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Damaged Children, after receiving one kind of mandatory vaccines.

by Laurel Austin | Jul 14, 2020

What is every parents dream? To have normal healthy children on that day of their birth.

To teach them and raise them in their faith, their belief and their ideals. Strengthen them and laugh with them as they grow. To watch them grow into loving caring responsible adults who have compassion, integrity and love for their fellow human beings.

To watch them get married and have a family of their own, blessing you with grandchildren. (That is Not a dream. That is series of calamities awaiting newborns)

What happens when that dream is stolen? Not by accident, not by some unfortunate circumstance, but a deliberate intentional assault. (Mandatory all kinds of vaccine schedules)

Today in America and around the world, thanks to the vaccine schedule that we have implemented on our children, this very thing has happened. It has destroyed the lives and future of our children as well as their children or potential children.

It has caused severe and extreme anguish, normal day-to-day functioning, and the ability to express oneself and love each other.

My name is Laurel Austin and I am the mother of six children. My older four children have varying degrees of what is today called autism, but I call it vaccine injury.

My younger two children were never vaccinated, and they are completely typically developed, functioning teenagers.

Right now my teenagers are helping me to care for my 28 and 30-year-old sons Joshua and Jeremy. 

I can tell you all the criteria that I have gathered in order to make this assumption (conjecture?), and it is based on medical evidence as well as parental observation.

It is based on genetic testing that was done that showed no genetic link towards anything that would predispose my children to these symptoms known as autism. They were tested for fragile X, Prader Willi, celiac disease, Rhett syndrome, and it all came back negative.

They were also tested for heavy-metal toxicity and the test came back positive. (Heavy metal contaminations must be obvious, since all equipments and machineries basically need many kinds of heavy metal)

What bewilders me is how doctors will continue to push these vaccines even though their roster of patients who are children continue to become damaged.

And not just damaged with “autism“, but also cancer, SIDS, allergies, diabetes, asthma, auto-immune diseases. The list never ends.

We are told we are a conspiracy theorist if we noticed the change following the vaccination and speak up to our doctor.

Pediatricians are firing parents from bringing their children to be seen in the office if they refuse the scheduled vaccines.

We are told to just wait till the next visit and we’ll see if things get any better while our children are banging their heads against the wall, losing speech, losing eye contact, losing any semblance of development they had once obtained.

We are shunned by our peers for speaking out that a vaccine harmed our child. Any other injury evokes empathy, sympathy, consideration, and compassion from the community. Except for autism.

And as if all of this wasn’t bad enough, when the parents of these harmed, damaged children that they love so much go to seek help and find none through their pediatricians and mainstream medical doctors, when they search out alternatives medicine, they are then attacked four-fold.

Parents are told systematically that their children were born this way and to just accept it, it’s genetics.

But these parents know for a fact they had witnessed the change, the loss of acquired skill.

In their hearts they know that this is not how their child was born to be, this was something done to them.

This is what our society has reduced itself to. This is the battle I am fighting right now.

These parents need our help. They need our confirming witness, they need our support, they need us to rise up and defend the right to thrive for all of our children.

The autism rate has gone from one in 10,000 children in the 1990s to a rate of one in 29 children today. This is an epidemic. There is no such thing as a genetic epidemic.

There are remedies and cures out there. There are methods in which you can at the minimum alleviate some of the more severe symptoms that your child has.

The system is currently eliminating these. They want your child on their pharmaceutical drugs. The word pharmaceutical is from the root word PharmaKia, which is sorcery in the Bible.

Bill Gates has come out publicly and said that through healthcare and vaccines we can lower the population by 10 to 12%. (You means Gates knows that many will die from vaccines and degraded current healthcare systems?)

Right now, the world is looking to him to give us a coronavirus vaccine.

It looks like he will have the opportunity to fulfill his goal.

The time to speak out is now.

Note: I am one who doesn’t trust this hurried Covid-19 vaccine. And I will desist from taking my annual Flu vaccine as well.

Mystics and Sufis (June 16, 2009)

 Sufis refers to those who wore wool (souf) clothing during summers and winters.

Probably the first known Muslim Sufi is Abou Hachem who died in 780.  Muslim mystics and Sufis, of both genders, judged that sexual desire was the main enemy for rational thinking. 

They comprehended this dialectic: You cannot vanquish your enemy if you fail to know the enemy completely, since the mind is the most valued part in man. 

In “Memorial of Saints” Hasan Basri said of the woman Sufi Rabi3a (Rabia) Al Adawiya “I stayed a day and a night by Rabi3a, discussing with such ardor on spiritual ways and mystery of life that I had no idea if I was man and she a woman”

The differences between genders that permit union is viewed as the precondition for access to plenitude.

The Sufi Al Hallaj (857-922) was Persian and was burned alive for going too far in his mysticism: he said “God and I are one; I am the One I love; the One that I love has become me; I was exuberant in my love: I am chastised for that loving exuberance; my death is to survive and my life is to die; I feel that abolishing my bodily life is the noblest grace I was offered. My survival as I am is the worst of wrongdoing. My living has disgusted my soul. When I am dead you will find amid the calcified bones the surviving souls.”

Love is no longer a sign of weakness.

“Eros subjugates the hearts of only the one who carries the mark of excellence and a great delicate temperament” said Abi Hanifa.

“Love has the motif of an imperishable vision of beauty and splendor.” said Addaylami. In the world of the Sufis separation of man-woman and man-god are blurry and the dividing lines are shifting constantly.

The veil that hides the “others” is flimsy because love is a perpetual attempt to discover the ultimate in beauty, intensity, and refinement.

Fundamentally, Islam is the religion of reason.  (Islam dropped all the abstract myths of the known religions of the time, mainly the Christian dogma)

Desire is thus the risk to take that might distract you of knowing God, the focal point. 

Sexuality is not opposite to civilization but desire (a component of sexuality) is. 

Reason has to control desire. If desire (al hawa) meddle in science it pollutes it into error. If desire is exercised in power and overtakes the powerful then it corrupt both and lead to injustice.

If desire intercedes in the Imam, then religious laws and commandments are transformed from their proper meaning. 

Imam Ibn Al Jawzi said: “there is no sleep heavier than inattention (al ghafla) and no servitude as complete as desire.  If we exercise constant reflection then desire cannot triumph.  There is negative correlation between reason and desire: As one takes the ascendance then the other wanes into oblivion. Thus, the will (azm) and capacity of discernment (ra2i) are the two main aspects of the mind”

Desiring a woman may lead to succumbing to evil “the arrow in Satan’s arsenal that never misses is when he dispatches a woman to his victim”. 

Al Hallaj said: “If you assign a sensual individual to legitimate functions then he will occupy you in illegitimate activities. Learn to control and govern your behavior.”

Mystics are found in most religions: many of the “prophets” led mystic life of denigration of the body, eating lightly, fasting frequently, praying, contemplating nature and the living things around them, and seeking seclusion of society. 

I have visited one of the “monasteries” of the Maronite monks who were secluded from society at the altitude of 1,400 meters where snow covers the tiny village 7 months a year.  I have seen the room (2*3) meters of Mar Charbel, beatified as Saint for miracles he performed after his death, and I could not believe how a person could sustain such rough weather wrapped in a single blanket on a thin mattress.

Those mystic monks were allotted a garden to plough and they refused to meet with their parents and cousins.  They read only religious books.

I may understand someone who experienced life to the hilt deciding to change his life style; but for an adolescent to start a mystic life does not seem right and normal.

This kind of “grace” is pure expediting punishment for a youth imposed by institutions.

Mystics and Sufis, of both genders, achieved the highest level of serenity in personal victories after mastering the characteristics of the enemy to defeat; they faced it boldly; they lost many battles but their purpose was to keep up the struggle. 

Steadfastness in the struggle for the victory of rational thinking is the discipline of the courageous and strong men and women.




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