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A few sayings of Malcolm X

You grab freedom, equality and justice. Do Not wait to be given your basic rights.

The Black Panthers tried to apply a few of Malcolm X teaching with various successes, especially communicating the Black rights abroad, as a few of their leaders exiled themselves to flee persecution and oppression in the US.

Black Panthers were making serious inroads in US politics until a devious tactics of counter-intelligence managed to split this party.

Running for municipal election in Oakland (California) in 1970 was the most serious decision to try to get involved in US political process and challenge the system from the inside.

Malcolm X in my view is the most honest enlightened and steadfast revolutionary in US history and was ready to change his opinions and positions as activities and facts revealed a different stories to what he previously believed in.

He separated from the Muslim Farrakhan movement and connected with Martin Luther King to adapt to ways of winning further rights to the Black communities.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 3, Pt 7

Malcolm’s perspective of US race history.

Malcolm’s perspective of US race history.
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Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 4, Pt 3

Malcolm had an interesting life.

Malcolm had an interesting life.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 3, Pt 8

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 3, Pt 6

Learn the truth about America’s complex race history.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 3, Pt 3

History thru Malcolm’s eyes.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 2, Pt 2

The life of Malcolm X in his own words.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 4, Pt 2

American history direct from Malcolm.

Autobiography of Malcolm X, Chpt 2, Pt 5

America’s race history is complex.

America’s race history is complex. @gringaofbarrio #books #education #school #history #malcolmx #civilrights #racism #equality #gringabookseducationschoolhistorymalcolm xcivil rightsracismequalitygringa

Water is everywhere. A potato is 80% water, a cow 74%, a bacterium 75%, a tomato at 95%, and human 65%.

Most liquid when chilled contract 10% but water only 1%, and just before freezing it expands.

Solid water is 10% more voluminous, a property which allow ice to float. Otherwise, ice would sink and oceans would freeze from the bottom.

Without surface ice to hold heat in, the water warmth would radiate away and thus creating more ice and soon oceans would freeze.

Water is defying the rules of chemistry and law of physics.

The hydrogen atoms cling fiercely to their oxygen host, but also make casual bonds with other water molecules, thus changing partners billions of times in a second.

Thus, water molecules stick together and can be siphoned without breaking, but not so tightly so that you may dive into a pool.

Surface water molecules are attracted more powerfully to the like molecule beneath and beside them than to the air molecule above, so that it creates a sort of membrane that supports insects.

All but the smallest fraction of the water on Earth is poisonous to us because of the salts within it.

Uncannily, the proportions of the various salts in our body are similar to those in sea water. We do cry sea water, and we sweat sea water but we cannot tolerate sea water as an input!

Salt in the body provoke a crisis because from every cell, water molecules rush off to dilute and carry off the sudden intake of salt.

The oceans have achieved their present volume of 1.3 billion cubic kilometer of water and it is a closed system.

The Pacific holds 52% of the 97% of all the water on Earth.  The remaining 3% of fresh water exist as ice sheet; Antarctica holds 90% of the planet’s ice, standing on over 2 miles of ice.

If Antarctica is to completely melt, the ocean would rise about 70 meters.

Note: Most of current preemptive wars are caused by lack of fresh water, or denying States from fresh water by building gigantic dams, and drilling of oil/gas reserves.

Many people in the third world die from Not finding quality fresh water that are Not polluted.




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