موقفا” مشرفاً ودافع عن حزب الل.. ورفض نعته بالارهاب،

بعد كلام عون بساعة حصلت مشكلة الدولار في لبنان وبدأت الأزمة،

بطل الأزمة العميل الأمريكي حاكم مصرف لبنان إستمرت الأزمة ٣ أيام لحين عودة عون من نيويورك ولقائه سلامة والتلويح بإقالته إذا لم المُحصن من تنتهي أزمة الدولار

وتحت الضغط إنصاع سلامة وتم حل أزمة الدولار، لينتقل سلامة ايضا” إلى الخطة ب ويبتدع أزمة بنزين لتسقط مجدداً بالشارع،

شارك جبران باسيل بجلسة لوزراء الخارجية العرب وأطلق موقفا” قويا” وقال أنه ذاهب إلى سوريا لفتح علاقات جديدة وفتح معابر حدودية لتصريف البضائع اللبنانية إلى أسواق سوريا والعراق والأردن والخليج، و لإعادة النازحين السوريين إلى سوريا،

هنا جن جنون وليد جنبلاط وسمير جعجع وبعد يوم واحد من كلام باسيل إشتعلت حرائق الجبل التي إفتعلها وليد جنبلاط لأنه لا يريد للنازحيين أن يعودوا لاستمرار الضغط على عون وحزب الل. وإفشال عهد عون،

والسبب الثاني لأن وليد جنبلاط يريد المشاركة بإعادة إعمار سوريا عبر معمل سبلين للترابة وعبر كسارات جديدة سيفتتحها بالجبل مكان المساحات التي تم حرقها،

ولكن فيتو حزب الل. على جنبلاط سيمنعه من المشاركة بإعادة الإعمار ومن التواصل مع سوريا، أشعل جنبلاط الحرائق بالجبل ليستفيد من المساحات المحروقة بالكسارات والمرامل والمطامر وللضغط بالسياسة حتى يسمح له بإعادة العلاقات مع سوريا،

أشعل النيران لكنه لم يتوقع تمددها وخرجت عن سيطرته وأكلت الأخضر واليابس ونجا لبنان من كارثة ومجزرة، شاركت طائرات الدورون المسيرة الإسرائيلية في الحرائق وتم افتعال عدة حرائق في مختلف المناطق لحرف النظر عن جريمة جنبلاط،

أمر الرئيس عون بفتح تحقيق تم جمع الأدلة المتهم وليد جنبلاط للهروب من التهمة ولإلهاء الناس عن الجريمة والكارثة

تم تنفيذ أخر عنوان من المؤامرة عبر تحريك الشارع تم تجيش جيش إلكتروني مقره الرياض وتل أبيب وبدأ التحريض للنزول إلى الشارع نزلت الناس عفويا” بداية الأمر بمطالب معيشية محقة تلقفها جنبلاط لاستغلالها والظهور كبطل التحركات وإيهام الناس أنه المُخلص وبدأت أحداث الشغب من زعران جنبلاط وجعجع وتم تصويب الاتهامات على رموز حزب الل.

وتم شتمهم وشتم السيد حسن وبدأت ال هتافات لتسليم حزب الل. سلاحه والترحيل إلى إيران، وعي الناس وقيادة المقاومة وحلفاء المقاومة تجاه المطالب الملغومة أنقذ الموقف واليوم ستنتهي فصول المؤامرة،

سقط جنبلاط وجعجع سياسيا” والمطلوب خروجهم من الحكومة تمهيدا” للبدء بالإصلاحات الجدية التي كان دائما” يعرقلها جنبلاط وجعجع.

How Lebanon maritime seashore were grabbed by private companies?

Not a stretch in Lebanon seashore from North to South is public anymore. We cannot swim or picnic on our seashore without paying dearly for private companies to enter and enjoy a fine day.

And all these private stealing of our seashore are illegal and still all successive government refrain from recovering the citizen rights and do Not receive any significant taxes from these illegal “properties”

Defending marine public property workshop

Priorities may change with the different circumstances the country is going through. But the needs and rights remain the same.

We learned from our history that when people are busy searching for safety (because of wars, civil wars, absence of government…), the corrupt steal our rights, our land, and our livelihoods.

We must always be ready to defend our rights at all times.

We must have general and contingency plans to respond to all attempts at all times.

Public space has always been coveted by many.

At a time when people are preoccupied with the COVID-19 pandemic, and suffer from financial problems, many work to try to get hold of what remains of our public property under the pretext of solving financial or other crises.

This is exactly what happened after the civil war, when Beirut was stolen from us, using the Solidere company of late Rafic Hariri.

As such, we are inviting you to participate in a workshop on advocacy, aimed at preparing activists with the competence and skills necessary to bring about change in their communities, and to work with us to develop a strategy to restore the maritime public domain and preserve what remains.

1- If you are interested in participating in this workshop
2- If you want to gain advocacy skills and play a leading and influential role in what is happening around you
3- If you have the time and are interested in contributing to your community
4- If you are interested in defending public spaces

Fill out this application:…/1FAIpQLScForAySA3oJgqy5…/viewform…
Application deadline: 30 October 2020
Workshop date: 6,7 November 2020
(Follow-up meetings to be held during weekdays or according to the group)
for more information:

Note: It is important that citizens be knowledgeable on their rights to free access to their seashore and who were behind stealing our rights for free enjoyment of our seashore.

Tidbits #78

2020 Physics Laureate Andrea Ghez: nobelprize_org “I feel more passionate about the teaching side of my job than I have ever been, because it’s so important to convince the younger generation that their ability to question and think is crucial to the future of the world.”
In 1995 she wrote the children’s book ‘You Can Be a Woman Astronomer’ inspiring children to become scientists when they grow up.

The children of Palestine and those living in shanty towns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions. The same goes with Syrian refugees and the poorest of Lebanese

US presidential candidate spending is also only a fraction of the total cost of the US election: One study estimates that a record $10.8 billion will be spent on this year’s vote. Barack Obama had spent $13 per voter. This is way too cheap compared to what election cost in Lebanon per “voter”.

South Korea military spending might surpass France, UK, and Japan in a couple of years, due to its high rate compared to its GNP.

Deloitte and Accenture are among the US government’s largest outside contractors of any kind, paying them billions of dollars for services like management consulting and assistance in modernizing technology.

Solid atomic hydrogen allows sound waves to travel 36 km per second, about twice as fast as through even ultra-dense diamond.

The primary reason the US typically has such a large trade imbalance is that it has the world’s reserve currency. People all over the world want to hold dollars. When foreigners sell goods to people in the US, they don’t always use that money to immediately buy stuff from American companies, but rather, because the dollar is such a safe asset, they keep it. That allows Americans to consume more than they produce.

Usually, people who talk too much are considered weak in the mind. And yet, if you fail to learn how to talk and talk well you will Not be going too far.

Election madness had a different flavor in the early days of the US: Electioneering involved lots of free booze, like the 144 gallons of rum, punch, hard cider, and beer a young George Washington used to woo voters in his second run for local office. (He believed his first attempt failed because he didn’t dole out enough of the good stuff.)

In 1965, the US enacts the Voting Rights Act, finally taking action to prevent racists from denying Black Americans and other minority groups the right to vote.

Lebanon claims that its army is apolitical? Why? Because the army has No right to vote. I don’t think this is a viable reason. The officers are assimilating during their career all kinds of chauvinism and sectarianism. And you discover these facts after they retire: they all wanted to be promoted and they refrained from outright opinions publicly for fear of Black reports.

You’re Not Dumb.

Are you doing your due diligence to acquire comprehensive knowledge of cultures, civilization, nature, environment, communication…?

Are you prepared with the subject matter before you compete in school studies?

This may surprise you, but Sal Khan used to skip classes at MIT. (Very normal behaviour if you never joined team sports or served in the military)

Khan, perhaps the best-known teacher in the world today,|By Kim Lachance Shandrow

Lectures were too long and boring: “I found it much more valuable to learn the material at my own time and pace”

“I learned a lot more going into the computer lab or the science lab or the circuits lab, fiddling with things and playing and getting my hands dirty.” (That’s called training your experimental mind in education methods)

Patsy Z shared this link TEDxBarcelona

“Whoever you are, wherever you are. You only have to know one thing: you can learn anything.”

Khan Academy Founder: No, You’re Not Dumb. Anyone Can Learn Anything.

That same renegade spirit of independence and innovation, of learning on your own terms and on your own time, is still the heart and soul of Khan Academy. The “revolutionary controversial” online learning platform that this 38-year-old math whiz engineer singlehandedly founded 10 years ago.

What began as a handful of tutoring videos, the former hedge fund analyst uploaded to YouTube to help his cousins with their algebra homework. The platform mushroomed into a massive digital classroom for the world.

To date, the free, non-profit learning hub has delivered more than 580 million of Khan’s straightforward video lessons on demand, with students completing around 4 million companion exercises on any given day.

The Academy is in the midst of a growth spurt offline as well, with an excess of 1 million registered teachers around the globe incorporating the supplemental teaching tool into their classrooms.

We recently caught up with Khan, who discussed how his own education shaped his passion project, his belief that anyone can learn anything and what’s next for Khan Academy, online and off.

How did you develop a passion for education? Who inspired you?

Education has helped me a lot. My father’s side of the family was very active in education.

My parents separated when I was two and then my father passed away. I never really knew that side of the family. But, when I got to know my father’s side branch, they’re intensely academic.

My mother’s side of the family, they’re more the artists. We have a lot of dancers and singers who don’t fit with certain stereotypes that they’re all engineers and they’re all super invested in math.

I went to a fairly normal, middle of the road public school in a suburb of New Orleans, but it gave me huge opportunities. I had a lot of friends there who were just smart as I am.

They seem to learn things just as fast, but they’re hitting walls in algebra class and chemistry class.

That’s when I started questioning the notion of mastery-based learning. It wasn’t completely obvious to me then, but I just knew something was off.

You often say that anyone can learn anything. Why do you think that?

If you’re doing well in school you can have one of two things: You can say, “Oh, well, I have the DNA for doing it. Or you can say, “No, my brain was able to tackle it. I had the right mindset.” I saw those ideas in action early in high school.

Also, I tutored others as part of this math honors society I was in. I noticed that if you tutored people the right way, engaged with them the right way, they would improve.

I saw C and D students all of the sudden do very, very well and become some of the best math students in the state.

Then I go to college at MIT and I saw a lot of people struggle there, too, mainly because they aren’t adequately prepared. It was the same thing.

It was clear to me that it wasn’t intelligence at play, it was much more preparation. The people who did well were the people who saw the material for the third time, had a lot of rigor and didn’t have any gaps in their knowledge.

The people who really struggled were the folks who weren’t familiar with the material and didn’t have a super solid grasp. It has nothing to do with some type of innate intelligence.

How are you taking Khan Academy out from behind the Internet and into the real world?

We piloted a program called LearnStorm in the Bay Area (of San Francisco,California) last year. We’re expanding it to three to five other areas this Spring.

We hope it will function nationwide by 2017. It goes beyond the core skill work we do on Khan Academy, tying it into monthly challenges that are intended to be done in a physical environment, in your math class with your teacher.

LearnStorm came from the idea of we can create these great experiences online that are aligned with standards that are really good for students and they correlate with success metrics, but you need the the students to engage with them.

On our own, we can create a lot of neat game mechanics and all sorts of things on the site, but nothing beats having physical people who are part of your life, especially your teachers, your school and your peers, involved in your learning.

More recently, we worked with Disney Pixar to bridge the disconnect between what students learn about math and science at school and tackling creative challenges in the real world with an initiative called Pixar in a Box.

Our relationship with Pixar makes it very clear that math, science, creativity and storytelling aren’t separate things. They can all happen together.

Why the recent pivot to a growing list of local, offline projects when you originally set out to be a digital classroom for the world?

This isn’t the first time we’ve branched out offline. From day one, I immediately reached out to teachers to see if they’d want to use Khan Academy and to get their feedback on our features. In 2010, we started with the Los Altos school district here in Northern California.

Plus, there’s a whole teacher resources section on Khan Academy, so we’ve always had this dimension.

What’s different now isn’t us working with a handful of classrooms in a very high-touch way. It’s us being able to work with many more teachers and, frankly, they’re able to do a lot of the heavy lifting around mindset, meta cognition, getting students into it, and we provide the tools.

When we say that our vision statement is a free, world-class education for anyone anywhere, it doesn’t mean that it’s just going to all happen through our software, through our content.

As an organization, we view it as part of our mission to up how we interface with all of the other incredible stakeholders in this ecosystem, especially teachers and schools, to figure out how we educate students together, not just all from one site.

What will the classroom of the future look like and how will Khan Academy play a role?

You won’t need lectures in class any more. Those can happen on students’ own time. Using exercises, students can progress at their own pace, like how the Khan academy software works.

Instead, in-class time can be spent having peer-to-peer socratic dialogues, case-based discussions, programming and project based learning.

Why can’t teachers co-teach and mentor each other?

Why separate students by perceived ability or age?

Can’t you benefit from older students mentoring younger students? When classrooms are not one pace, when it’s all not lectured-based, it opens up all sorts of possibilities.

What’s the next big tech innovation in education, even bigger than the Internet?

Virtual reality, though my gut says it’s going to be about 10 years before we see major potential here. It’s very early right now. I can imagine that in about a decade, when you come to Khan Academy, you’ll literally feel like you’re in a virtual place of learning and in a community.

You’ll see people walking around in a virtual world. Who knows? I don’t know if that’s in 10 or 20 years, but I think that’s going to happen.

Aside from virtual reality integration, what else is on the horizon for Khan Academy?

We’re going to be available in all of the world’s major languages on all of the major platforms, whether it’s a cheap smartphone or an Oculus Rift. The more the better. We’re working on translating all of our resources into more than 36 languages, with thousands of volunteers helping us subtitle videos.

Are any new subjects in the works? Topics outside of the traditional academic realm, like, say, yoga and meditation perhaps?

No, nothing like that at the moment, although I do love yoga. We already have a lot of material in physics and chemistry and biology, but we want to really nail those core academic subjects.

Expect to see a lot from us in history and civics over the next year, along with interesting things around grammar, writing and programming.

What advice do you have for entrepreneurs who hope to be as astronomically successful as you

I cringe at the term “astronomically successful,” because it sure doesn’t feel like I am. As for advice, though, I think every entrepreneur should know what they’re getting into, that there are moments of extreme stress and pain that aren’t so obvious sometimes when you read about startups in the press.

Still, all entrepreneurs go through it. You need to be prepared for it and know that it’s normal when you’re in the midst of it.

The transcript that follows has been edited for clarity and brevity.


Did I miss anything?

Reine Azzi posted on Fb a poem by Tom Wayman 

Every time a student asks if they missed anything important… I plan on using parts of this poem ☺️

Have you missed anything?

Nothing. When we realized you weren’t here,

We sat with our hands folded on our desks in silence, for the full two hours

Everything. I gave an exam worth 40% of the grade for this term
And assigned some reading due today
On which I’m about to hand out a quiz worth 50%

Nothing. None of the content of this course has value or meaning
Take as many days off as you like:
Any activities we undertake as a class
I assure you will not matter, either to you or me, and are without purpose

Everything. A few minutes after we began last time ,

A shaft of light suddenly descended and an angel or other heavenly being Appeared and revealed to us what each woman or man must do to attain Divine wisdom in this life and the hereafter.

This is the last time the class will meet before we disperse to bring the good News to all people on earth.

Nothing. When you are not present, how could something significant occur?

Everything. Contained in this classroom is a microcosm

Of human Experience, assembled for you to query and examine and ponder.

This is not the only place such an opportunity has been gathered,

But it was one place. And you weren’t here…

Tom Wayman

100 hundred years of successive failures in instituting a State?

Bilal Jaber بلال جاب posted this article by Nasri Sayeghر October 15, 2019

Tell me: In which way Lebanon political system was successful in the last 100 years? Even the demonstrations and marches are Not taken seriously by the politicians: People have been taken for chattel by the feudal/sectarian/mafia/civil war “leaders”

كتب نصري الصايغ

اللجوء إلى الشارع خطيئة سياسية. التهديد به حماقة وانتهازية. لا أمل يرجى من صياح الأتباع. فكل يصَّياح.
الشارع في لبنان شوارع.

لسنا نشبه أي دولة اوروبية. السلطات هناك تسمع صوت الشار ونعتبر. نحن لسنا كذلك.

ولسنا نشبه الشارع السوداني الرائع. اطاح بالديكتاتورية ولجم العسكريتارية، وبَّدل وجه الدولة. ولسنا نشبه الشارع الجزائري ابداً. اطاح بالديكتاتور ووقف صامداً امام نفوذ العسكر ولا يزال.

وبالطبع، لا نشبه تونس، بصيغة “البوعزيزي”، ولا بصيغة الانتقال الديمقراطي، بإملاءات صناديق الاقتراع.
فلنتوقف قليلاً امام التهديد بالشارع. في لبنان شوارع. شارع واحد لا قيمة له. هناك شارع ماروني

عارم. وهناك شارع شيعي عرمرم، وهناك شارع سني يراكم، وهناك دروز يعتصمون في جبالهم، وهناك تجارب كاوية، عرفناها عشية الحرب اللبنانية في العام 1975.

تهديد الوزير جبران باسيل بالطوفان، فقاعة سياسية. من الحكمة سحب هذا الكلام من التداول. ثم، قلة قليلة من اللبنانيين، كانت متفائلة بالتسوية. السلطة الحالية بنت شرعية لتسوية بين تيارين وشارعين ومحورين.

لم يكن متوقعاً غير ما كان. لبنان “القوميات الطائفية”، هذه هي صورته المثالية.

السلطة لجميع “المكونات”، و”المكونات” ليست مع هذه السلطة الجامعة. فلكل مكَّون سلطته. ولهذا، بدا العهد ضعيفاً، يقبض على الربح. انه شبيه بملك لا يملك…

وصوت باسيل المرتفع جداً، لا يُعوَّل عليه، الا إذا قُلبت الطاولة، ودخل لبنان في الفراغ، وقرع باب الافلاس السياسي والمالي.
لبنان هذا، عمره مئة عام. اثبت انه نموذج للفشل. الأدلة امامنا. انظروا جيداً. تبينوا احواله.

افحصوه بتفاصيله. قولوا لنا اين نجح؟

كل القطاعات مأزومة. السلطة مصابة بسرطان لا شفاء منه. لا كان معافى قبل الطائف ولا توقف بلاؤه ومرضه بعد الطائف. شيء واحد نجح بتفوق وجدارة: لقد غلبت الطائفية لبنان الدولة، ولبنان النظام، ولبنان الشعب، ولبنان الاقتصاد، ولبنان الأخلاق، حتى قيل أن لبنان دولة منهوبة،

ومعروف جداً من نهبها وينهبها وسينهبها غداً ويحكمنا.
الصيغة التوافقية فاشلة وكاذبة ولا اخلاقية. الديموقراطية حفلة زجل وكاسك يا وطن. الاقتصاد في عهدة الحرامية. القضاء حفلة تنكرية تتم فصولها بحضور امرأة قيصر في تمام عهرها. التربية: ديانات وطوائف ورساميل. الاحوال الشخصية مأساة وجريمة ضد الأمومة والطفولة.
أما حب لبنان، فلا يشبهه حب أي شعب لدولته. كل اللبنانيين، يحبون لبنان أخيراً.

حبهم الأول

والثاني والعاشر، هو لغير لبن

النشيد الحقيقي هو “كلنا ضد الوطن” الولاء اللبناني خرقة، ممسحة، كذبة. دماؤنا ليست لنا، بل لغيرنا من دول المحاور القريبة والبعيدة. أما الحكومة، فهي الممثل الشرعي للدول والمحاور المقيمة في لبنان. في ضيافة الطوائف والمذاهب والمحاور.
لذا، القول المأثور، “ما مت… ما شفت مين مات”،

نلفت نظر الوزير باسيل اليه. إياك والشارع، تعاركوا على طاولة مجلس الوزراء، في الوزارات، في المؤسسات، في النفط. في المواصلات وفي كل ما تختلفون فيه وحوله وماله، ولا تخرجوا إلى الشارع.
نفاذ صبر التيار الوطني الحر، طبيعي. لكن نفاذ صبر اللبنانيين سابق على “التيار”، وتشكيلة السلطة المتوارثة.

لا يحاولن أحد أن يقذفنا، بأنه كان يجهل خصمه وغريمه وعدوه وصديقه. كل هذه التركيبة معروفة، ومجربة ومبهدلة. الفارق الوحيد، أن “التيار” الشريك سابقاً لكل هذه القوى المتغالبة والمتنافسة في تجارة السلطة، قد بات هو “الأقوى”، ورئيسه “قوي” ومع ذلك، فإن الامور ساءت ووصل لبنان إلى الهاوية.

“فحساب الحقل، ليس كحساب البيدر”. فشلت السياسات كلها. والسبب، أن الملح فاسد. إن اعمدة السلطة متداعية. أن الطوائف لا تتوقف عن الارتكاب. لا نعرف احداً من اصحاب الايادي البيض في الطوائف. الاستثناء الآدمي، نادر جداً، وضعيف جداً، وتجوز الحسرة عليه. أما المؤسسات المذهبية، فلا حول ولا قوة ولا… يا الله، هل هذه المؤسسات تخصك او تنتمي اليك؟
يحدث كل هذا “الدبيك” (من دبكة) وسقف السلطة مفخوت، وصندوق المال منهوب، واللبنانيون خائفون على قوتهم وخبزهم وجنى عمرهم. اما الشباب، فقد عرف الامثولة باكراً. سلك طريق الهجرة بعدما أصبح العاطل عن العمل بائساً من ايجاد أي عمل.

عندما يئس المسيح، قال: “هوذا بيتكم يترك لكم خراباً”.
ومن أعماق يأسنا نقول:” هوذا بلدكم يترك لكم خراباً”.
وعليه، فإن اللجوء إلى الشارع يعجل بجعل الخراب مكان اقامة للبؤساء اللبنانيين. أما اصحاب الملايين، فلهم الجنات الضريبية.

لقد أنفقنا كل الآمال في مئة عام. حتى الشارع، الذي هو ملك الناس الغلابى، قد خلا، الا من قلة.
سؤال: متى يحتل الغلابى اللاطائفيون الشارع؟ لهؤلاء وحدهم ضمانة أن يكون الشارع يشبههم. هذا الشارع بانتظاركم أنتم، فمتى تجعلونه مكان اقامتكم؟




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