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Burkini banned on French beaches? This large cloth that wraps women body from top to bottom

Posted on: January 12, 2021

The Lottery of Indecency?

France’s top court rules burkini bans are ‘clearly illegal

Police forcing an elderly woman to take off her burkini cloths

Posted on August 27, 2016

France’s highest administrative court has ruled that “burkini bans” being enforced on the country’s beaches are illegal and a violation of fundamental liberties.

The State Council (Conseil d’Etat) was specifically examining laws brought in by the commune of Villeneuve-Loubet

(The rational is that Burkini is a risky hazardous endeavor when swimming. Fact is the women don’t even swim: they just want to dip their body in the water and avoid whatever innate shame their customs instilled in them. In any case, the liberated ones do Not need any law that confine them in any style)

Lily Bee commented and shared this link Fernande Van Tet

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