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Tidbits #97

The “wartime measures” that Chinese authorities have put in place in Wuhan to stop its spread have been stepped up.⁠ Even if the cases are diminishing. Apparently, you can get Coronavirus after you thought you recovered from the first time. That is a very dangerous fact that is more horrifying than the epidemic.

Pandemic: Global spreading of an epidemic

Sweatshop factories: Global exploitation of the poorest people

Capitalism: Global subjecting to indignity of the working people

Colonial imperialism: Global sanctioning of any attempt to self economic autonomy

Unicef’s adoption of bitcoin could lead to greater independence for the organization.

Covid-19 spreading to almost all countries: Supply chains (mainly in China) are being disrupted and public gatherings are being canceled, which can filter through to spending and investment.

Revisiting the Tocqueville Paradox? Inequality isn’t rising in Latin America, but protests against inequality certainly are on the up. It is an expanding middle class that makes people more frustrated by inequity. These people have the exposure to the wealthy to understand what went wrong.” —Dan Kopf, senior data reporter

Machines are to do the job of reducing human error in programming: an estimated $312 bn (in 2016) spent on debugging software every year.

Do you want to write a poem? Recall a personal experience and leisurely and frankly recount the event. By the by, let whatever imagination and passion that you possess to bypass the limit of the reality.

What else is keeping you alive? Letting loose your demons, which you created and nourished. Share your demons, these black fixers of your character and attitudes.

An analysis in Chicago found that Black and Hispanic officers made fewer stops and used force less often than white officers.

We were two images of Love: the happy and the stern. Another demonstration that the term Love is fickle notion for the prude

Nothing that’s beautiful hides its face? Nothing that’s honest hides its name? But it is the contrary in real life. All you can see are the hidden beauty and hidden names.

No person who is sure in his belief system ever put his belief to the test. Even then, how would this person knows how to test and experiment.

The hardest job is to find a compromise between our community belief system and the rational mind we had to construct to find a resolution to all the nonsense a sane mind discovers.




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