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And what remains after we discard all these mythological craps?

Elias Kazan, the late famous movie director, published a book “Acts of Love”. I liked the story that is down to earth to ethnic idiosyncrasies, customs and way of life. this is about Greek islanders who immigrated to the USA and hanged on their “homeland” mythological habits of behaving in a fast changing society

This is a passage in the French translated version “Actes d’Amour”

“Finissons-en avec tout le fatras de mythologies et de ces conneries dont on entoure l’acte sexuel:

  1. L’amour et la sexualite’ sont deux emotions differentes. C’est une évidence que nous devons admettre sinon on accumule des problèmes de tension qui ne sont pas nécessaire a une vie heureuse et paisible.
  2. La nouveauté exerce toujours un attrait
  3. La conquête est un plaisir pour les deux sexes
  4. On a un besoin pressant de nous rassurer quant a la valeur sexuelle
  5. Que l’amour ne se conjugue pas au singulier
  6. Qu’une personne peut aimer plus d’une personne a la fois
  7. Qu’il n’y a aucun mal a coucher avec les amis
  8. La promiscuité est enrichissante
  9. Les femmes se marient pour l’argent facile
  10. Les hommes se marient par pure commodité
  11. Les mariés restent ensemblent pour ne pas avoir a mourire seules…”

Et Ethel de demander au psychologue Cambere:

“Dis-moi. Une fois qu’on laisse tomber toutes les conneries dont tu parlais, qu’est-ce-qui reste?

Cambere: “Quelque chose de tres bien”

Question: What is this great emotion that remains after we drop all these  mythological craps about sexuality and love?

Note 1: What should remain is this most powerful of emotion: Pity. Pity is the greatest of all true emotions, and it include all kinds of mammalian species:

  1. We need people to have pity on us and that is why we extend a bad connotation for pity and try to find alternative terms for it, like kindness, compassion, caring...
  2. We know deep inside us that we survive thanks to the hundreds of people who had pity on us during our harsh life. Most of these people are strangers to us, and many didn’t even wait for us to ask for aid.
  3. People extend their pity and do Not expect but that someone else will return the favor in kind (pity), when hard times tacke us.

Note 2: Elias Kazan is the famous movie director and he turned to writing novels after the movie industry sanctioned him for being forced to divulge to the “Maccarthy Commission” in 1965 the names of the supposed communists in the industry.




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