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Heavenly haven for terminally sick

Posted on March 17, 2010

Are you afraid of regular hospitals? You should be. 

These centers of health care where a patient is a corps to be operated upon and dispatched quickly to make room for other patients.

Palliative health care facilities are the opposite of regular hospitals for the terminally ill: the patient is the center of attention; pain and suffering is the target of treatments. The goal is the dignity of the patient to die as comfortably as feasible.

Palliative facilities welcome the brave incurable patient who opted for stopgap measures on relentless treatments and experimentation of protocols: he decided to take charge of his destiny and dying peacefully.

Usually, palliative facilities are associated with mobile network of medical groups managing terminally ill person in their residences.

These kinds of network medical care units are constituted of representatives of physicians, nurses, psychologists, and administrators working as a group to catering for the well being of the patient who decided to spend most of his dying days at home.

The team notes down the patient’s needs and wishes, tends to the financial, clinical, health insurance, psychological, and social demands and regulations related to the patient; and it can be contacted 24 hours 7 days a week for feedback and critical moments.

The first meeting is done in the presence of the treating or family physician that must agree with the team and also be part of the association. They cooperate for the kinds of treatments, medicines, approaches, and methods.  

The mobile team does not deliver medical care but coordinate with health insurance, the appropriate specialized physicians, nurses, and pharmacies ready to rush on call for emergency needs of the patient.  

The patient is the center of the activities in the team system; the patient can stay at home as long as his health conditions permit.

For example, when the person is in terrible pain then the wife or a member of the family can call at 2 am, say what was given to the patient so far, and the mobile team would give the proper feedback of what to do next or just pay an emergency visit.

In periods of relative calm, when the patient is feeling fine then the team would call or just pay a visit: the team is like this brick wall patients and family members can lean on.  Mobile teams charge double a visiting physician but they take the time by the patient and meet with him to synthesize and evaluate the progress of the illness. 

This mobile system save a lot to health care institutions and State health budget since the patient is taken care of in his home.  I think these mobile palliative teams are suited to gather the most complete relevant data in a timely manner for the progress of an illness for health researchers.

Hospitals dedicated to palliative health services are very different from regular hospitals. These specialized hospitals are concerned with the terrible pain and suffering of a terminally ill patient; they tend to his physical, emotional, and mental requirements as the patient gradually feels dispossessed of life belonging, control, and management of others.  

The patient comes to these centers because he decided to stop treatments for his ill and just wish to be relieved of the pain, suffering, and indignity.

As you enter a palliative facility you hear “Here we take charge of your suffering. Suffering less is feasible”

There are no limiting visiting hours; you may bring kids and even pet animals to visit the patient; a private kitchen is completely equipped for family cooking or heating of plates; there are furnished spaces for an entire family to feel comfortably at home.  

Family members and friends can sleep over. Patients are allowed to redecorate their rooms with pictures, paintings, and special furniture.

Patients can go outside in their rolling chairs and wander in the park, watching farm animals in total liberty, or taking naps in the sun. Medical personnel do not wake up a patient to eat, but wait and reheat plates. Quality of life in the last days of a patient is the name of the game.

In “Intimate death”, Marie de Hennezel writes “I learned three things from life:

First, I will not avoid my death or any member of my family;

Second, man is not reduced to what we think we are seeing: he is far larger, far deeper than our judgments; and

Third, man has not said his last word yet: he is capable of transforming to a mighty person throughout a series of crisis and life’s trials”

France passed the Leonetti Law in 2005 which says:

First, relentless therapy is illegal;

Second, patient has the right to refuse treatment, including forced artificial feeding;

Third, physician must use all of what is available to reduce pain and suffering of the patient; and

Fourth, patient has the right to write his final wills as anticipatory directives and to designate the person in charge of respecting and enforcing the final directives.

Note: I got aware of this topic from the book of Sylvie Garoche in “Quand la vie tutoie la mort”

titbits #127

Archaeologists discovered 12,500-year-old rock paintings in the Colombian Amazon. Tens of thousands of artworks depict humans and Ice Age animals including mastodon, horses, and fish.

Sanmitsu is Japan’s buzzword of the year… It refers to the “three C’s” of social distancing—avoiding closed spaces, crowds, and close-contact situations.

If anyone tells you that your daydreams should account for your “old Age”, then fuck those daydreams and fuck his life

Are you a Romantic? Sure, in my daydreaming stories. Isn’t it the definition of being Romantic?

So many daydreamer Romantics turned out to be the worst nightmares inflicted on the individuals as well on society

I feel so sorry for myself: I am too slow, in expressing my affection and attachment to you

If you have no patience to do your due diligence on fact-checking research, at least make sure your general knowledge is vast enough to discriminate faked news and faked facts.

The bedouin tribes mentality are compatible among themselves. For example, the Arabian Peninsula pseudo- States and Israel. Israel colonial implanted tribes in Palestine

Urban social structure is meant to accommodate many economic and social classes in order to function and exploit.

And ‘Choice’ remains our greatest gift whether we don’t see it or recognize its existence in transforming our life. Yes, life is a journey and our tomorrows are dependent on every action we take and every step we make. We are the author of our destiny, even partially, and it is a huge responsibility that most of us abdicate from. early on.

Is China owning the narrative of vaccine diplomacy by using “powerful” images to get headlines “on the cheap? China is providing “free vaccine” in small amount to many African nations such as Egypt (300,000 shots, Algeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Zimbabwe., Rwanda…

Freedom? People refuse to act on obtaining freedom: They want the Liberty to enslave people, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Freedom demands to confront injustices and indignity in order to free others. Freedom is Not what the silent majority is ready to shoulder. Actually, the “American Revolution” wanted the liberty to keep importing slaves. And the US is still at it, till now and at a larger scale.

Scare Tactics: The Austin Texas case

Posted on April 24, 2009

A reader commented on one of my posts and informed me that the US government and police force have invented a “machine” that can modify human behavior, invade individual privacy, and control our daily habits without having to bring citizens to interrogation. 

He went on to say that everyone in Austin Texas know about this machine.

Any individual or institutional power such as executive, legislative, legal, press, media, religion, financial, or economic multinational enterprise has ultimately one purpose: modifying human behavior to coincide with a set priority of natural passions for a period of time that suit the environmental and social conditions.

Strong institutions who hold real power are Not necessarily that impressed of your “free” opinions or how informed are the public.  Their goal is to keep the people in a passive state and waiting for directives and guidelines through thousands of subtle means that they have total control over. 

What worry most the power-to-be are people on the move.  They don’t care if this movement is within the right direction of their wishes and desires: they are simply scared of active citizens marching on because the end result cannot be controlled or forecasted. 

That is why in critical periods of unrest, because of financial or economical difficulties, the government and its various branches rely on rumors that insinuate that the government is in complete power of control over the behavior of their citizens. 

This fear technique works most of the time to cow the public into passive status.

Karl Jasper wrote in his book “The German Culpability”:  “The one who remained passive knows that he is morally guilty every time he failed to respond to an action for protecting the threatened citizens, for reducing injustice, and for resisting infamy”

I think the reader is confusing predictive models of human behavior with models for evaluating the performance of behavior modifications. 

Institutions of power know how to modify behavior for a period, which is their main power.  Institutions sublet research institutions of “scientists” in statistical design, survey, poll taking, quantitative psychologists, social scientists, political “analysts”, and so forth to present models that would corroborate the desires of the fund givers. 

The “professional” scientists with many grants under their belt, know how to tamper and adjust models to be biased toward the wishes of the power fund granters.

Generally, the power institutions are more astute and fool the scientists more often than not, but it is a game that the scientist learn to grasp and play in due time.

I doubt that any model for predicting human behavior can outperform the odds of a coin flipping mechanism.  What the models are predicting are the behavior of a restricted sample of people who were subjected with modification treatments, by subtle means unknown to them, but obviously known by the authorities. 

No, the Austin TX. “machine” is a scare tactics disseminated by people who were worked upon.  This is the time to get on the move and be vocal and active.

If this terrible machine is invading individual privacy, then an investigative panel with wide power should be constituted to deliver weekly reports on its findings and progress. 

The government policies are to present the image of omnipresence and omnipotent.




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