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There is no hope for most Lebanese who are Not from the “elite class

By Adib Y Tohme

There is no hope for this generation, born before the war and who spent his life pretending that everything is going well in a country where everything went wrong.

The generation of the 50 year-old, who thought they had lived in the shade of false peace and finds themselves forced to do everything back to survive.

There is no hope for this generation whose only hope is to expatriate to compete with the generation of their children in markets where the experience, maturity, expertise they have gained for decades have become heavy weight to manage.

There is no hope, but in fact who still dares to speak of hope among this disillusioned, desperate generation that finds itself overnight at the end of the roll, lost, lazy not to understand what’s happening to him in order not to sink ..

Who still dares to talk about hope when trust is no longer viable?

No trust in bankers who were very busy to attract Dollars deposits in return for high interest rate on to replace their own money transferred abroad, and for losing on investments oversea.

No confidence in the central bank governor Riad Salami, supposed to build a climate of confidence in the banking system, and who is charged with money laundering by Swiss justice.

No confidence in the head of the house Nabih Berri, who by playing a small unmovable dictator in his chamber of deputies, has transformed parliament into a museum of political dinosaurs and where every deputy was allocated a monopoly on a section of the economy.

No confidence in the former head of government Saad Hariri, who resigned promptly when everything was going to collapse and failing to deliver on promises and grants, wants to come back when everything really collapsed and failing to constitute a government, after months of being designated to quickly form a government, as he announced.

No trust in the President of the Republic Michel Aoun, who negotiated his election with the same sectarian/feudal, civil war leaders , and failed to transform any hope for change and reform into politics of managing with the same leaders of the failed system: helpless and unable to move forward on any reforms.

No confidence in the Secretary General of Hezbollah who, as a true guide to the republic, is driving a torn country from collapse to marginalization under the heavy sanctions of the US to our financial system.

No trust in any political parties, journalists, judges, public officials, all those who gravitate around people of power in organized corruption networks.

Everyone who knew but couldn’t do anything before the drama and claim it’s always too late to act.

No trust in the people.

This people submissive when they believed they had everything, and can’t become free or less enslaved when they realize they have nothing left.

What to do? What can be done? To where from here and now?

Try, try again, try to shake consciousness, scare to try to create a click, fail again, fail better, swallow even more to disappear.

Note: Public optimism is the opium for the downtrodden.

Ask Master Trump on how he is going to make America Great. Ask Stalin, Mao, Hitler…




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