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Vaccines made from mRNA? Could they mess up with our DNA? First, what is mRNA

Posted on: December 19, 2020

Question posted on Quartz: The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are made from mRNA. Does that mean they’ll mess with my genetic material, my DNA?
Vaccines based on genetic material may give you pause. But mRNA vaccines, which have been in the works for nearly three decades, never touch our DNA.

As a result they can’t interfere with human genes. Instead, they just borrow some of our cellular tools before harmlessly breaking down in a matter of hours.

Specifically, mRNA vaccines for Covid-19 take advantage of our cells’ protein-making factories, called ribosomes.

Normally, our ribosomes create proteins based on recipes from our own DNA, which is locked up inside the nucleus, a protective, membrane-covered bubble within our cells.

The vaccine shot delivers a microscopic, fatty package into our cells, carrying a recipe—the mRNA sequence—for a protein that mimics the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

When that mRNA meets up with our ribosomes, our ribosome chefs interpret this new mRNA as if it were a recipe generated from our own DNA, but the DNA inside the cell’s nucleus remains untouched.

Question: And if the cell membrane gets punctured, weak and unhealthy… and the mRNA sequence seep through and alter the DNA? What kind of a new human species we end up with?

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