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Playing hunger game all over: Pseudo-State of Lebanon political system

Posted on: March 17, 2021

I left the supermarket and cried my heart out

Reine Azzi on FB

Today I left the supermarket, got into my car, and cried my eyes out.

I worked hard for everything I have. Nothing was given to me. I spent years on scholarships, supported by generous benefactors so I could finish my schooling.

I went to the Lebanese university because it was the only higher education I could afford.

All of this so I could finally begin to feel comfortable… a comfortable middle class. That’s all I ever wanted.

But today, and thanks to the hyperinflation and the economic/political situation, I had to choose which cornflakes to buy for my family because I had selected two different kinds. This was the last straw.

A stranger had to step in and tell them she would add one packet to her ‘cornflakes allotment’. This is a country where people are playing hunger games over cooking oil…

So it was the kindness that threw me off.

I didn’t expect anyone to be kind. Tomorrow morning, I have to tell my son that I couldn’t get his favorite breakfast cereal… and he’s beginning to expect every disappointment.

That’s the sad part. But I managed to find an item that could make things feel a bit better: When all else fails, just add sprinkles.

PS 1. I know for a fact that some people will still vote for these idiots who have ruined our country. I’ll need a lot of sprinkles to swallow that pill. Hopefully we could still find them by then.

PS 2: One of the supermarket reps said something on the news the other day: We don’t want our shelves to become a museum, where people come in, stare at the goods, and then leave. (Kind of Not looking as supermarkets in Soviet Union…)?

Mira Samaha commented: Reine, yesterday I cried in the supermarket because an elegant classy woman, dignified, who was almost hiding when putting back a pack of spaghetti( 7000LL) because she was counting how much she can pay…. I curse them all and their families 

Note 1: The pseudo-citizens in Lebanon have grown, generations after generations in the last century, experiencing preemptive wars by Israel, civil wars, mandated nations (including Syria and Arafat “resistance Palestinian organization” PLO).

The Lebanese lived in blood, indignation, public widespread corruptions, private exploitation with the backing of sectarian the political system, and outright highway robbery that bankrupted the State at all levels: State budget, Central Bank, private banks, financial depletion of “hard currencies”, and No sustainable economy…

The Lebanese ended up emigrating to greener pastures to all continents and a few to support the families who remained behind. Actually, Lebanon finances were mainly relying on immigrant money that were Not “wisely” invested in productive enterprises

Note 2: After each civil war, those “leaders” that devastated the country and ruined the social fabric and prevented daily trade and communication among the communities, always returned to control and rule this pseudo-State. And they are still in power and controlling every public institution, (including the justice system, the internal forces, sections of the army… and hoarding monopolies in every sector of the economy))

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