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The ugly genocide scapegoats: The real evil will not transpire

Ottoman Empire

New nascent German Empire colonial behind most of this century genocide.

Germany planned the Armenian genocide because they constantly supported zrussia expansion into the Ottoam empire and they were supporting the Tsar in this WWI war.

Germany was behind the famine in Mount Lebanon because they turned off the lights along the Emperor trip from Damascus to Beirut because they did Not appreciate Guillaum trampeling on The Virgin shrines in Palestine.

Germany committed extensive genocides in its African colonies, in Angola … and eastern Africa.

They supported the genocide in the Congo by Belgium monarch Leopold.

The other colonial powers, England, France and Italy did Not raise a finger and encourage Nazi Germany to go ahead in WWII…

Excuses of this Zionist  Roger Cohen  for Israel’s successive preemptive wars on Gaza

Glenn Greenwald posted this news:

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen  is explaining why he has always been and still is “a Zionist”.

He wrote the crucial paragraph that gives the vital context for the Israeli attack on Gaza.

Any discussion that excludes these facts is inherently unreliable:

New York Times columnist Roger Cohen - explaining why he has always been and still is "a Zionist" - writes the crucial paragraph that gives the vital context for the Israeli attack on Gaza. Any discussion that excludes these facts is inherently unreliable:
Note: And that generated a counter reaction of a Messianic Islamic fundamentalist movements in Daesh, Nusra, Qaeda… claiming the same land area as Israel, a land we call it “Greater Syria” or the Levant and Iraq.

The Cosmos, Acoustics…: Who is Pythagoras?

Pythagoras used a screen so that his students won’t see him and focus on his words, thus the Greek word acoustic.

”The Cosmos (ˈkɒzmoʊs)
Is the universe regarded as a complex and orderly system; the opposite of chaos.

The philosopher Pythagoras used the term cosmos (Ancient Greek: κόσμος) for the order of the universe.”

Pythagoras is originally from Tyre (current Lebanon) before his family moved to Athens.

has traveled to East and he got his most Study and Knowledge from the East . And we all know that Armenians were the Masters Astrologist .
”( Carahunge ) is the best proof ”
As by Dr. Setyan Vahan the Author of” Language as a FingerPrint ” ”Basques and Armenians ” ” Enigma of the Armenian Alphabet ” ….
Contrary to immediate assumptions of many, the term – COSMOS, is not an immediate reference to the stars or universe but of ORDER OF THINGS.

In Greek ‘Kosmos’ means ‘order’, but it lacks a root etymology or explanation and it is a language much younger than Armenian.

The Greek – OS ending is misleading and hides the root- Kozm or Kazm. We can define Kosmos or Cosmos in Armenian, with the words – (Kazm)el, (Kazm)vatsk, Kazmakerputyun and Kazmakerpum [կազմակերպում], all expressing [order, to contain and organization.]

Thus, Cosmos and Microcosm express order of things, from the very small to the very large. And since, we have a much older language that expresses the idea of ‘order’, we can point to a very old language that has begun to resurface from its dormant and neglected state.

I will speak more about this and psychological barriers that hinder conceptualizations and internalizations of new data in my upcoming Book 2.

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Ten Myths on Israel being a Democratic State

No, Israel Is Not a Democracy

By lan Pappe

From Ten Myths About Israel, out now from Verso Books.

June 12, 2018 “Information Clearing House” – Israel is not the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact, it’s not a democracy at all.

In the eyes of many Israelis and their supporters worldwide — even those who might criticize some of its policies — Israel is, at the end of the day, a benign democratic state, seeking peace with its neighbors, and guaranteeing equality to all its citizens.

Those who do criticize Israel assume that, if anything went wrong in this democracy, then it was due to the 1967 war.

Subjugation of Minorities in Israel Is Not Democratic

The litmus test of any democracy is the level of tolerance it is willing to extend towards the minorities living in it. In this respect, Israel falls far short of being a true democracy.

For example, after the new territorial gains several laws were passed ensuring a superior position for the majority: the laws governing citizenship, the laws concerning land ownership, and most important of all, the law of return.

The latter grants automatic citizenship to every Jew in the world, wherever he or she was born. This law in particular is a flagrantly undemocratic one, for it was accompanied by a total rejection of the Palestinian right of return — recognized internationally by the UN General Assembly Resolution 194 of 1948. This rejection refuses to allow the Palestinian citizens of Israel to unite with their immediate families or with those who were expelled in 1948.

Denying people the right of return to their homeland, and at the same time offering this right to others who have no connection to the land, is a model of undemocratic practice.

Added to this was a further layering of denial of the rights of the Palestinian people. Almost every discrimination against the Palestinian citizens of Israel is justified by the fact that they do not serve in the army.

The association between democratic rights and military duties is better understood if we revisit the formative years in which Israeli policy makers were trying to make up their minds about how to treat one-fifth of the population.

Their assumption was that Palestinian citizens did not want to join the army anyway, and that assumed refusal, in turn, justified the discriminatory policy against them. This was put to the test in 1954 when the Israeli ministry of defense decided to call up those Palestinian citizens eligible for conscription to serve in the army. The secret service assured the government that there would be a widespread rejection of the call-up.

To their great surprise, all those summoned went to the recruiting office, with the blessing of the Communist Party, the biggest and most important political force in the community at the time. The secret service later explained that the main reason was the teenagers’ boredom with life in the countryside and their desire for some action and adventure.

Notwithstanding this episode, the ministry of defense continued to peddle a narrative that depicted the Palestinian community as unwilling to serve in the military.

Inevitably, in time, the Palestinians did indeed turn against the Israeli army, who had become their perpetual oppressors, but the government’s exploitation of this as a pretext for discrimination casts huge doubt on the state’s pretense to being a democracy.

If you are a Palestinian citizen and you did not serve in the army, your rights to government assistance as a worker, student, parent, or as part of a couple, are severely restricted. This affects housing in particular, as well as employment — where 70 percent of all Israeli industry is considered to be security-sensitive and therefore closed to these citizens as a place to find work.

The underlying assumption of the ministry of defense was not only that Palestinians do not wish to serve but that they are potentially an enemy within who cannot be trusted. The problem with this argument is that in all the major wars between Israel and the Arab world the Palestinian minority did not behave as expected. They did not form a fifth column or rise up against the regime.

This, however, did not help them: to this day they are seen as a “demographic” problem that has to be solved. The only consolation is that still today most Israeli politicians do not believe that the way to solve “the problem” is by the transfer or expulsion of the Palestinians (at least not in peacetime).


تحيا سورية،
إضاءة اليوم:

[…] قامت الأعمال السّياسيّة في الماضي على روح الطّائفيّة والتّكتّل الطّائفيّ، وظلّ سياسيّو العهد العتيق يتّخذون النّعرة الدّينيّة سلّماً لنفوذهم وأغراضهم، حتّى نشأ الحزب السّوريّ القوميّ الاجتماعيّ من دماغ فردٍ خَرجَ منذ نعومة أظفاره على العصبيات الدّينيّة والرّوح الطّائفيّة، ووجّه دعوته إلى جميع أبناء الأمّة وبناتها لا فرق بين درزيٍّ ومسيحيٍّ ومحمّديّ. وسار الحزب سرّاً يجمع الصّفوف في غفلةٍ من رجال الدّين والإقطاع وذوي النّفوذ السّياسيّ المبنيّ على النّعرة الدّينيّة، حتّى انكشف أمره للحكومة وأُزيح السّتار عن وجوده ودعوته. فهبّ سياسيّو الطّائفيّة والرّجعة الدّينيّة من رقادهم مذعورين لأنّ لهيب الثّورة الفكريّة قد امتّد إلى ما في أيديهم وأخذوا لساعتهم يقاومون حدّة النّار بكلّ قوّتهم وبجميع ما بقي لهم من الوسائل. […]
[…] قام ذوو النّعرة الدّينيّة في لبنان يقولون إنّ الحزب هو ضدّ المسيحيّة والمسيحيّين، وإنّه بطلبه الوحدة السّوريّة يريد وضع المسيحيّين تحت رحمة المحمّديّين، وقام زملاؤهم في الشّام يقولون إنّ الحزب هو ضدّ المحمّديّة والمحمّديّين وضدّ العروبة المصاحبة للمحمّديّة. ولكي يحقّق كلّ فريقٍ دعواه عمد إلى التّأثير على أبناء ملّته المنخرطين في سلك الحزب ليخرجوا منه فيؤيّد دعواه أمام الجّماهير ففي لبنان تعهّدت بالحملة جمعيّة الجزويت ومقام البطريركيّة المارونيّة وبعض المطارنة الموارنة والأرثوذكس ورجال الأحزاب السّياسيّة المسيحيّة والمحمّديّة، وفي الشّام قام رجال النّفوذ الإقطاعيّ والطّائفيّ بهذه المهمة يدعمهم عددٌ من الشّيوخ المعمّمين. فكانت تُعقد المجالس العائليّة والدّينيّة للضّغط على المنضمّين إلى الحزب السّوريّ القوميّ الاجتماعيّ ليخرجوا منه، كما فعل الدّكتور توفيق شيشكلي في حماه مع الرّفيق القوميّ الاجتماعيّ الدّكتور وجيه البارودي ومع الرّفيق المحامي الأستاذ أكرم حوراني، فعُقدت لهما المجالس الطّائفيّة الّتي قامت تُنكر عليهما انضمامهما إلى هذا الحزب الّذي زعيمه «مسيحيّ» وتُندّد بهما، الأمر الّذي اضطَرَّ منفّذيّة حماه لنشر كرّاسٍ تُفنِّدُ فيه دعوى الّذين يدّعون أنّه لا يجوز، دينيّاً، لمحمديٍّ أن يقبل تولية الأمر أحداً من «أهل الكتاب»، وكما جرى في مدارس البطريركيّة والمعاهد الخيريّة الإسلاميّة في بيروت وفي جميع المدارس الخاضعة لأيّ نفوذٍ دينيٍّ مسيحيٍّ أو محمّديّ. ومن الدّروز كانت مقاومة المشايخ «الزّرق» واسعة ولكن بدون إجماع، إلّا «نادي الإصلاح الدّرزيّ» المؤلّف من أشخاصٍ يطلبون النّفوذ السّياسيّ عن طريق الطّائفيّة. ولكنّ سعاده كان قد سبقهم شوطاً كبيراً فسدّت العقيدة القوميّة الاجتماعيّة الواضحة الأبواب في وجوههم، فلم يُفلحوا إلّا مع الّذين لم يكن لهم اتّصالٌ وثيق بالحركة السّوريّة القوميّة الاجتماعيّة وعقيدتها، فَصَوَّروا لهم هذه الحركة بصورة الغول المفترس بنيه. […]

“جوابٌ مفتوحٌ إلى صاحب العلم العربيّ”
“الزّوبعة”، بيونس آيرس، العدد 57، 1942/12/1

Tidbits latest

Europe & China are two geo-economic adversaries of the USA. And this is where the “Financial parasites” injected this virus first.

The USA, China and Europe must find the necessary funds and training to all States ready to close down or reform these Saudi Kingdom funded Madrassas in the last 3 decades

I just read a sentence I wrote to my parents in 1997: “Respect yourself and keep walking. There is no right and wrong.  The capital Sin is for not sticking to a comprehension to your question “what is the purpose for living” and advance with determination toward that goal”

For his promotion to a higher officer level, he invited 150 persons. The wife had to prepare a dozen dishes for 20 invitees every Friday and Saturday. No one to help the wife. You do the math the many welcoming parties.

In an interview for 60 Minutes yesterday, Fed chair Jerome Powell also said that the US economy could “easily” contract by 20-30%. and that low-income workers and women are taking the biggest hit. And employers will now offer lower salaries to people desperate for work.

Even though Covid-19 is a viral illness not affected by antibiotics, early data from hospitals shows that very high proportions of patients—more than 90 percent in some cohorts—are being treated with those drugs to cure or protect against secondary infections during respiratory illnesses or hospitalization.

Resistance to antibiotics is already a crisis: It causes an estimated 700,000 deaths around the world each year, almost four times the death toll from the novel coronavirus so far. –

Trump is angry with the World Health Organization, but on April 18, 2020, dozens of celebrities participated in the One World: Together at Home concert series, which raised $127 million for the World Health Organization’s Solidarity Response Fund. The series was hosted by Lady Gaga, and stars such as Lizzo, Celine Dion, and The Rolling Stones, all live-streamed performances from their homes.

In 1971, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and others took the stage at Madison Square Garden and raised over $10 million for relief efforts in cyclone-ravaged and war-torn Bangladesh. Organizers George Harrison and Ravi Shankar set into motion a unique form of fundraising that would have a huge impact on charitable organizations around the world.

In a settlement, the social network Facebook agreed to pay $52 million to thousands of US content moderators over mental health issues. The complaint was brought by moderators who said they operated in unsafe workspaces.

Humans are naturally risk- and loss-averse. Psychologist Daniel Kahneman has shown that, in situations where the potential penalties outweigh the possible payoffs—like meeting friends who may or may not have Covid-19—most people will play it safe. (Stay home if it is Not a life/death situation)

Anthony Fauci, the nation’s top infectious disease official, warned against reopening the economy too soon, telling a Senate panel Thursday that communities doing so risk new coronavirus outbreaks.

JumiaAfrica’s largest e-commerce platform (located in Kenia?)—reported a 7% decline in revenue despite seeing a four-fold increase in grocery orders.

The first step isn’t asking what task a robot can replace, but the reason humans do the task in the first place.Jackie Bischof,

In 1861, the nation’s political body made it legal for citizens to mail privately-printed cards of less than one ounce to each other. Capitalizing on the new law, John P. Charlton and Hymen Lipman, printers in Philadelphia, moved to patent the first postal card in the country—a mostly blank card with a decorative border.

This class of 2020 may attend a virtual ceremony, take part in a drive-through graduation, or even listen to Barack Obama or Lil Nas X deliver televised commencement speeches

US central bank is buying trillions of dollars of assets, including corporate bonds, to prevent the financial system from freezing up. The Fed’s buying spree reduced interest rates and is driving investors to take more risk.
“We have such massive fiscal and monetary intervention,” Frederick said. ”In the absence of government intervention, the markets would be off a cliff.” —John Detrixhe,

Fauci also says he remains “cautiously optimistic” that they’ll have a vaccine that would provide efficacy at least high enough to create herd immunity,

UN is warning the world is on the brink of a famine for a QUARTER OF A BILLION people. Hunger, not disease, could emerge as the biggest killer in this crisis. All over the world, families are struggling to feed their kids – not just in the poorest countries, but places like South Africa, India and Brazil

Les “Nettoyeurs“? Les jeunes Francais, lachent (cowards) durant la guerre de l’occupation Nazi, ont endossé’ des habits de Resistants et se sont arroge’ le droit de rendre une “justice” arbitraire et partisanes.

More than 10,000 French were massacred in a couple of days. When Israel had to unilaterally vacate south Lebanon on May 24, 2000, the Lebanese resistance refrained from entering the towns of the Lebanese “traitors”, and waited for the army to enter first and render justice before the court.

Sweden primary schools have remained open. Restaurants too, though tables are set farther apart. Work from home is encouraged but not enforced, and even nightclubs can operate with a few changes. But it’s now topping per capita death rates in Europe.

Vaccine for a Covid-19 ne sera efficace que contre une seule forme de ce virus qui mute de manière furtive.

I say: If a quote with the proper context matches your state of mind at a period run with it. Feeling obligated to refer to “who said what he said” is Not only redundant but dangerous in spreading “religious concepts” that are hidden within the quote.

If there is a Creator for this entire Universe and species, your personal existence should Not mean much to Him. If there is No creator, you have wasted your life on an abstract concept that brought death and destruction for the living.

The UK government, Japan, Germany, and other European countries have already sold debt yielding less than 0%, a bond with a negative yield. It’s the first time this has happened with investors agreeing to recoup less than they spent.

“He who has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, kindness. Not the case with he whom you yourself have obliged.”

1.35 million: People estimated to die each year in road collisions and

20-50 million: People injured each year in road collisions

9 million are the expected college graduates in China in 2020, compared to 2 million in US.

The Islamic “Arab/Andalusia” mathematician Ibn al-Haytham, the father of modern optics and inventor of the camera obscura, better understand the physical nature of light.

There are 1,114 colors in the Pantone color system

To make a stupid iPhones, Apple works with suppliers in 43 countries across six continents.

“There’s never been an event like this. There is No contingency plan for supply chains”

No matter how fair and equitable is an election law, Reality will deceive it. Still, let’s allow the political parties and civil organizations apply a portion of this utopia, and watch how Reality may change

The US national debt (the amount the federal government has borrowed over the years and must pay back) is $23 trillion and growing. We’re paying more than $270 billion just in interest on that public debt annually. And the top two foreign countries who “own” our debt are China and Japan. (The irony is that Japan is the second most indebted nation. Go figure)

“When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.” ― Frédéric Bastiat, French economist

Is it a matter of perception on Loneliness? Some people need extended periods of time alone to recharge, others would rather give themselves electric shocks than spend a few minutes with their thoughts.

“If you don’t spend a dime, free entry, drinks, and dinners… and you got a lot of money and you spend a lot…that’s power. It signal recognition of a person’s social worth”. Thus, only the common people have to pay for the VIP clan?

In Minneapolis, between 2000 and 2018 unemployment rose from 6.8% to 8% among black people, while it dropped from 2.5% to 1.9% among whites. In many other US cities where protests have erupted in recent days, the pre-pandemic racial gap in unemployment is striking:

In one hour, our organs consume 100 Watts bulb. We salivate about one litter a day. The total surface of our small intestine is 7 km long

We have two sphincters: one external and one internal.The internal is ready to let go anytime, The nerves of the external is linked to our brain that gives order for the go ahead

I say: Any childhood changes (locations, schools…) is a path life changing. Too many of these child a-changing leave you stuck in a maze.

Chasing after anyone or anything demands plenty of energy. The source of that energy is Temporary Insanity.

The developed States don’t want a reduction in oil prices: they want to preserve the tax revenue in the gas stations, lest the citizens revolt for paying no legal taxes on gasoline in “free markets of demand and offer”

The US national deficit (the difference between what the government spends and the revenue it takes in) is projected to surpass $1 trillion every year.

Germany enables employers to furlough (and keep) staff, with state assistance, while the US has focused on strengthening unemployment benefits.

The 10 ASEAN countries, many of which have rapid growing economies, are importing more Chinese goods than American for the first time,

The biggest percentage drop, no surprise, came from the aviation industry, with a 60% decline, or 1.7 million metric tons. The biggest raw drop in emissions came from surface transportation, which fell by 36%, or 7.5 million metric tons. That figure includes personal vehicles as well as trucks and domestic and international shipping.

The objective of history is to define human civilization and the social, economic and cultural events, taken in their totality, as a system. History is an independent discipline: philosophy and politics are branches
Ibn Khaldoun
Are you suffering lactose intolerance, cycles of losing and gaining weight quickly, lesions on your thighs, face and other parts of your body that don’t heal, bad breath, gastroenterite…? You are Not taking good care of the good bacteria in your intestine and mouth.
Beware of antibiotics that kill the good and bad germs equally well.
Civil war underway in the US due to lingering indignity and latent racism. On May 25, George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, begging for his life with a police officer’s knee on his neck. On March 13, EMT Breonna Taylor was shot to death by police officers who burst into the wrong apartment. In February, jogger Ahmaud Arbery was killed by two vigilantes.

Unfortunately, those are exactly the emissions that are likely to rebound after lockdown orders are lifted. (Though who will return to air transport, except those private airplanes of the elite classes?)

The Navajo nation has the highest Covid-19 infection and death rates of any group in the US, as the federal government fails to provide them with adequate information and resources. Young adults in the community have taken it upon themselves to launch information campaigns to try to protect their elders, who carry the most language and cultural knowledge, Mona Gable reports for STAT.

Most of what we grow in this country (corn, soybeans…) is not food exactly, but rather feed for animals and the building blocks from which fast food, snacks, soda, and all the other wonders of food processing, such as high-fructose corn syrup, are manufactured.

Before the Covid-19 pandemics: The White House releases its $4.8 trillion budget proposal expected to seek cuts to social safety net programs and foreign aid, while also requesting $2 billion in new funding for border-wall construction.

Sadiq Khan, mayor of London ordered a review of the city’s landmarks. A commission will look into statues, street names, and plaques that reflect Britain’s violent colonial expansion. “It is an uncomfortable truth that our nation and city owes a large part of its wealth to its role in the slave trade,” he said.

An underestimate, due to the way that government statistical agencies collect data,.  Data show that blacks in the US have 10 times less wealth, are 20% more likely to be unemployed, and make 78% as much in weekly wages as whites.

Major surveys all exclude the more than two million Americans who are incarcerated and 90% of inmates are men. Since black Americans are six times more likely to be incarcerated than whites, and twice as likely as Hispanics, this has the effect of making it appear that African Americans are better off financially than they really are.

Is it a matter of perception on Loneliness? Some people need extended periods of time alone to recharge, others would rather give themselves electric shocks than spend a few minutes with their thoughts.

“If you don’t spend a dime, free entry, drinks, and dinners… and you got a lot of money and you spend a lot…that’s power. It signal recognition of a person’s social worth”. Thus, only the common people have to pay for the VIP clan?

How many years must a slave toil, before a colonial power sinks in the gutter?

How many times should you look up to the sky, before you observe that you don’t own the universe?

How many should die of famine before local agriculture are made priority in investment?

Up to 20% of Africa’s debt is owed to China, what amount to about $2 trillion.

There are 4 national anthems without official lyrics. Spain has argued over which words to add for years.

I wish all national Anthem cover basic rights of humanity and kindness. Thw world will be much better instructed with repeated singing of a great anthem

What composer Francis Scott Key meant in “no refuge” in the “land of the free” in “The Star-Spangled Banner”?  The British in the battles that inspired “The Star-Spangled Banner” rescued 6,000 slaves from the US colonials.

Is a reflected cruelty the one unpardonable sin? What if this predetermined cruelty was a response to a prolonged reflective cruelty of the other person or a group of people? Wouldn’t that cruelty be considered a self-defence legitimate reaction?

The public reckoning for police use of facial recognition software. On Monday, IBM disavowed the technology entirely and CEO Arvind Krishna condemned its use “by other vendors, for mass surveillance, racial profiling, violations of basic human rights and freedoms.” Amazon responded Wednesday by putting a one-year moratorium on police use of its Rekognition software, closely followed by Microsoft’s promise not to sell the technology to US police.

The main difference between human genders is: After sex, the male’s mind is blank, while the female’s is overcrowded. If the female fails to prime the silence with an opinion, without any questions, the conversation is declined. And you have people claiming that it is Not the woman who generates the ideas. I deduce that people who are denied sex, their opinions are Not shared and go unnoticed.

This useless cruel pride of America and worst, the predetermined mind to inflict cruelty for a sick unbounded ego of superiority, even when living a wretched life in isolated and desolate corners in their land.

We are trained to become racist: by the family, the community and schools. On devient racist: la famille et la communauté’ nous ont coupe’ les ponts. Et l’école n’est pas mieux avec son enseignement tacit. Comment peut-on communiquer si les questions fondamentales ne sont pas pose’ pour réfléchir dessus?

5 facts we have to contend with: Climate change, frequent recurring deadly viruses, tougher resistant bacteria to antibiotics, degraded air quality, degraded potable water quality. Either we fight back or we adapt.

3/4 of babies born by sterilized caesarean surgery have high risks for allergies and asthma: The natural bacteria received from natural birth are lacking, such as lactobacilli and womb germs, especially if they don’t sucks their mom’s milk or are severed prematurely. It is like they were Not immersed in the magical potion at birth. Babies can become adult in intestine bacteria flora at the age of 3.

There are at least 3 different kinds of intestine in predominance of bacteria or enterotypes:

1. Bacteroides that produce plenty of biotin (B7 or B8 or H) which the foetus consume a lot and are dedicated to carnivorous specimen

2. Prevotella that produce vitamin B1 or thiamine that is used mainly by the brain, The lack of it generate beriberi (deficiency in movement)

3. Ruminococcus that manufacture blood through the heme. Each of these families of bacteria have common characteristics for splitting the food, manufacturing substances and neutralizing varieties of toxin.

Kids observe their parents: if the parents behave according to humanity standards and are active in confronting social unfair and Not equitable behaviors, they raise themselves accordingly. Actions of parents translate into positive peer pressures at school.

It was Not planned during this containment, but I observed that my day work is split in 3 proportional categories of tasks. 1/3 for physical activities (1 hr for early walk, 1 30 min for gardening and physical exercises). 1/3 for reading, writing, publishing on my blog and following on news. 1/3 for home maintenance (laundering, washing dishes, mopping, cooking…). I take 2 short invigorating siesta of less than an hour to focus on breathing and plan the next set of tasks.

Purify your heart and mind, and pray anywhere you want, and any which way you want

Men authors are at disadvantages in describing their childhood: They failed to observe, to comprehend and quickly forgot whatever feeling and minor events might have affected them

No need for personality cult. If your “hero” figured something out, learn what he learned and don’t emulate him in everything else.

Most of Jesus’ disciples and early Christians were dead serious that they would rise on the third day. Especially the martyrs. No need to wonder how initially Christianity made any headway.

My heroes are Malcolm X and James Baldwin: Religion is Never a basis to define and demand human rights.

Malcolm X transformed many times his political model, as cruelty, violence and injustices could no longer fit within his current understanding and model of resistance.

The Modern States that learned to listen to the demands and request of its people and reacts promptly in reconsidering its laws are the most advanced, regardless of their size in land and population and are the most respectful of the UN resolutions regarding human rights. They have confidence that their educated and cultured citizens are more attuned to the world calamities than their functional institutions.

Mener une vie cachée’ n’est pas une vie décente: sans engagement face a l’injustice, rien n’est decent.

Slavery is very ancient, before even religions took hold on society.  The cruel and brutal behavior of “owners” of slaves reached a high level of discrimination as religions guessed correctly that it satisfies the interest of the power-to-be classes and directly their own interests.

They give you life. And they give you death. And they tell you in between is your Destiny. But we all know what is destined to the living species.

Age should Not entitle you to play the wise-man: Young people are Not hearing your counsel or advice or wise-cracking humors. Learn to loosen up and say “reflected humor” that are within the humanist values: Your humor should Not match the humors of the younger ones’: that’s the best message you can share with the next generations.

The Ivy League school Harvard College dropped standardized test requirements is changing its admissions requirements as it figures out how to attract the best applicants in a pandemic, and also after years of complaints that SATs penalize low-income students.

Keep digging archaeological sites: It is important to remember, every now and then, that powerful empires and great civilizations were forgotten. That all empires will eventually decline into oblivion.

Demand for private flights from Hong Kong to Australia and North America jumped 214% in January, just as the pandemic was spreading beyond China. (In all pandemics, the elite class is never hurt, and their comfort Not altered)

A “Blob”, a marine heatwave, stretching from Alaska to California has invaded the fjords of British Columbia, which is heating up the glacier-fed waters at a rapid clip.

There is really no skill called reading. Reading is the meta-skill that results when you alloy other skills together. You need to know the alphabet, how letter form words, how words have meaning, how words together have meaning, and so on. So often we focus on the meta-skill and not the sub-skills.

Women and people of color continue to earn lower wages than white men because employers require job applicants to reveal their previous salary in order to set their new one. This strips workers of bargaining power, and can lock in lower compensation.

I enjoy reading. Thus, I read slowly. I enjoy walking early morning. Thus I walk slowly.

I am in love with my confinement: Everyone is sharing in my confinement

“Allons mon petit. Fait tes prières.. Et l’enfant dit “Maman, je t’aime”. c’était suffisant et de beaucoup.

All the economic/financial pressures of Trump (Evangelical extremists) on Lebanon to trade with our existential enemy Israel No Passaran

“All that can save you now is your confrontation with your own history… which is not your past, but your present,” said author James Baldwin in 1968.

Since time immemorial, empires of occupation and annexation had to create forms of racism and discrimination. Black Color was reserved for the Evil of the darker skin people

L’egalite” dans tous les pays (regardless of political systems) est réservé’ pour la grande masse dans la misère et le malheur

If we fails to construct a system of illusions, how could we resume the living at an advanced age?

Bless the youth who pulled off his decision to commit suicide: He high intelligence instinct proved to him the worthiness of living.

Les Français hautement qualifiés et éduqués furent fauchés en première lignes pour satisfaire “L’égalité du feu“, chair á canon égalitaire. durant les premieres années de WWI. Les ignorants furent charge’ de gouverner le Liban et la Syrie durant le mandat.

Israel was already in the planning 50 years before Balfour declaration in 1917. The extremist “Zionist” evangelical sect in USA demanded that the Jews return to Jerusalem in order for the Second Coming to materialize. This idea suited the colonial powers of France and England intent on dividing the Syrian Nation and disturbing the daily trade and communication among the same people in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. Israel is a colonial implant, our existential enemy.

L ‘ heroisme s’entend de diverses facons selon les periods. C’ est le sacrifice même du dévouement qui est une réalité’ et l’objet pour lequel on se devout est généralement une illusion.

Allons les Libanais, allons d’echec en echec jusqu’à la victoire.

Alex Marshall is the author of Republic or Death! Travels in Search of National Anthems, a fascinating book about the politics of national anthems. He spoke with the Atlantic about traveling the world to discover the history of these songs, and why he hates “God Save the Queen.”

La joie de vivre est liée a un sentiment d’avoir réussi. Si on pouvait abaisser la barre de ce qu’on considère “Avoir Réussi”. I think Covid-19 gave humanity a chance to lower the level of what they consider “Having been successful” in order to discover happiness in life.

Après avoir accepté la lâcheté, la servitude, la bombe a hydrogen, les genocide… on comprend mal de quel droit on ferait les dégoûtés et les difficiles

Decision by design? Kind there exist a handful of skills that are learned but rarely taught in order to make effective decisions? Decision by design that can accelerate your progress and save you from costly trial and error? Why do you think you can learn without practice? Kind of effectively doing the wrong decision?

Phenology is the “science” of observing Nature, especially in this new dangerous period of Climate Change? In 2018, Slate recommended keeping a phenology journal for this exact purpose: “In so doing, you can anchor yourself in place and be a witness to the way nature is actually responding to change, instead of dwelling on the disasters that might come.”

In 1860, Henry David Thoreau translates his nature diaries into climate charts.

People with a pure heart should be able to differentiate among laws designed for the Elite Classes and the laws meant for all citizens

Les etats rentiers sont characteristic par une forte concentration du pouvoir. Le véritable noblesse de base n’appartient qu’à ceux qui ont l’esprit de clan. Les revenus des butins sont difficiles a distinguer parmi le souverain et la classe de nobless. Ibn Khaldoun

Is Israel set to annex much of Palestine in 6 days? Violating international law (for a 2-State system) and ending the possibility of freedom for the Palestinian state. Europe and others can make Israel think twice, and we cannot let this pass without outcry.

On a besoin d’une colère généreuse et un rêve utopique pour confronter des actes contre nature et contre la nature: les expériences atomiques en plein air, les camps de concentrations, les régimes totalitaires, le racism endemique et les systems apartheid, l’extermination des tribus indigenes… Et la pureté qu’il faut pour causer de grandes massacres.

La puissance politique du souverain dépend du niveau des richesses produites par le travail de l’homme et des conditions de la répartition de la richesse générée. The Assabiyya of the tribe deteriorate with the decline of the economy.  Ibn Khaldoun

Is Formal marriage important for just raising kids? Otherwise, it is formal enslavement of both parties within the sick “ownership” concept. Am I encouraging out of wedlock relationship? Unless marriage is split into two phases: the first stage is a “temporary marriage” of both parties explicitly acknowledging a purpose for having kids. The second phase is promising to raise the kids together.

Never ask someone “Do you believe in a God?”: It is none of your business. Unless it is for you own benefit to re-affirm your belief system, after having done your due diligence.

It should be a personal matter in believing in a God: if your mind couldn’t be of much help, it is the responsibility of God to guide you to “His existence”.

Dans l’esprit de la majorité, reconnaître l’apport des Noirs et des minorities á la construction de la nation Française  (or any other colonial power) serait amoindrie la grandeur d’une nation qui pense se suffire á elle-même.

The notion that Covid-19 is meant to reduce earth population does Not stand the count. Degraded air quality, water, traffic accidents, famine, radiation and poisonous shells… harvest 100 fold what this virus can kill. Actually, the fear is that population might increase “exponentially” with this confinement and improved air quality.

By the year 2050, there could be more plastic in the ocean than fish. And more debris in outer space than birds?

Si vous cherchez un parti politique unifiant le monde, considérez les paysans isolés: ils ont les points communs partout dans le monde.

Il était devenu un autre homme et le cousin n’était pas suffisamment curieux pour découvrir le changement: il lui parlait du passé.

La déportation des Amerindiens, le Passage du milieu, la Piste des Larmes...sont pour les American Blancs de simple catastrophes naturelles qu’il fallait remédier. Une entreprise criminelle de domination et d’expansion

L’opinion publique est un juge absolu: tous les pouvoirs lui sont subordonnés. Sauf quand l’executive décide d’aller en guerre

Greek former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis said:  Lebanese must have the courage to nationalize the banks and restructure the Central Bank, issue a new currency and desist from seeking IMF money…”

Is that how retirement should be? Waking up at 4:30, taking an hour of walk/slow jogging, then have a leisurely breakfast of fruits and coffee/Nescafe while reading for another hour on the balcony, then working for another hour on your blog and commenting on Fb… All these events are facts. The illusions sneak in afterwards

As we learn to see land as a community to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.

Explain this to me in layman terms: Tesla has never made an annual profit and yet surge in share prices means that the California company has a market value of nearly $210 billion, and edges ahead of Japanese rival Toyota.

Anthropause? A proposed new term to describe the global halt in human activity due to the pandemic.

Originally composed in 2014, the protest music “The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed,” by Joel Thompson arranged the dying words of seven Black men killed by police into a classical composition based on Haydn’s “The Seven Last Words of Christ.” 

This week, India banned 59 Chinese apps, including the popular video-sharing platform TikTok, in an attempt to “safeguard” its mobile and internet users. Narendra Modi’s quit Weibo on Wednesday

I used to visit the ruins of the deads. I am paying visits to the ruins of the living.

Lebanon is a striking example of an anomie political system: most the politicians revert to business men, during their long tenure, and own most of the companies in the country. Our politicians, stooges to the civil war militia/mafia leaders, have been for so long in power and elections (democratically or postponed for various reasons).

J’aimerais commettre les folies de l’âge voisin du berceau

A giant blue star has vanished from the sky. It could have become a black hole or… it could just be hiding behind dust.
Gold deposit in Egypt: located in the country’s southeast, is thought to contain 1 million ounces (28,350 kg) of the good stuff.

I think Trump liked this kid concept: if Covid is killed with soap then why a vaccine? Maybe Trump is jumping to one alternative like introducing foamed soap in the lungs and remove the solution as when we have pneumonia?

I have this hypothesis: those who received the flu vaccines for a couple of years will have higher probability to survive a Corona contamination. My conjecture is the immune system will react far more quickly before The C sets in

The Neo-Zionists “strategic centers” in USA are in fact running Israel society choices: There are No good options for Israelis in order to vote “democratically”. Israel is pressured to be kept in a state of constant war and to increase its apartheid laws

Lebanon is a striking example of an anomie political system: Most the politicians revert to business men, during their long tenure, and own most of the companies in the country. Our politicians, stooges to the civil war militia/mafia leaders, have been for so long in power and elections (democratically or postponed for various reasons)

“The great avenues of our larger cities were made extremely picturesque in the dusk of evening by the endless line of bicyclists whose lanterns in the darkness produced the vivid effect of a river of coloured fire.”An 1890s observer of America’s first bicycle boom

American suffragist Susan B. Anthony once said that the bicycle did “more to emancipate women than anything else in the world.”

Oxymoron terms like “Free Trade, Free Market, Free Expression, Free Sex…” What is free in these expressions? And how they are that free?

Harvard MIT are suing the Trump administration over new visa rules that force international students taking online classes to leave the country

The current US national debt is over $26 trillion, and while Congress has approved roughly $3 trillion of coronavirus-related spending, only around $350 billion was earmarked for public health and testing

Independent auditors issued a scathing report on Facebook’s civil rights policies. They called out the platform’s “vexing and heartbreaking decisions” that prioritize free speech above all else.

Doubling down on some pre-pandemic tactics for private car  usage:
  • Reward those who don’t use a private car
  • Subsidize bicycle sales by giving citizens vouchers
  • Make public transit free forever
  • Propose new car-free bridges
  • Add bike racks to buses
  • Make bike shares part of the public system
  • Expand time-saving bus lanes
  • Resist the urge to make parking easier or free

It is the deformed and handicapped babies that were sacrificed in mass ceremony in order to alleviate parents gilt and to tame the intransigence of mothers in front of the pressure of the community

Minority ethnic groups in China are experiencing State Eugenics Laws since 1995; the Chinese genetic physician has simply to state that the expected baby of the minority parents is found to be physically or mentally handicapped to sterilize the parents; reactions are lukewarm; as they say “it is economics, stupid”

If paying attention to your breathing for a couple of minutes is so hard, how getting curious of how smoking taste and feel is tagged as a simpler task?

Investors bought €1 billion in bonds (Pension funds, hedge funds, and one of Europe’s largest private banks) backed by the mafia Italy’s ’Ndrangheta group.

Karl Marx did describe his vision for the final phase of capitalism in the third volume of Das Kapital, his magnum opus. At that point, he wrote, the global market will have superseded that of any individual country, concentrating the world’s wealth into just a few very lucky hands.

“Give to Caesar what is to Caesar and to God what is to God”? A nice diplomatic statement to avoid confrontation with the Roman Empire, though it implicitly hide a most dangerous unfair and inequitable recommendation. It basically says: And give your money to the clergy and lay all your indignities and famine at God’s feet.

In antiquity female divinity (Goddess) was often associated with ambivalence and multiplicity, while male gods were usually single-note: A reflection of nature, the Goddess embodies both the destructive power and the ability to create,

In 10 seconds Fred Rogers  said it all during his 1997 acceptance speech for a lifetime-achievement Emmy: He asked the audience to think about people who have “loved us into being”

“This moment is so much bigger than me… it’s for every nameless, faceless woman of color that now has a chance because this door tonight has been opened.”Halle Berry, Best Actress Academy Awards 2002

Hattie McDaniel, winner for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for Gone With the Wind, is the first African-American to receive an Oscar. “I shall always hold it as a beacon for anything I may be able to do in the future. I sincerely hope I shall always be a credit to my race.

During the Oscar Award speech in 1978,  Vanessa Redgrave calls out “Zionist hoodlums whose behavior is an insult to the stature of Jews all over the world.”

Brutal force is meant to deny equitable and ethical negotiations

Many of the world’s biggest polluters are missing the opportunity: A letter released this week by a coalition of leading climate diplomats and economists warns that “most stimulus packages have not incorporated climate resilience into their recovery plans.” Instead, as carbon emissions head back toward pre-pandemic levels, fossil fuels are getting a rich payday.

Unbelievable: French rulers forced Haitians to “compensate” them for the loss of land and slaves that came with independence, in 1804, to the tune of 90 million francs.

I say: Don’t waste your time studying the dominant religious sect in a society, just try to figure out the common denominator of this religion by studying the daily routine behavior of the various classes.

Apparently, the US military is afflicted with massive Covid-19 cases: Trump opted safe to wear his mask in his latest visit to the Pentagon?

Palestinians No longer crossing to Israel for fear of morsening Covid-19 pandemics there. No one to build settlements anymore?

Most Jews don’t believe God exists. US Christian Evangelical fundamentalists convinced them that their God promised them Palestine

In cold blood: Israel assassination teams enter Palestinian camps and kill young Palestinians. Every day, dozens are detained administratively for months

Once fish swallow more micro-plastic than plankton, we are doomed. Everywhere human navigate, micro-plastic exist. Space and beer have micro-plastic.

The past is supposed to be a phase to grow up, Not to dwell upon. You moved forward, just keep moving onward.

Private Lebanese banks (there are No publicly owned banks), the hunting dogs for our militia/mafia “leaders” , have figured out that it cannot lose by lending the government at 18% interest rate (Ponzi scheme), on the assumption that a State cannot go bankrupt. The government has always enough assets and “properties” to redeem its debt to the banks. The banks are working also on the assumption that it is their “shareholders” who want their money back, and Not the 80% of the small depositors who lost everything and are hungry and in despair.

I contend that the purpose of any “sovereign fund” is to re-launch the economy when the banks and financial institutions exercise undue pressure on the government in order to keep the interest rates high for the small enterprises.

The gross domestic product GDP does Not allow for the health of our children, the air quality, water quality, the quality of their education or the joy of their play, the intelligence of our public debate or the integrity of our public official

When you have two sets of laws, two sets of norms, two sets of values, two sets of roads.’ How would you call such a State of Israel? Apartheid for sure, and worse, a colonial occupier too

A lot of hysterical outburst for re-instituting Aghia Sophia as a mosque? It was a mosque for 450 years, transformed into a museum in 1937, still a museum, but can be used to also pray. And why you all forgot that mandated France, gave away to Turkey Syrian land, as vast as current Syria?

Short-lived preferences (like joining a guerrilla movement) may be impossible to undo when preferences return to original state (impossible to get out when emotions are back to normal)

The ancient city-state of Athens could Not swallow the concept of free expressions in public. Athens political structure was mainly controlled by the oligarchy and the rich conservatives. And the famous “philosophers” like Socrates, Anaxagoras and Protagoras charged that all these adventurer aristocrats depleted the finances of the City with extravagant wars, for seeking political status. The oligarchy fomenting successive wars on other cities in order to keep the empire cowed and the subjugated city-states paying their due taxes.

The soul, the spirit… are what your brain interpret of your sensory experiences. Since we mostly ignore or forget the “context” of our experiences (people, environment, emotional status…) it is impossible to classify the types of spirit we ended up with.

A purely military government in Lebanon is Not necessary. What is needed is that the army, Hezbollah and Syria agree on the kind of coup d’etat is appropriate and how to close all the borders for coming in and going out. Without any exception and start open trials.

The Middle-East “status” has to wait the negotiations on the status of sphere of influence among US, China, Russia and EU. Covid-19 is the catalyst to get these super countries around a table.

Juin 1958, lors de la conférence, à Berne, célébrant le 50e anniversaire de la découverte de la relativité, Max Born, ami de longue date d’Einstein, chargé de rendre hommage à Lorentz et Poincaré déclara « petitement » : « Le raisonnement qu’a utilisé Poincaré est exactement le même que celui qu’Einstein avait introduit dans son premier article de 1905 …  » 

The work of Henri Poincaré precede the principles “discovered” by Einstein. Einstein  le pilla, concerne principalement les mathématiques pures, la physique et l’astronomie. Miléna MARIC, la 1ère femme d’Einstein, était une remarquable matheuse qui a rédigé une bonne partie des travaux d’einstein qui était physicien mais pas matheux.

Les deux génies méconnus , Clémence Royer ( qui a inventé la physique quantique ) et Burkhard Heim ( qui a fusionné théorie de la relativité et physique quantique ) .

Mobile phone Towers of terror? In Mexico, technicians repairing mobile phone towers dread a common discovery: parasite antennas installed by drug cartels that piggyback on telecom company infrastructure.

Reuters reports that some workers have been threatened and even kidnapped to repay cartel equipment, while others are extorted for protection money. Some of that cash in turn comes from US and Chinese firms like AT&T and Huawei that operate in Mexico. One thing is clear: The Mexican government is looking the other way—Tim Fernholz

The US poultry industry is actively exposing its workers to Covid-19. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has been protecting corporations over workers,

Not every member in a political/ideological movement who read all the works of His leader/founder necessarily comprehend the entire principles and conjectures/assumption behind the “dogma”.

If you didn’t do your due diligence to acquire vast general knowledge and the causes of current marches/demonstrations… around the world, and didn’t confront injustices and indignities heaped on minorities…, you implicitly sided with the Silent Majority and are basically a racist in one way or another.

Too much outflow of cash in US and Europe in a dwindling market consumption and decrease in market expansion means future steep inflation. The Lebanese currency no longer correlate with $, and is irrelevant to how the $ fluctuate

There’s a playbook in Washington that Presidents are supposed to follow. It’s a playbook that comes out of the foreign-policy establishment. And the playbook prescribes responses to different events, and these responses tend to be militarized responses.

I looked at detailed map of the Silk Road and connecting rail transport. Turkey and Iran are mightily in. Syria and Iraq are totally out of it. So why USA, France and England had to destroy and ruin Iraq and Syria? No economic benefit to be generated from this destruction.

A Palestinian kid girl slapped a soldier for invading her home and killing her brother. She is in jail.
A Jewish settler made a Palestinian kid swallow kerosene and burned him alive. He is walking free. Why?

L’Amérique Blanche est un syndicat, déployé’ pour protéger son pouvoir exclusif de domination et de control sur les corps Noirs et Latine. Sinon, les Blancs cesseraient d’ exister.

The main phases of western colonial powers wealth accumulation. 1) slave trades, 2) first industrial revolution and child labor, 3) second industrial revolution and mass infrastructure and transport and exploitation of their colonies, 4) the 30 years of China internal instability, famine and inequities, 5) The fall of Berlin Wall and invasion of multinationals of world markets. And what now? China is in the forefront at all levels. The colonial powers have to dig into its “reserves” of sovereign funds of centuries of looted wealth in order to fend off mass revolts of serious decrease in standard of living

How to contain Covid-19? Taiwan’s relative success was no accident—it began its journey with a functioning health-care system and fresh memories of SARS. Robust testing, contact tracing, and isolation methods were supported by an existing system that used centralized, real-time, electronic health data recorded on each individual’s health card. Holding steady with only 0.03 deaths per 100,000 people

England refuses to open its eyes and ears. Britain has reportedly given up on a US-UK trade deal this year. Officials blame the pandemic for the delay,. As if Barack Obama didn’t warn the British voters before the Brexit referendum Not to expect much from the US to cover Britain budget deficit or bolster any special dual trade deal if it withdrew from the EU. Now the EU has decided on a $800 bn package to alleviate Covid-19 meltdown, and Britain is Not part of the beneficiaries.

Bangladesh (160 million) goes digital, and more effectively delivers social services to those who need them. An accurate census was the first step to expand technology use across one of the world’s most populous countries.

What I have been doing in the last 18 years is considered by the community as “haram” for males to do. Like taking care of my old parents, changing their diapers, maintaining the house, cooking, washing, doing the dishes, moping… And yet, I’ m no longer young and Not even married. I have been shocking many in the silent majority who cannot perform anything if Not aided by “servants” and “professional” cleaners.

What? A great-looking ergonomic solution? Are we into fashion design or mainly into minimizing aches, pains, safety and health in bad design of products and environment?

When all the US liabilities are accounted for, US national debt amount to $135 trillion, Not the official $26 trillion. The US printed (balance sheet) over $10 trillion. Mind you that during the financial crisis  of 2007, US printed less than one trillion

China’s outsize banking losses reflect the sheer size of its mammoth banking sector which, in terms of customer loans, is as big as the US, Japanese, German, and UK systems combined, say S&P analysts.

On an average, India’s states and union territories collected about $2 billion in monthly taxes from the sale of liquor in 2019

Scientists may have found a new blood test was able to detect some cancers up to four years before patients had symptoms.

Do you agree on the position that a state’s sovereignty extends beyond its physical territory into cyberspace, and that countries, in turn, shouldn’t interfere with how others regulate the internet?

In 2018 , European model for internet economy stated the privacy rules known as GDPR fragmented the internet in their own way, with the aim of protecting user data from the prying eyes of US tech giants and government surveillance.

It means “Doing politics“: Faire la greve, les marches et les mobilisations pour pouvoir vivre avec les mêmes droits que tout le monde s’appelle “faire de la politique”

The only time Lebanon had a census was in 1932 during French mandate, and Lebanon is less than 5 million. Bangladesh of 100 million and one of the poorest country had a census recently. From election campaigns, statisticians figured out that the Maronite sect increased 1.6 time, the Muslim Sunni 7 times, the Muslim Chiaa 10 times, and the Druze 3 times. These rates are Not to change for the 5 million Lebanese. Pragmatically, the Chiaa sect are already demographically the majority and increasing steadily.

The customs and traditions of the Land in the Levant (Lebanon, Syria, Palestine…) were practiced thousands of years before Judaism came to be. The Jewish religion, written in around 200 BC in Alexandria, adopted the customs of the Land and wrote in the same style of imagery, maxims, and aphorism.

The “Whites” believed that humanity was also White in the last 4 centuries, in moral standards, taste, fashion, standard of living, culture…. And still behave accordingly.

When I hear that consumption increased, I know that nature and earth are getting sicker

We like to think we’re special, but the truth is that humans ain’t nothing but mammals. This is particularly true when it comes to sex, and Not that good at it.

Stay clear from your God. Refrain from mentioning His name, pray for Him, communicate with Him or get familiar with His company. Have you associated with a powerful person and didn’t experience frequent Loyalty tests? Your life will be reduced to constant stress and total unhappiness.

La Majorité Silencieuse s’adapte aux crimes, les violences, la peur…: Je ne voit pas un future sain a l’ humanite’

It is a bad Sign: A colonial citizens visiting an isolated location overseas.

When a country is reduced to but a Land for sectarian martyrs (shouhadaa2), and nothing else to celebrate but the sectarian religious events, then who is willing to take over (mandated power) this totally bankrupt people, politically, economically and financially?

Wisdom is earned, Not given or shared. Especially wisdom coming from older people: Each generation doesn’t lend an ear but to itself. When other people give us the answer, it belongs to them and not us.

While we might achieve the outcome we desire, it comes from dependence on others that we refuse to recognize, and Not from insight.

“J’étais toujours frappé’ quand je voyais les cheikhs tomber a genoux au milieu du désert, se tournant vers l’Orient et toucher le sable du front. Qu’était ce que cette chose inconnue qu’ils adoraient vers l’Orient?’ (Napoleon Bonaparte).

En fait, Mohammad avait ordonné’ de se tourner vers Jerusaleme avant de changer d’avis et de se tourner vers la Mecc. Mohammad ne voulait plus une religion de “continuit锑 mais une religion à Soi. Une religion pour les peuple des déserts. Les peuples qui n’avaient cure des dogmes abstraits. “Si une idole ne satisfait pas mes desires, je la détruis et je la remplace par une autre”

“Quel est ce grand qui n’a cure de l’incendie?” Dante

My contention, very plausible alternative of how Beirut was flattened. There are teams of insider criminals who planted a Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE) bomb in the Hangar #12 that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and other oxyde chemicals. This bomb is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. After the fire increased and plumed, a non-radiating version of depleted uranium missile was launched from a far away military jet that cannot be observed by the naked eye.

How Israel would have reacted if the port of Haifa, instead of Beirut, experienced the same devastation? I bet more than half the injured would have died for lack of individual zeal to come to the rescue. At 6 pm on August 5, 2020, the post of Beirut and all residential streets in that sea front were totally devastated.

All Lebanon militia/mafia “leaders” demanded from Israel to teach Hezbollah a “lesson”. They got a Flattened Beirut as a reward to their treacheries.

In 2016, the academic Etzioni writes: “I asked two American military officers what other options Israel has. They both pointed to Fuel-Air Explosives (FAE). These are bombs that disperse an aerosol cloud of fuel which is ignited by a detonator, producing massive explosions. I think that is how Israel attacked the port of Beirut that contained 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate. The first bomb sprayed the FAE and the second was a low grade depleted uranium missile.

After the conflagration in the port of Beirut at 6 pm: Avez-vous entendu hier le soleil s’immergeant à l’horizon? Même le soleil avait disparu de vue

This digital display of Lebanon flag on the mayoral building in Tel Aviv, after the “atomic/electric/magnetic new bomb” conflagration that flattened Beirut, might be sending two messages; 1) Please Hezbollah, refrain from reacting in kind and 2) We the secular Israeli will Not vote for any of the ministers and deputies that sided and supported Netanyahu in the last 2 decades. We are sick and tired of the insane policies of constant military siding in the Middle East battle fields. We want out of coat tailing Trump and other US policies in this region.

Israel/US planned to flattened Beirut after August 7, 2020, the date the International Court was ready to announce its verdict on “Who assassinated late rafic Hariri in 2004”. Everybody knows that this Court is politically manipulated and intended to lay the blame on Hezbollah no matter what the evidence against that decision. The goal was to internationalize the political system in Lebanon as they succeeded to do in 2005. It happened that the Lebanese army had checked the hangar #12 and decided to relocate the 2,750 tons of nitrate of ammonium. Israel/US decided to pre-empt the attack and advance the date to August 4. This decision will fail to point the blame on Hezbollah, but the goal was to flatten Beirut and devastate the port, the only competitor to Haifa port.

Someone was asking who took the picture of the workers welding at the entrance of the Hangar #12. I replied;
the one who took this picture is a member of the team that planted the bomb that sprayed aerosol and fuel oil on the 2700 tons of nitrate of ammonium and then detonated the bomb. As the fire plumed a small “atomic” missile was launched to cause the conflagration that flattened all the port of Beirut and the building on the seafront.

The Lebanese dozen TV channels, in this tiny market of barely 5 millions, need outside infusion of liquidity. It is the Lebanese who created the fantastic story  of Monster Hezbollah to keep the flow of foreign money and keep spreading fake news related to Hezbollah.

Most foreign entities give Hezbollah its due credit of restitutting to Lebanon the status of State to diplomats, though still a pseudo-State for how its treats its pseudo-citizens. Even our existential enemy Israel has given Hezbollah more credits that it ever dreamt of.

Very nonchalantly, foreign and local leaders are saying that the State of Lebanon will be no more? What that mean? That the UN will vote to oust Lebanon as a State? And what will become of this stretch of land? What about its pseudo-citizens? Will they be granted UN passports to roam the earth anywhere they wish?

Kellon ghalato bi tasri7aton . Al Sayyed, Mr. President, Nabih Berri, al Jaish kaan laazem ye3terfo enno kaano bi 3elem bil Hangar #12, enno al nitrate ammonium was sold transferred and sent to Syria insurgents and Iraqi insurgents. Kaano mkassireen “fi makanen ma”. Kel 7ezeb wa za3eem kaan 3endo wouzara wa nouwaab wa moudara2 3aameen, wa darak, wa mfatisheen… Wa kafa taghtiyat 3ala 30 nsenni min al fawda al 3aarimat

Quand la liberte vertueuse du blâme est souillée, les qualites morales se degradent.

Les autels et temples abandonnés réclament toujours des sacrifices. Tout comme la notion de l’ honneur.

Les fragments des investigations individuelles de la conflagration du port de Beirut devront aboutir a une immense confession des militia/mafia leaders. Plus de d’absolution des crimes commis contre l’humanité et les Libanais.

Quand je vois les oiseaux migrateurs au debut de l’automne, j’ai envie de fuir a des horizons lointains. Pourtant, tous les horizons sont déjà fermés aux âmes qui n’entendent que de calamite partout.

What? A shipment of chicken wings, from Brazil, tested positive for Covid-19 in a Chinese port. 

Nature (Natural) capital—the dollar value of the services nature provides, from clean water to breathable air—is worth more than $160 trillion every year. Water is already privatized. When will air be out of reach for the public?

Several Novels that were written by women and who had to use male noms de plume are being reissued with the female name. Middlemarch by Mary Ann Evans is hitting shelves and that was George Eliot’s real name

A BBC senior producer says, ‘We wait in fear for the phone call from the Israelis,’” referring to the trepidation felt by BBC editors when publishing negative stories about Israel.

“I love you” should mean: The “I am in love with you” moments should cross the 5% margin of the “I now feel neutral” instances. Kind learning how to synchronize the “moments of bliss

That is my conjecture: A new theory of an endless “cyclic universe” sets itself up against the Big Bang theory of creation. Time is a flat circle.

Human hair to contain an oil catastrophic spill. Mauritians are shaving their heads to keep an oil spill at bay. A woven floating barriers from their own hair

The exact date of Earth Overshoot Day is determined by a simple formula. Global Footprint Network takes the planet’s biocapacity (pdf), or the amount of natural resources available, divides it by humanity’s ecological footprint, or how much of the planet’s resources we use up, and then multiplies it by the days in a year.

‘The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read’ – Mark Twain

No behavior can change before feelings change and we act accordingly.

I don’t understand” is used to attach a rational connotation when our emotional intelligence and compassion are underdeveloped.

Les “visions infernals” sont commun au Liban: Le vice appuyé sur le bras du crime. Les vicieux qui entendent profiter des tripotage d’argent du pouvoir politique et qui sont protégés par les criminels du pouvoir pour voler le trésor publique.

The chains of habit are too light to be felt, until they are too heavy to be broken. – Warren Buffett #quote

Psychanalist: Moi je t’écoute. Guerit toi toi-meme. Je suis ton confesseur civil sans l’ autorisation de te fournir aucune absolution ou t’offrir des recommandations pour faire moins de mal aux autres.

Kamala Devi Harris, Biden pick for VP, had an Indian mother and a Jamaican father. After her parents’ divorce in the early 1970s, Harris was raised by her mother to retain strong connections to their Indian roots.

We have to acknowledge that, by previous hard and sustained work, a main all encompassing idea take over. From then on, it is the idea that guides the reasoning behind your “research”: Reason has been biased. Lucky whose idea coincides with the “Reality” of the paradigm shift.

Combattre les dictateurs avec le concept de Liberté’: Sans la liberté’ il n’y a rien dans le monde qui vaille.

Une main? C’est pour tenir la main d’un autre. C’est dur quand cette main est loin: le coeur est loin.

The oil industry’s decline is evidence of a global economy that is shifting inexorably toward cleaner fuels. Not the main cause for sure, but countless litigation for oil spills…

Very funny. Many governments and public health systems around the world have failed at communicating critical Covid-19 information because Centers for Disease Control and Prevention assumed an 11th grade reading level  Not at 8th grade as is the case. The Netherlands made its information the simplest to understand, at just below an 8th grade level.

“No air filter is really perfect protection against infection. There are many ways for them to fail to capture all the particles that are in the air”. I would dread central cooling and heating systems in building, spreading more infections than reducing them.. In shared indoor spaces, masks are still a great way to keep coronavirus-carrying particles out of the air we breathe.

Israel, our existential enemy, is the colonial implant of the Western colonial powers. The defeat of Israel is very feasible. What is needed is to be able to confront the sustained sanctions of the colonial powers: history proves that the colonial powers need plenty of time to lick their wounds.

You will always be treated a pseudo-citizen until you act. Then you earned your citizenship against all odds, whether the State admit it or Not.

England (Churchill) created monarchic Jordan before the recognition of Israel in order to protect the borders of the new implanted colony in our midst.

Be warned: You have got to ask plenty of questions for any trivial demand. All the knowledge will Not shield you from being suckered into obeying subtle orders that lead to dangerous deeds. This called “Agency status”: Obeying a small order without much inquiry because the order doesn’t feel harmful. Successive such agency status devolve into a “No return” condition for committed horrors.

What will happen to the Lebanese if the UN drop the status of State for Lebanon? Will France be inherit again its  mandated power?

Mais que font tous ces bureaucrates des grandes nations? Quand on leur laisse le loisir de concocter des “stratégies”?

Je considère Chateaubriand comme le Maître de la langue Française.

Would France be re-mandated to control and administer the ports of Entrance and Exit in Lebanon? Airport, maritime ports, land ports…? If the southern districts bordering Israel are excepted, maybe Hezbollah might be lenient for a temporary period.

The Dead Are Arising: The Life of Malcolm X, by researcher Tamara Payne. A book Les Payne, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist who died in 2018, had been writing for three decades. The New Yorker published a gripping excerpt that recreates the last moments of Malcolm X’s life. More than a vivid deconstruction of that tragic day, the piece sketches his acrimonious split from the Nation of Islam and indirectly calls out media and police behavior that will feel familiar to a new generation of activists

French Oil giant Total is about to build a massive, the biggest heated oil pipeline right through the heart of Africa — ripping through critical wildlife reserves, displacing tens of thousands of families and further pushing the world to the brink of climate chaos.

Hormone cortisol can make financial traders unreasonably fearful and testosterone can spur traders to take irrational risks?John Coates, trained in neuroscience and endocrinology and also worked on trading desks at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank. The consequences of the exaggerating financial booms and busts?

Capital and Ideology, the most recent book by French economist Thomas Piketty, got a frosty reception from Beijing. Capitalist and “communist” systems enrich the 10% top classes.

preprint of a paper from researchers based in Japan suggests that being outside is 18.7 times less risky than being indoors,

A battery-maker says radioactive nuclear byproducts can be used to power its nano diamond batteries for years.

France President Macron is visiting Lebanon icon Fayrouz at her fome. We expect Fayrouz to tell Macron:

  1. If Macron can claim the independence of the judiciary and the executive in France, then he should free Georges Abdullah immediately.
  2. If Macron expect a stable political system in Lebanon, then he should work hard to stabilize Syria, politically and economically
  3. If Macron expect any sustainable system in Lebanon, then he should urge a total normalization with Syria, Lebanon lung and only border,  and open trade border on daily basis.

Le remords s’endort durant un destin prospère, et s’aigrit dans l’adversité’. Does any Lebanese believe that the militia/mafia leaders still have any feeling of State hardship? The voting pseudo Lebanese citizens still feel they are more secure under the umbrella of these feudal/sectarian “leaders”

Le sophisme qui perd la plupart des hommes: se plaignait de manquer de force de volonté’ quand il est trop tard pour en user. (J J Rousseau)

La foi dogmatique est un fruit de l’éducation: on en ote, mais rarement on y ajoute. (J J Rousseau)

Il ne se disait pas: “Rien n’est fait encore et tu peux être innocent ou’ tu veux”. C’est qu’on s’enfonce inexorablement dans la routine du “crime”

Avec les embarras des responsibilities, les voyage ou’ je ne sentais que le plaisir d’aller, je n’ai plus senti que le besoin d’arriver.

“J’ ai suivi la voyageuse par le sentier qu’elle a foule’ a peine. En se promenant au milieu de ces Mémoires, dans les détours de la Basilique que je me hâte d’achever, elle pourra rencontrer la chapelle qu’ici je lui dédie: il lui plaira de s’y reposer: j’y ai placer son image” (Chateaubriand pour Mrs. Récamier)

“J’ ai ecrit un nom tout pres du reseau d’ecume, ou’ la dernière onde vient de mourir; les lames successives ont attaqué lentement le nom consolateur; ce n’est qu’au seizième déroulement qu’elles l’ont emporté lettre a lettre et comme a regret: Je sentais qu’elles effacaient ma vie” (Chateaubriand avait écrit le nom de Mrs. Récamier)

Il ne reste plus qu’une foule de gens qui troublent le monde, une petite tache sur le monde. Peut-être qu’une brise planera quand on passera par le Port de Beirut.

A new reality seems created when we adapt our dreams to the previous reality.

We seek a catchy singing rime, a catchy mantra…to summarize our new found purpose in life.

The Druze sect in Lebanon is in a far worse situation than the various “Christian” sects. The Jews in Israel are working on letting the Druze believe they are Half Jews. The various Muslim sects barely believe the Druze are Half Muslims. They created their own paranoia 800 years ago. They still hang to the illusion that England will come to their rescue in bad periods. No political organization is willing to believe in their “allegiance”, even in the short-term

The problem with the Ego, (and it is real), it’s that we identify with it to the extent that we forget there’s other parts of us. We get lost in certain habitual identities and then we stop looking. So we’re learning to be present with the manifestation.

The pleasure of reading history, (and history is more likely to be biased for the victors), like art or music or literature, consists of an expansion of the experience of being alive, which is what education is largely about. (And to give us ground for daydreaming stories and project?)

“Simplicity is the end result of long, hard work; not the starting point.” — Frederick Maitland. The relevant question is: How simple is simple and how accurate it still describe the phenomena.

The uprisings of the “Arab Spring” in Tunisia and Egypt have so far produced anarchy in Libya, a civil war in Syria, greater autocracy in Bahrain and resumed dictatorial rule in Egypt.  (All these failures thanks to US/Saudi Kingdom/Israel/France ) who don’t want changes and democracy in the region)

Civil disobedience means you decided to adopt the strategy of confronting the system instead of running away from problems to easier alternatives.

Last night I was watching Hezbollah channel Al Manar. It told of the route the Umayyad army travelled with the “sabayat“, the prisoners of what was left of Hussein army. It said that most of the semi-nomadic tribes living in Syria withdrew with the defeated Byzantine army. It failed to say that the barely 7,000 fighters who came from the desert could Not defeat the Byzantine army if the tribes in Syria didn’t join it. A historical decision to ally with an army with No urban laws and civilization. Humanity civilization reverted for 1,500 years to Law and Order based on religious dogmatic concepts and absolute monarchies, both Christian and Muslim.

L’Immortalite de l’ame, un problème attachant pour le genre humain. Si on apprend a concevoir une âme a toutes les autres genres qui pullulent la terre, le racism aurait-il pris racines?

Il faut du courage pour oser braver les cris du vulgaire.

Le dernier moment (de la mort) s’arrête toujours pour nous tromper

Ce n’est que dans l’exile qu’on évoque l’enfance et qu’on essaie de restituer la réalité’ perdue. Pas d’autobiographie sans exilé dans l’espace et le temps.

“Les idéologues du Christianisme n’ont-ils pas voulu en faire un système d’astronomie?” (Napoleon). En fait, tous les religions antiques relève d’astronomie, même en ce jour des religions des peuple isolés.

Bonaparte a dérangé jusqu’à l’ avenir. L’esclavage que Napoléon avait façonné la société a l’obéissance passive, et son despotisme descendra sur nous en forteresses.

Apres Bonaparte, la mode est d’accueillir le mot Liberté d’un rire sardonique.

Le Hero fantastique des lubies des poetes, des devis du soldat et des contes du people… restera le personnage “reel”: et qui fait disparaître tous ses infâmes personnages.

If within an hour of reading you cannot find an idea/feeling to note down, you better switch to another book.

What does it take for a city to jump from a manual labor into the knowledge-based economy and innovation? Physicist Inho Hong from the Max Planck Institute found that the urban setting must have this critical threshold of a population of at least 1.2 million.

If we seek reforms by bringing up human nature as the cure and the solution, then we are following the wrong direction. It is human nature that divided society into separate classes and tribes.

Either we let human nature takes its course and divide us into communities of clans, or we need a strong State to redirect what is more favorable to the entire society.

A beekeeper in the US noticed one bee had radar-dish eyes typical of males, even though its abdomen, stinger, and wings were clearly female: A rare mutant honeybee is both male and female

Island “sovereignty” to the closest country should be in matter of sea wealth. Otherwise, referendum are needed for the inhabitant to decide which Law and Order civilization they want to be affiliated with.

Emotional Baggage?  Allow yourself to feel emotions: you’re not a child any longer. Emotions may feel dangerous, but you can love yourself through it. You can do hard things! And if it feels too scary and you want support, no shame, no blame. You can always find the support you need to help you do hard things.

Anyone can make me comprehend why Inflation is better than deflation in the cost of living for the common people? What I know is that inflation goal of 2% is meant to reduce the balance on borrowed money by the State, so that paid interest is fictionally reduced.

“Let’s get started today and see what’s the biggest hole we can dig between now and Sunday afternoon, running 24 hours a day.” Within three hours, the cars from the parking lot were gone and there was a hole in the ground.” — Elon Musk: The Architect of Tomorrow

My hypothesis: Children raised in secular environment have higher moral values because Not based on abstract fears.

When I am teaching children in my preschool class and we are all wearing our masks all day, can we hope that better mask technology is being developed that allows them to see our lips so they will learn proper letter sounds and diction?

Poverty, immunization rates, education, gender equality, clean water access, and more will take years to get back to pre-pandemic levels.

“I drove 600 miles up and down the state, and I never escaped the smoke,” said Oregon senator Jeff Merkley.

Greenland lost ice that covers an area of around 110 square kilometers.

Vinyl records are more popular than compact discs. Sales of records in the US surpassed CDs for the first time since 1986.

Israel strategy is to mow Gaza every now and then for lame excuses: No sustainable development allowed in any State bordering Israel.

Far-right President Bolsonaro is dispatching gangs of illegal farmers to burn down swathes of the Amazon rainforest. Many indigenous people standing in their way have been murdered.

President Bolsonaro is desperate to close a multimillion-dollar trade deal with the European Union, but with the forest ablaze, EU leaders are considering last-minute changes to build Amazon protections into the deal.

The US is investigating allegations of forced hysterectomies on migrant women in a Georgia detention center.. 

Seth Rogen doubt the legitimacy and the sense for the existence of Israel. This Canadian, Jewish actor admitted that Israel spread shameful lies to the Jews claiming that there were nobody in Palestine and all kinds of baseless myths. He said Israel does Not make any sense from a religious basis, because religion is silly. And it is dangerous to round up all Jews in one place .

BlackRock multinational investment circulate about $6 trillion in its investment every single day, as much as the entire USA GNP for an entire year. Most State Presidents, central bank chiefs and financial ministers are in contact with Leonard Finkle for analysis by its Aladdin artificial intelligence of the exhaustive data it hold. (Note that Black Stone is the name of the Muslim pilgrim rock in Mecca)

Neil Armstrong: I am not an emotional person. I didn’t cry when my cat died, or when my dad passed away, or when I left home, or when I got the job at NASA, or when I stepped on the Moon. When I looked at earth and couldn’t see any borders and wondered why all these wars, I couldn’t help but cry hard and even wondered why I should plant the US flag…

Female scientists in this Covid-19 pandemics face more care-giving duties than their male counterparts, impairing their ability to work from home.

Most experts agree that temperature checks are a form of theater, a performance intended to put our minds at ease. But the theater is partially the point. When someone steps into a restaurant or hotel, they’re still taking a risk. These thermometers help to remind all of us to continue taking the pandemic seriously.

The conventional-minded say that they don’t want to shut down the discussion of all ideas, just the bad ones. There are two reasons why we need to be able to discuss even “bad” ideas. The first is that any process for deciding which ideas to ban is bound to make mistakes. ... The second reason it’s dangerous to ban the discussion of ideas is that ideas are more closely related than they look.

More novels were written about the cheating business among couples. The novel is made big by using the moral and ethical standard of a general society as a Filler. The crux of the matter is a local state of mind of the individual. Should he abide by the idiosyncrasies of the community or should he grab the opportunity to experience an all encompassing passion?

La mécanique tranquille des abattoires, tout est blanc et propre, sauf les cris des cochons suspendus par une chaîne: c’ est l’ enfer déguisé’ qui fait peur. Nazi Germany inherited US mechanics.

Natural product Is Not even every citizen’ asset. National debt is every person’s liability, excluding the elite classes.

The 10 biggest Lebanese banks had amassed $180 bn in accounts and they could afford to face any temporary rush on October 17. Closing their doors was Not a flawed in judgement: the board members of the banks were following orders from US/Israel to destabilize Lebanon, and they should be investigated and tried in criminal justice.

One day, an astronomer will discover a new star where a Black Hole was supposed to be. And the scientists will find a new job: explaining the process of Black Holes exploding into many stars.

The spirit of humanism of Charles Dickens failed to reach the USA, even today.

Nothing is resolved in the USA about owning sub-machine gun. Why? Because the Constitution allowed the White colonials to own and shout at colored people (Black, Red, and Yellow) who trespass their plantations

Many nations had a civilization of high level of tolerance, until warrior nations, and lately colonial powers, inflicted on them their close-minded and racist Law and Order systems

Avant le péché on était un diamant, et après on est devenu un charbon? Alons, le temps qu’on apprenne ce qu’est le vrai péché qui nous ronge la vie. Il faut apprendre a conqueror les petits péchés pour faire face et confronter le plus vilain des peches. On joue a l’alchimiste: traiter le charbon tout au long de notre vie pour obtenir un petit diamant: Ca vaut-il la peine?

If you are lucky to start the third phase of your life, you better transfer what was a shamble in your head to your body and be proud of it.

Only the governments in Syria and Israel follow the events and a few details in Lebanon. All the others never cross their mind that lebanon is a worthy subject matter. Only Lebanon local news media try hard to inflate this croaking animal “nafekh hal Dafda3at”

The children of Palestine and those living in shanty towns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions. The same goes with Syrian refugees and the poorest of Lebanese

South Korea military spending might surpass France, UK, and Japan in a couple of years, due to its high rate compared to its GNP.

The democratic process, allowing the base to vote, has the advantage to open up freedom of opinions, debates and a wider communication among the members. The trustee system (Senate, representative chambers, majles Oumanaa2) might look good logically because a gathering of educated and experienced members, and might be the best alternative at the beginning, but it usually becomes obsolete to the base and inevitably leads to dictatorship of a certain political class of elders with vested interests.

The New York Times said it finally got hold of the US president’s tax records, and reported that he frequently paid No federal income tax at all because of “chronic losses;” He paid only $750 the year he became president.

Why this urgency of US/Israel to negotiate the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel? Apparently, the blocks 8 and 9 in Lebanon are the main reserves of gas/oil in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel wants to start extraction near this area and fear Hezbollah will demolish any offshore installations without any agreement. Israel does Not want the wealth of this reserve to be share with Egypt and Cyprus.

Lumper-proletariat? Prolétariat a guenilles des bidonvilles, shantytowns. L’intellectuel communist a une idée précise de ses propre sous-classes. Ces Lumper-proletaires terrorise les communists traditionnels: Ils ne savent pas comment traiter avec eux.

Racism is virtual among the rich, regardless of color, religion or origine. The only difference is Old and New wealth.

Racism spans all the spectrum of differences among the poor people.
One exception in Lebanon: White colonial citizens are highly welcomed and treated like VIP, even if they are practically poor or pretty stingy

“Zombie fires”? Wildfires have been smoldering underground in Siberia for five years and can outlast harsh winters and are a growing problem in Arctic areas of Russia.

Not much into that business. If you care, then these Top 10 Cyber Security Tips

  • Reboot your mobile device(s) every morning
  • Use a microphone/camera blocker on all devices/computers when not in use
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with all email/cloud/web accounts
  • Use a Password Manager (with strong passwords, no password reuse)
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), make sure the VPN vendor is based in a friendly country!
  • Make sure all devices/computers are fully patched (operating system/software/apps are always updated)
  • Don’t post addresses, phone numbers or email account information on social media
  • When travelling, don’t use airport/plane/hotel Wi-Fi networks unless absolutely necessary (and use a VPN if you do!)
  • At home, don’t use the Wi-Fi network provided by your ISP modem (use a separate Wi-Fi router)
  • Keep home IoT (smart speakers, TVs, etc) on a separate Wi-Fi network from devices/computers

Nicolás Rivero’s story on how cities like Stockholm and Seoul are using pneumatic tubes to dispose of waste brightened my day, allowing me to daydream of a better-smelling, less rat-heavy way of life. —Sarah Todd

The rolling droids robots emit ultraviolet light to disinfect St. Pancras International, one of the country’s busiest transport hubs.

Even with the $18 trillion of stimulus pumped into the global economy, mostly by wealthy governments, the International Monetary Fund projects a cumulative loss of some $12 trillion by the end of 2021.

Measuring hidden carbon footprints of oil companies that are mostly generated  from their customers and suppliers?  David Fickling and Elaine provide a useful, if “more art than science,” estimate of which big polluters are keeping the most concealed.

The tarif cost related handicap reason 77%, have prompted companies to relocate their supply chains production. An increase of 33% so far.

Poorer nations are floundering amid massive public debt and shortfalls in state revenue. All the while, the roughly 2 billion people who eke out a living in the world’s informal economies face varying degrees of deprivation.

Financiers and traders on Wall Street may be starting to feel optimistic, but for most people the gloom is only deepening. Starvation and famine are looming wide and large in most Third World States

Why we refrain to say what we think? Do we only express opinions that seem safe to the community idiosyncrasy? Here’s how the spiral of silence works and how we can discover what people really think?  If you never master the courage to sound and look like an idiot for a while, you’ll never do anything great.

Antoun Saadi, founder of Syria National Social party in 1936 said: “The main difference between our capitalist class and the ones in more advanced nations is that our kind of capitalism is Not founded on industrialization which seeks unified and larger markets; but we have simply an outmoded mercantile system

A reminder for our people in the Near-East: Israel was implanted by the western colonial powers in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people. Israel was created to fail us in any sustained development among the same people who were divided in pseudo “independent” States in order to facilitate the fomenting of civil wars among the pseudo-States. Israel/USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being

Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.

As long as police officers are Not controlled for alcoholism, violence will be prevalence in these institution.

One of the plans of the genes is to decide whether we are to be one of the human species or a bacteria.
Together, the bacteria in the intestine have 150 times more genes than us, called microbiome

Stimulating opportunities to choose from is a stabilizing factor in societies. Stimulating desires (and wants) can be easily blocked in many ways and generate unrests

When a young guy was raised to equal status in the living with his superiors (parents, uncles…), to feel free of extending his opinions, of tasting everything that was displayed in front of him, of expressing the desires he has…How can this guy feels as soon as he feels scared and cowed when confronted with a Master who treats him as a “slave”? Who forces him Not to speak or communicate with the invitees, of Not finishing his meal (as was the customs with apprentis)… When he feels like desiring everything just because he is denied it? (Rousseau)

If an hour of reading leisurely failed to generate a single worthy idea/feeling to note down, then you better try another book

Covid-19 has resuscitated the ancient mode of separation among communities. Farewell the mild fiscal and commercial barriers. Still, internet (social platforms) continue to add wings to ideas/feelings that have been restrained for so long.

We don’t need to travel in order to grow agreeably? That may be valid if we had the opportunity to travel, at least once, to physically get in touch with differences.

Le comble de l’ironie: “L’Empereur n’était pas dépourvu du sens moral: il connaissait très bien le mal, quand le mal ne venait pas directement de lui” (Chateaubriand). This is the trademark of all “popular” dictators who spread calamities on their people.

La gloire revient comme une vapeur radieuse et couvre a l’instant le tableau de l’infamie.

La France a fait Napoleon: Les institutions de Louis 16 a permit a Bonaparte de devenir officier, la Révolution était sa nourrice, les premières succès militaires des recruits de La Révolution lui ont permit de continuer les succes militaire, Robespierre lui a donné’ une excuse majeure d’abattre la Révolution et il ne cessa de l’abattre…

300,000 soldats Français furent fauchés chaque année durant le règne de Napoléon. Quand les Français connurent l’humiliation de Napoléon a Saint Helene, ils oublièrent tout leur misères et la misère des générations future.

The practical British institutions turned a blind eye, as long as the sexual preference is Not acknowledged publicly, in order Not to disturb the Victorian conservatism and conserve the heritage laws.

The ultimate in irony: It was Robespierre, the one who dispatched 17,000 French to the scaffold, who was the staunchest defender among the revolutionary leaders for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon, and Texas all reported spikes in Covid-19 related deaths, with Latinos the worst-affected group.

Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook (combined worth: $265.8 billionappear before Congress to defend their horror business practices that add billions everyday to their personal wealth.

A massive transfer of wealth to women is under way in the US. They are taking control of an additional $20 trillion in assets this decade as male baby boomers die, leaving assets to spouses, and as more women become breadwinners.

Les Intouchables de l’Inde (Untouchables cast), comme dans plusieurs pays qui croulent sous les myths ancestral, hors caste, hors systeme, hors systeme scolaire, et jugée “impure” et relégués a la périphérie de l’humanité’.

By 2005 the number of transistors and diodes on a silicon chip rose above 1bn, which many thought was unsustainable. ⁠But there are now around 50 bn transistors jostling for space on some chips and producers are gunning for more.⁠ In the current state of the art, the smallest components (transistors and diodes) made on a silicon chip are about 7 nanometres (billionths of a metre) across.⁠ As components shrink, electrons start to leak from the connections between them.

Price of gold $2000 has gone up by more than 30% this year, because of a weak dollar and low bond yields.

Apple’s Tim Cook, Alphabet’s Sundar Pichai, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the US House Judiciary Antitrust Subcommittee tomorrow.
t’s the biggest hearing of its kind in the US since Microsoft’s back in 1998.
Bill Gates was widely considered to come off as defiant and evasive in his testimony at the time
Bill Gates: “I was feeling feisty, like a person who had definitely never had any cream pie thrown at him. I told those senators they should knock off the regulation talk and be grateful for everything Microsoft had done for America. I told them, “The computer-software industry is not broken, and there is no need to fix it.” Well, you know what happened next: The Department of Justice decided we had a monopoly, sued Microsoft in a lawsuit that went on for years, and ultimately won. Microsoft lost its dominance. I stepped down as CEO”.

Funny. Covid-19 confinement has proven that No major commercial furniture manufacturers have designed a convincing high-performance chair that blends in with the rest of our homes (✦). —Kira Bindrim, 

Protest in Portland continues. For the 56th day in a row, a mostly white crowd of protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of police brutality and racial injustice.

Ideal face mask for Covid-19? You want a three-layer mask. Next to your mouth goes cotton or something else soft and woven. The middle should be a non-woven material, like a Kleenex or the polypropylene in reusable shopping bags, to increase filtration. And the outside should be something that repels moisture, like a nylon or polyester blend.

Never Promise anything to anyone: It means you agreed to be exploited. If you must promise, let it be for a specific task that will Not last more than 24 hours.

La dignité humaine prend son élan avec un ventre plein. Surtout de la viande, quand tout autre chose manque

When a kid, the teacher didn’t have much to teach us, but what I learned from his gentle style of learning without pain or coercion, I never forgot throughout my life. (Rousseau). That’s a valid method when a kid. As we grow up, anything worth learning will come with hard work, perseverance and studiousness.

Come to think about it, it was a glorious summer. I was 14 and my parents paid for two private sessions of learning, 5 mornings a week. I walked up to my previous boarding school in Beit-Chabab and returned before noon. We were at most 3 students. One of the sessions was how to factors in equations of multiple power degrees (5 and more degrees) and Father Boutrus was my teacher. The other session was reading Arabic stories and essays and taught by an older Maronite Father.  The exercise was to find out the main essence of the piece we read. Patiently, the teacher listened to our opinions, and his main essence would always leave us speechless and awed.

I don’t recall what I did before age 5. I don’t recall when I started to read books. I guess that naturally Bambara (language in southern Mali) was the first language I communicated with: We were the only “White” family in that village. Even if “MY Boy” was sourd-muet. The only picture I have of my pretty boy was crouching and observing me riding my little 3-wheel bike. I was pretty too, with my curly hair.

Ay age 5, I went for only 3 months to the white French Freres school. An assistant gave me ride on the bike. Mother told me I managed to learn the 4 math operations in that duration. Before I got the typhoid fever and almost died and was shipped to Lebanon to an intern school for 6 years.

At the start of Lebanon civil war in 1975, a community mix of Christians and Muslims decided to march to Beirut Center and deny the plans of foreign powers to be executed. Two young women were to meet early morning, wearing the same clothes and yellow color and then the community will get out of their building and gather. A sniper shot dead one of the woman and Lebanon sank for 15 years in a devastating civil war. (Andree’ Chedid in “Maison sans racines)

Marc Miskin:  “In 30 years, when my son is my age, what will we do with that ability? Will microrobots live in our bloodstream, as common as bacteria? Will they live on our crops and get rid of pests? Will they tell us when we have infections, or will they fight cancer cell by cell?“⁠

When doctor Li Wenliang posted his warning on Dec. 30, the new coronavirus had not yet been identified. Dr. Li warned troubling cluster of viral infections in a Chinese province that could grow out of control. He told us: “If the officials had disclosed information about the epidemic earlier, I think it would have been a lot better. There should be more openness and transparency.”⁣

The resolution to curb Donald Trump’s ability to declare war on Iran without approval from Congress has bipartisan support and is expected to pass.

Former Under Armour Execs are making the best jeans of 2020 by using a proprietary fabric consisting of Italian milled denim infused with the same stuff used in football uniforms and yoga pants. It is dealing directly with the customer for a killer price.

Google is appealing antitrust fines levied against it for allegedly favoring its own shopping comparison tool over smaller European rivals.

The CIA secretly owned Crypto AG, the company that made the world’s encryption devices to listen in on private communications. For decades, spies used Crypto AG’s products.

Iraq is the strategic location for energy in the Middle-East and Syria the cultural center and national pride for this region. Bush Jr. quickly forgot Afghanistan in order to keep a close eye on Iran and sustain its economic embargo since the USA could Not invade or occupy Iran. 7ashed Sha3bi changed the done: give it time and Iraq will convince USA that it does Not need its presence to unite

“Ghost population”? The genomes from West African populations are found to have up to a fifth of their DNA appeared to have come from the unknown species. Geneticists suspect the ancestors of modern west Africans interbred with the to-be-discovered human species tens of thousands of years ago.

Influenza B (the flu more common in the Spring; whereas A is more common in the fall/winter. A team from the MIT Department of Chemistry @mit_chemistry unveil the structure of a flu protein, which could help researchers design drugs to treat infections from influenza B, designing small molecules that can block it .

Before World War II, Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe” and was regarded as one the world’s most beautiful cities for its architecture and museums.  By February 15, the USA savagely bombed this city for 2 successive days. This city, which had no strategic interest in the war, was a smoldering ruin and an unknown number of civilians—estimated at 25,000 dead.

Consequences of China Coronavirus epidemic: Supply chains are tangled, global webs and China is the world’s second-biggest importer. Any economic weakness, no matter how temporary, is felt by all.⁠

The expert opinions of Sex forensic experts, and knowledgeable in a particular community idiosyncrasies need to be recognized in court to save the victims from public harassment, settle 90% of cases out of court, and cut court costs

The Award is named after Fridtjof Nansen, the first High Commissioner for Refugees (during WWI) who served from 1920 to 1930. He helped hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home.

The EU launches new tech and AI rules that include limits on facial recognition and more scrutiny on monopolistic acquisitions by US tech giants like Facebook, and are meant to differentiate European firms on the basis of values like competition, equality, transparency, and oversight.

South Korea launched the world’s first air quality satellite. The Chollian 2B will monitor fine dust and other air pollutants in the East Asian region. The information it will gather could pave the way for a new disaster relief communications system.

Neanderthals were Not concentrated in”Europe”.  They have used flowers in their funerals. The clues come from a skeleton found in a cave in Iraq.

It is easy for man-made fire to spread: You drop a ping-pong ball of permanganate of potassium in a field and with some wind you start an efficient fire that can spread like crazy. I believe that the fire that were generated in Lebanon was activated by Israel via drones.

Thinker and philosopher Zeno is born in Cyprus, a province of Syria in 490 BC. Four of the more than 40 thought experiments he is said to have devised are most often employed as vivid introductions to the intersection of math and philosophy, where something readily apparent is a challenge to definitively prove.

The most powerful of Zeno’s paradoxes grapple with the concept of infinity while pitting observable reality against the scientific language we use to describe that reality, suggesting that elements of the everyday, like motion and speed, are actually illusory. A few of Zeno paradoxes:

Dichotomy paradox: If you want to walk across the room, you have to first walk half that distance, then half the remaining distance, ad infinitum, so how do you ever get there?

Achilles paradox: If a turtle gets a head start in a race against Achilles, Achilles has to cover half the distance between himself and the turtle in order to catch up. Then half that. And half again. And again. In an upset, the turtle wins!

Arrow paradox: At any given instant, an arrow in flight occupies a certain space, no more and no less. At the next instant, it occupies a different space. If you assume an instant is indivisible, the arrow is not in motion. So how does it move? “It is never moving, but in some miraculous way the change of position has to occur between the instants, that is to say, not at any time whatever,” as Bertrand Russell put it.

Stadium paradox: Imagine three sets of three bodies in stadium rows: three As, three Bs, three Cs. The As are stationary; the Bs are moving right; the Cs are moving left at the same speed. In the same timeframe, the Cs will pass just one of the As, but two of the Bs. Crazy, right? (It doesn’t seem like it, but if you think of space and time atomistically, they pass without passing.)

“Zeno’s arguments, in some form, have afforded grounds for almost all theories of space and time and infinity which have been constructed from his time to our own.”—Bertrand Russell

Other legendary paradoxes to mull:

😡 The Liar paradox, or Epimenides’s paradox: The Cretan philosopher is still remembered centuries later for the statement “all Cretans are liars”… get it?

🌉 Buridan’s bridge: From the 14th-century Parisian philosopher and Aristotle expert Jean Buridan.

🐴 Buridan’s ass: Inspired (but not created) by Buridan, it’s more paradoxical for machines than people.

🎺 Torricelli’s trumpet: A mathematical creation outlining a cone that has finite volume but infinite surface area.

💡 Fitch’s paradox of knowability: “It tells us that if any truth can be known then it follows that every truth is in fact known.”

China’s alleged hacking efforts have borne fruit just as big data and artificial intelligence combine to make those massive databases useful, sortable, and studiable. As Barr said on Monday, “This data has economic value, and these thefts can feed China’s development of artificial intelligence tools as well as the creation of intelligence targeting packages.”

“Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.” – Annie Proulx published Brokeback Mountain in the New Yorker in 1997.

“The more sci-fiction novels and stories you write, the more coincidences happens”. Kim Stanley Robinson.  In his 2005 novel “Forty Signs of Rain,” an epochal storm called Tropical Storm Sandy floods most of Washington, D.C. The book came out seven years before Superstorm Sandy pummeled New York, something Robinson chalks up to coincidence.⁠

A team of “experts” from the IMF heads to Lebanon to give “advice” as the country faces an economic meltdown. Lebanon has not yet asked the IMF for financial assistance, but yesterday was the worst day on record for the heavily indebted country’s bonds. Lebanon is supposed to repay $1.2 bn in March and the State and Central Bank are practically bankrupt

No, it is Not the difference in opinions that drive people to fight one another: it is your choice of the moment between what you consider the “truth” represented by your community positions or your “conscience” as a human for fairness and equity.

Talking about the horror that refugees living in tents have to endure during winter is one thing but seeing it and feeling it and experiencing is another qualitative horror level!

“Who are the terrorists?” 308 actions were conducted by Zionists terror organizations (Palmach, Irgun and Stern) against civilian Palestinians before and after recognition of Israel

According to a Chinese expert, patients who think they’ve fully recovered could still be infectious.

There comes a time when people problems need to be solved by people and Not by biased algorithms. 

La vie est un genre littéraire. A toi de le choisir et la manipuler. De meme que le genre de la mort.

I conjecture that the best time to start schooling for 6 month-old babies: Teaching them sign language (about 100 signs) before communicating verbally.

The rationale of depressed British establishment for quitting EU was: “If there is no way to catch up with Germany, it is better for our sanity to lick our wounds in isolation”

Very funny: explaining False facts as Alternative facts. Kind the difference between conjecture and pseudo-science?

Pas besoin de rejeter tout ce qu’on nous offre, mais meme ce petit geste ne sera pas laché sans une bagarre armée convaincante

The big black hole in Lebanon deficit is for paying the civil servants that constitute about a third of the “working” population. As for the rest of the people, the government doesn’t give a shit: it considers that it is none of its “responsibility”

A few social media are promoting travel tips, encouragement and packagest. Excellent ideas:

First, with this outbreak of coronavirus, do you still think this post is timely?

Second, many States do Not have “colonial passports” (passport that allows you to travel without visas), have you considered the added cost and time consuming for applying to visas and expected problems in airport checkout? Third, are there Credit cards with low interest rates (and low penalties if you are Not carrying enough cash to cover the balance) while traveling for more than a month and these cards are accepted in the country you visits?

Late Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski wrote in 1974: Quand on traverse la Syrie, la Jourdanie ou le Liban, tout est beauté, ordre et harmonie. On est dans un paradis de vergers d’orangers, de citronniers, d’oliviers et d’abricotiers.
Ce sont les camps Palestiniens qui ressemblent a un immense patchwork d’argile, de tôle rouillés, de vieux chiffons… et des nuées de mouches

60,000: Number of slide-rule operators required in 1922 to theoretically predict the next day’s weather using Navier-Stokes equations

During the Cold War, the USA could Not allow any communist/socialist movement to access to power through a democratic election, especially in Indonesia (1965-68, One million communists slaughtered) and Latin America (blood to the knees as predicted by the chief of USA Federal Reserve Bank).

The cycle of confronting democratic processes has resumed in Chili of Allende, Brazil of Lula and Venezuela of Chavez…all the other countries have made tacit deal with colonial multinationals: Capitalist ideology would be threatened.

The families of the victims knew all the assassins (“patriotic militias” at the sold of the military army) and yet, the families of the assassins (fathers/brothers) claimed that they were Not aware of any “wrongdoing”. This process is still happening everyday, somewhere.

Just consider the additional facilities needed to take travelers’ Temperature the Old Way

I rephrase what I read: “Losing your mother resurface your main metaphysical construct , hidden deep into your subconscious”. I would like a list of comparisons for each metaphysical issue with its normal real belief system.

The epidemic has spread to 34 countries, with Italy, Iran, and South Korea reporting surging numbers of infections. Contagion now seems to be happening between countries a long way from China and its containment efforts.

Funny. An Irish drug dealer lost bitcoin passwords worth $60 million when he stashed them in a fishing rod case, but his landlord threw it out after he was arrested.

Office corporate meeting?  This enduring need for “garbage speak,”  “operationalize” , “level set”, “parallel models” prospectus reads like “something a person wrote in the middle of an Adderall overdose with a gun to his head.”

When I experience a totally disgusting night dream, I start doubting the relevance of human species.

Emotions are brain’s predicted guesses within a context that you think come close to one of your past experiences. Thus, Simple feelings (like calmness and agitation, excitement, comfort, discomfort) are Not emotions

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is $1.2 trillion fund, the largest in the world, is looking for a successor to Yngve Slyngstad. The job is considered to be the most important in the country (paywall), as the fund is worth three times its economy.

Saudi Arabia suspended pilgrimages by foreigners to Mecca and Medina as it counted more than 220 coronavirus cases. Wonderful occasion to let the pilgrims to reconsider their previous myths, and spending lots of money to enrich this retrograde Wahhabi Kingdom.

And Iran advised against travel to Qom, which is the epicenter of its outbreak.

Scientists discovered the first animal that doesn’t need oxygen to live. It’s changing the definition of what an animal can be.

The “wartime measures” that Chinese authorities have put in place in Wuhan to stop its spread have been stepped up.⁠ Even if the cases are diminishing. Apparently, you can get Coronavirus after you thought you recovered from the first time. That is a very dangerous fact that is more horrifying than the epidemic.

Pandemic: Global spreading of an epidemic

Sweatshop factories: Global exploitation of the poorest people

Capitalism: Global subjecting to indignity the working people

Colonial imperialism: Global sanctioning of any attempt to self economic autonomy

Unicef’s adoption of bitcoin could lead to greater independence for the organization.

Covid-19 spreading to almost all countries: Supply chains are being disrupted and public gatherings are being canceled, which can filter through to spending and investment.

Revisiting the Tocqueville Paradox? Inequality isn’t rising in Latin America, but protests against inequality certainly are on the up. It is an expanding middle class that makes people more frustrated by inequity. These people have the exposure to the wealthy to understand what went wrong.” —Dan Kopf, senior data reporter

Machines are to do the job of reducing human error in programming: an estimated $312bn (in 2016) spent on debugging software every year.

Do you want to write a poem? Recall a personal experience and leisurely and frankly recount the event. By the by, let whatever imagination and passion that you possess to bypass the limit of the reality.

What else is keeping you alive? Letting loose your demons, which you created and nourished. Share your demons, these black fixers of your character and attitudes.

What’s that Paleolithic MD Diet? Back to the origin of Hunter/Gatherer?

So how did the Whole 30 help my health? Here are a few observations:

Acne: I don’t have terrible acne at all, but I do still suffer with an occasional pimple. For three weeks I have not had a single pimple. Pretty amazing stuff.

Energy: I thought Paleo had given me all the energy I needed, but I was wrong that it was all I could have! Although subtle, the increase in energy on a day to day basis I experienced by taking the next step to the Whole 30 was encouraging. I never really got tired, even on the long drives during our vacation which in the past would have sent me shopping for caffeine in one form or another.

Cravings: Again, although I felt my food cravings were gone once I went Paleo, the Whole 30 taught me that my major remaining craving, diet soda, was as strong as ever. It took a good while to get rid of this one, but it was well worth it. Diet soda turned out to be the one little thing I kept for myself, and I had no idea the pull it had on me. I don’t think that drinking diet soda made me feel tremendously bad per se, but I was drinking it for the WRONG reasons. That was enough to concern me and push through the 30 days. Will I ever drink diet soda again? I would be a bold faced liar if I said I would not, but my intake will be cut by 80-90% long term. That is something I can live with, and be very proud of.

Weight Loss: After changing to a Paleo diet I lost 25 pounds without really trying at all. During my Whole 30 I lost 5 more pounds, so that is 30 pounds overall…not too shabby!. My BMI has dropped from 30.6 to 26.3. I still have some way to go, but I’m very pleased with the overall drop so far.

Mood: I have noticed a definite improvement in my mood during the Whole 30. I’m generally a pretty positive guy, and I really like what I do. Still, everyone has times when stress or anxiety get to them. This would happen to me typically when the work day would zoom out of control, or the kids would act up. I think two things led to the improvement in my mood:

—Knowledge of Health – Just knowing that I was doing something very important for my health was so invigorating. Diet, weight, and emotion are intertwined to the point they are indistinguishable. Negative emotions can be crippling, but positive emotions can fuel you to the max. I knew I was getting healthier every day, and that made me feel awesome.

—Feeling of Health – Besides knowing I was healthier, I FELT healthier! For all the reasons above, as well as sleeping well, I just had a general glow of health to me. Other’s noticed and made comments, and that will help anyone feel better! I don’t think I can really explain this, you just gotta try it to find out!

Must Have Foods: Many people are looking for the foods that are key to a successful Whole 30, and I will give my humble opinion. Here is what I couldn’t live without.

-Avocados – There is no better snack alone, or added to a protein than one.

-Coconut Milk – Such a great milk substitute for any occasion.

-Dried Fruit – Watch this as it can be a sugar substitute for you, but in moderation; often saves me

-Eggs – What else can you say about the totally versatile egg?

Homemade Beef Jerky Sometimes you just need beef!

Big picture: So what is the big picture benefit to me from my Whole 30? There are several things I would like to point out. First, it truly allowed me to put the focus back on using food as nourishment for my body, and not as a pleasure per se. Now look, I love food, and that will never change. But it’s so hard to separate sometimes the difference between what you eat to fill a “void” or “craving” in your life, versus what you eat to adequately fuel your body. You can easily fuel your body with wonderful, real, and delicious food which means you don’t have to turn to food for anything other than that. As I say, Real Food for Real Health.

Limiting my diet to this real food also brought back something else that I feel we often lose; the real taste of food. We are inundated with flavors that we quite frankly were not ever supposed to experience! As you will all (if you are smart!) soon read in the Hartwig’s book It Starts With Food the food industry has created foods that are fattier, saltier, and sweeter than anything nature can provide. This kind of numbs our taste buds to real food. Take for example marinating a steak such as in a sugary Teriyaki sauce. If you have a wonderful cut of beef, why take away from the flavor at all with anything more than a little salt and pepper? Why not taste the meat for what it is, and the glorious fat for all it can be? Are “smoked” almonds really better than raw almonds? Is a maraschino cherry better than a super ripe fresh cherry? Is a tub of store bought greenish faux-guacamole better than home made, or just a freshly sliced ripe avocado? If you really taste things, the answer is no for all these.

The reason that the food industry has designed foods to be fattier, saltier, and sweeter than nature intended is that they are taking tasteless and inedible food and creating a “food” for you to eat, and for them to make money off of. By design the Whole 30 takes all that away. What you are left with it food as God intended it to be. The Whole 30 gave me my taste buds back!

Lastly, the Whole 30 taught me that once again, even when I think I’m doing my best, I am not! It’s not good enough to do Paleo and hang on to dietary strongholds. The effort to bring about even more change in your life can produce serious dividends. I learned that and am so glad that I did.

So, you only have two things left to do. First, commit to doing your own Whole 30 right NOW! And second, pre-order the Hartwig’s book and soak it up as soon as you can. I will be doing a full review of the book once I am finished, but I am taking my time to really gain everything I can from it. I am not a paid spokesman, and I gain nothing from you getting their book. To the contrary, it is you that has everything to gain from reading it.

Please consider doing the Whole 30 challenge yourself. Ask yourself these questions…is what you are doing right now working? Are you happy with how you feel? Could you use more energy? Are you sleeping soundly? Are you worried about chronic disease? Are you sick and tired of being CONTROLLED by food? It’s just 30 days…

100 Mexican firms agree to pay employees at least 6,500 pesos a month

Organization wishes to contribute to building ‘middle-class Mexico’

One hundred Mexican companies have announced they will raise the minimum monthly salary of their employees to 6,500 pesos (US $340).

Corporate directors from Citibanamex, Corporación Zapata, Tajín and Grupo Pochteca, representing the 100-member organization Empresas Por El Bienestar (Companies for Wellbeing), told a press conference on Wednesday that the initiative will contribute to the construction of a “middle-class Mexico.”

“Starting from a base of the average home containing 1.7 workers, the 6,500-peso monthly payment will put us just above the poverty threshold determined by [the social development agency] Coneval,” they told reporters.

The company representatives emphasized that participation is not obligatory, but the group has been working on the initiative for 5 years and expects it to have a positive impact that will be reflected in the growth of the country.

“The impact in the short and long term will be positive, in the consumption and incomes of Mexican families. It will become a virtuous cycle and that’s why we’re making this sacrifice to push the country’s economy to be even stronger.”

They stressed that 48% of formal jobs in the country offer less than 6,500 pesos per month, but the companies in the group will all pay all their employees at least that much beginning on December 1.

Although the first year of President López Obrador’s administration has brought doubt to many in the private sector, the 100 companies see a more favorable and receptive environment ahead.

In accordance with what they have seen in the current international economic climate, they believe they can implement the change without causing higher inflation.

“These 100 companies promise that [the raise] will not have a negative impact on prices, therefore it won’t have an inflationary effect . . . the objective is to increase the attraction of formal employment.”

A full list of the member companies to the group can be found at the 100 Empresas Por El Bienestar website.

“العالم الثالث” دلالة الإرث الشاذ في السياق الحضاري”

في مقولة “العالم الثالث”

Michel Nab3a. ميشال نبعة


عبارة “العالم الثالث” هي ترجمة غير دقيقة لعبارة Tiers – monde الفرنسية التي ظهرت في أدبيات القرن التاسع عشر.

وفي الأصل، إنّ عبارة Tiers – monde  وإن بدت موازية للمرتبة الثالثة في التسلسل الرقمي فإن معناها الضمني يدل على شخص ما (آخر) من خارج ثنائية المخاطِب (بكسر الطاء).

كل ما ليس هو أنا وأنت ممكن أن يكون هذا الشخص الـ”ما”. فهو الآخر، غير المحدد، والمبهم، والذي ينحصر تحديده في كونه ليس أنا ولا أنت. تحديد هذا الشخص ليس من / أو في ذاته، بل بالنسبة لي ولك. وإذا ما انفلشت ثنائية المخاطِب والمخاطَب على دائرة الجماعة، فإن تراتب التسلسل الرقمي لا يعود مهماً ويبقى هذا الشخص الـ”ما” (أيّاً كان) ممن ليس هو (نحن)، فهو الآخر المجهول، والذي هو بدون (الـ) التعريف لأنه نكرة، والأصح (النكرة) مع (الـ) التعريف. وهذا هو تحديده الوحيد.

تسهيلاً للمعالجة الكتابية، أتوقف هنا عن استعمال التعبير الفرنسي وأعتمد تعبير “العالم الثالث”، ولكن بمعناه الأصلي، وليس بالمعنى المعطِل للفهم، الذي أكسبته إياه الترجمة المسطحة، والذي بدا لاحقاً، وبمفعول رجعي، وكأنه يعني أو يعبّر عن مدلول جغرافي- سياسي ناتج عن الحرب العالمية الثانية، وعن تبسيط المفهوم “الواقعي” لتقسيم العالم إلى كتلة الدول الغربية وكتلة الدول الاشتراكية، اللتين تمثلان العالمين الأول والثاني، فيكون الباقي، حسب تراتب التسلسل الرقمي، هو العالم الثالث، ومن دون أن يشكل كتلة واحدة.

يوم وجد “العالم الثالث” في الذهن الأوروبي لم يكن هناك لا عالم أول ولا عالم ثان، فعندما خرجت الانتلجنسيا الأوروبية من القارة، لاحقة بالعسكر والتجار، أطلقت على كافة الأقطار التي وصلتها الجيوش والبضائع، وبدأ استثمارها، وتلك التي لم تكن قد طالتها اليد الأوروبية بعد، أطلقت عليها هذه التسمية الشاملة، والتي ليست هي بإسم، فكان “العالم الثالث”، حسب التعريف الأوروبي، هو “الآخر” المجهول، البلا إسم.

واستعملت بالمناسبة عبارة أخرى هي  Les indigenes  وتعني السكان الأصليين. والترجمة هي بالغة التهذيب بالنسبة للمعنى الأصلي.

وهكذا يكون “العالم الثالث” كل ما هو خارج حفافي القارة الأوروبية، وهو بلا اسم. ويكون كل ما يدب في هذا “العالم الثالث” هم السكان البلا أصل.


إنّ هذه التعابير ليست ذات صفة أدبية لتصوير وقفة تجاه المجهول، أو الغريب المكتشف حديثاً. إنها تتضمن موقفاً من “الآخر”، من كل ما ليس هو (أنا وأنت ونحن).

لهذا الموقف أصلان بارزان في تاريخ البشرية: في أثينا وفي التوراة. فكل ما هو خارج أسوار المدينة بربري، وكل من ليس هو من القبيلة “غوييم”. والجامع المشترك بين كل هذه التسميات – الموقف، هو أنّ “الآخر” مصنّف بالجملة، ولا تحديداً ذاتياً له، أو تعريفاً موضوعياً به، وإنما، بالنسبة لحافّة قارة أو سور مدينة أو فخذ قبيلة. ولا أحد ينكر الإرث التوراتي – الأثنيني في الإيدولوجية الأوروبية على مختلف فروعها ومناهجها.


بعد الحرب العالمية الثانية، حيث رسا العالم على عملية استقطاب ثنائي تفرّدت به القوى “الواقعية” المسيطرة على الكرة الأرضية، بدأت تصفية التركة الاستعمارية الأوروبية، مع الحرص على إبقاء عناصر التركة في السلة الغربية، فظهرت المقولات الاقتصادية والسياسية والثقافية حول موضوعات التخلف والنمو، والإنماء والتنمية، وأُغرقت السوق بالنظريات المعلّبة – الجاهزة، والمعدّة لإنشاء أُطر جديدة قادرة على الإمساك بمقدرات “العالم الثالث”، بدلاً عن أُطر الاستعمار المباشر، البائدة والهشة، في ظروف تنافس وصراع مِحورَي الاستقطاب العالمي.

فالعالم الثالث متخلّف، والعالم الغربي هو النموذج الحضاري الحصري، ومشوار المدنية يمر عبر محطات مرحلية يجتازها طالب التقدم، أو المقدم على عملية التطور والتطوير، طوعاً أو إكراهاً، تتمثل بحوافز نفسية وبما يشبه الشهادات المدرسية. فهناك الدول النامية، وتلك التي لا تزال في بداية طور النمو والأخرى الراسبة والتي بقيت متخلفة.

ولما كانت الحرية ركناً أساسياً في ملكوت هذه المدنية، المحتّم علينا أن نصبو إليها، فإنّ دول “العالم الثالث”، وأفراد “العالم الثالث”، وجماعات “العالم الثالث”، تستطيع أن تختار بين مجموعات من شركات المقاولة، بين مجموعات من النظم الدراسية، بين مجموعات من النظريات السياسية، بين مجموعات من المنشآت الصناعية، وخاصة بين مجموعات من وسائل إنتاج المواد الاستهلاكية. الكل يستطيع أن يختار ما يحتاج إليه، وما لا يحتاج إليه، وخاصة ما لا يحتاج إليه، إلّا حرية خيار النموذج، فهو حصري والمشوار باتجاهه مفروض، والاعتراف بالتخلف قياساً إلى ملكوته أمر قسّري.

ظروف الصراع بين محوري الاستقطاب العالمي أوجدت بالمقابل نظريات معدّة لإنشاء أُطر إنمائية جديدة مغايرة، تبيح لمركزي الاستقطاب العالمي العمل بقانون الجذب، وتتيح لدول”العالم الثالث” فرص الانجذاب. فأصبح العالم الصناعي، كما هو قائم حالياً، أو كما كان قائماً لبرهة تاريخية وجيزة، يشكّل النموذج، وللعالم الثالث، المتخلف، “الخيار الديموقراطي” بين طريقين في مشواره القسّري باتجاه هذا الملكوت.

من المؤسف أن النظرية المقابلة، ومن دون الدخول بأيّ تفصيل أو مفاضلة، كانت أيضاً معلّبة – جاهزة، وشكّلت تزكية، مبدئية وعملية، لمقولة “العالم الثالث”.

نقض مقولة “العالم الثالث”

في الانتروبولوجيا

في قديم الزمان، استفردت الكائنات من ذوات الضخامة والقوة الجسدية بغابات الأشجار المثمرة وطردت الكائنات الأنحف، والأقل قوة منها، إلى الأراضي الخالية من الثمار.

جاع من جاع، ومات من مات، وبقي من بقي … الذين عاشوا هم الذين انتقلوا من عادة قطف الثمار إلى الاعتماد على الصيد. وقد أكسبهم هذا المراس قدرة على الركض وسرعة في الحركة وليونة للجسد، وذلك نتيجة لملاحقة الطرائد والارتماء عليها للإمساك بها… وجاع من جاع، ومات من مات، وبقي من بقي، فالصيد على هذه الوتيرة، وبهذه التقنية المتاحة، وبهذا المقدار من الغنائم، لا يمكن أن يشكّل اكتفاءً غذائياً.

كان لا بدَّ من الحصول على أدوات الصيد، وكان لا بدَّ من استعمال اليد لصناعة هذه الأدوات. ولحظة تحرك إبهام اليد، بعد مراس طويل، أطلت مرحلة تسارعت فيها الإنجازت. فقد ظهر النموذج البشري الأول، على الشكل الكامل الذي نعرفه الآن، مزوداً بأول آلة صناعية في التاريخ يحملها في كل يد من يديه.

لا لزوم للقول بأنّ هذا الإنسان “الجديد” ارتدّ لاحقاً على الكائنات التي طردته، وبسط سيطرته على غابات الأشجار التي لم تعد ثمارها غذاءه الوحيد.

ولكن من المفيد شرح ميكانيكية الطرد والعودة. فلقد كانت اليد وأصابعها أُحادية الحركة، مجرد طرف للذراع. ففي حالة الصدام الالتحامي يكون الفوز للأضخم، بالضربة القاضية، وفي حالة الصدام من مواقع متباعدة المسافة، يبقى الفوز لمن يستطيع أن يضغط أكبر صخرة بين راحتيه ويرفعها فوق رأسه ويقذف بها إلى أبعد مدى.

بعد نشوء الوضع الجديد، الناتج عن تحريك إبهام اليد، وإمكان استعمال هذه الآلة المحدثة في صناعة الأدوات، لم تعد القوة الجسدية وضخامتها، البليدة الحركة، تشكّل ثقلاً مُرجِّحاً في ميزان القوى المحدث.

لو تلوثت الانتروبولوجيا بنظريات ومقولات من صنف مقولة “العالم الثالث” و”النموذج الحصري” و”المشوار القسري”، لكان انخدع سكان ريف العالم، في تلك الحقبة، فسارعوا إلى استنبات غابات من الأشجار المثمرة في البطاح الجرداء، لا يمكن أن تشكّل إلاَّ احتياطياً استراتيجياً للكائنات الضخمة المتمركزة في الغابات القديمة، ولكانت بقيت هذه الغابات الجديدة، كما القديمة، وبقي سكانها تحت رحمة طرف الذراع الأقوى، والأهم والأخطر من ذلك، أنّ إبهام اليد ما كان ليتحرك، ولما كانت أيدينا على ما هي عليه اليوم. فهل نستطيع أن نتصور ما كان يمكن أن نكون عليه، اليوم، لولا أن تحرك الإبهام؟

إنّ ذلك سيساعدنا، حتماً، على تصور ما يمكن أن نكون لو رمينا مقولة “العالم الثالث” في أول مزبلة نصادفها على منعطف أول شارع من أول مدينة من مدن هذا “العالم الثالث” المتسخ بالنفايات الحضارية. وعلى تصور تحرك شيء ما في إمكانات إنسان جديد يساهم في نقلة نوعية جديدة للحضارة البشرية.

في البيولوجيا

إنّ آخر المكتشفات العلمية الحديثة والتي اُتفق على تسميتها بـ”الثورة البيولوجية” أثبتت أنّ الإنسان كائن بيئي، وكذلك الحيوان. وهذه المعطيات تضع العامل البيئي في أولويات تركيب الكائن البيولوجي – الاجتماعي – الثقافي، وترد مفاعيل التطور إلى عملية متداخلة بين هذه العناصر بعضها مع بعض، وإلى عملية تفاعلية بينها، مجتمعة ومنفصلة، وبين الإطار البيئي.

إن هذا الكشف، المثبت علمياً، ينقض أساساً إمكانية تصنيف العالم بالجملة، أكانت العوالم المصنفة بشكل مسطح هي ثالثة أم أولى أم ثانية.

إنّ هذا الكشف، المثبت علمياً، ينقض جذرياً كل النظريات المعلّبة التي تعتمد وصفة جاهزة، أُحادية البعد والمنطلق، لإنماء وتطوير أقاليم بالجملة، تقيم عليها جماعات بشرية بالجملة، بقطع النظر عن خصوصية الأقاليم وخصوصية الجماعات، وبالتالي الخصوصية الناتجة عن علاقة كل إقليم معيّن بكل جماعة معيّنة، إلا إذا كان القصد هو تشويه وتعطيل عملية التطور البيئي الطبيعي.

إنّ هذا الكشف، المثبت علمياً، لم يندرج بعد في قراءات العلوم الإنسانية وفي المفاهيم السائدة المتفرعة عنها، وإن كان أحدهم قد استبق هذه القراءة كما استبق الكشف.

في السياق الحضاري

تقول الأسطورة إنّ أوروبا هي ابنة صور المحمولة على قرني ثور إلى قلب القارة “الجديدة”، بالنسبة إلى العالم القديم. ولكن في الواقع، لم يتوغل رجال النهضة الأوروبية (Renaissance) في تفتيشهم عن الأبوة الحضارية إلى أبعد من القرن الخامس قبل الميلاد، ولم تحط مراسيهم إلا في أثينا على وجه التحديد. أما التوراة، فقد وصلتهم إلى عقر دارهم جزءاً من “الكتاب المقدس” ممهوراً بخاتم البابوية، ولاحقاً، الواجهة الوحيدة المترجمة إلى اللغات المحلية، والمعممة سنداً أساسياً لحركة الإصلاح (Reforme).

هل التقط الرواد الأوروبيون عَلَم الحضارة من النقطة الأكثر تقدماً، التي وصل إليها، كما يتم في لعبة البدل الأوروبية؟

في العصر الذهبي الأثيني، في الأوج، كان العرف (القانون) يقضي بتكافل وتضامن أهل المدينة مع أي مواطن من بينهم، أكان مصيباً أم مخطئاً، في خلافه مع أي رجل من خارج المدينة. وكان هذا “القانون” يسمح للأثيني بقتل غريمه، ويقضي بمساندة أهل المدينة لمواطنهم في تنفيذ عملية القتل.

الخلافات كانت تنشأ حول علاقات تجارية على وجه العموم، والحق الوحيد الذي يحكم “القانون” في أثينا هو حق ابن المدينة في أن يكون على حق، لأن “الآخر” هو الغريب “البربري” من خارج الأسوار.

قبل أكثر من ألف سنة من ذلك التاريخ، وحسب قانون حمورابي، كان فض النزاع، بين تاجر بابلي وتاجر صيني، يتم في قلب بابل حسب القانون الصيني، إذا كانت الاتفاقية التجارية قد وقعت في الصين.

تعتبر القوانين مقياس تطور الشعوب، وما اختص منها بحقوق الانسان هو دليل المستوى الحضاري، والموقف من “الآخر” هو المحك لحقوق الإنسان. فهل يمكن تصور شريعة، وبالتالي مدنية، تعلن موقفاً لا إنسانياً من “الآخر” ويمكن اعتبارها محطة متقدمة في السياق الحضاري؟.

من حمورابي إلى المدرسة الرواقية، مروراً بالانتشار الكنعاني في غربي المتوسط والمداليل الراقية لأساليب التعاطي العملي مع الشعوب إبّان هذا “الاجتياح السلمي” للعالم القديم، شكل السياق السوري مجالاً ومدى لمدنية ذلك الزمان، وما كانت التوارة وأثينا إلا نقطتي الشواذ في بحر القاعدة الواسع.

ولقد تم تصنيف العالم، في القرن العشرين، إنطلاقاً من الإرث الشاذ.

في النظرة القومية الاجتماعية

حسب النظرة القومية الاجتماعية، لا وجود لعوالم مرقمة أو خاضعة لشبه ترقيم. لا تصنيفات مبسطة ومسطحة (Shematisation). لا تجمعات عشوائية. لا تجمعات اعتباطية. فالعالم واقع مجتمعات بشرية تكونت، وتتكون، تبعاً لظروف دورة الحياة المتفاعلة مع البيئة الطبيعية، وكل تدخل خارجي، قسري، في هذه العملية الخصوصية لا يمكن إن يؤدي إلاَّ إلى نتائج سلبية.

حسب النظرة القومية الاجتماعية، لا وجود لنماذج حصرية. فالنموذج الذي تشكّل في مجتمع معين لا يمكن إلباسه قسراً لمجتمع آخر.  إن مصادرة حقوق الشعوب في تشكيل نماذجها لا يمكن أن تؤدي إلاَّ إلى مخاطر قاتلة لمسيرة الارتقاء البشري، فهي تحد استبدادياً من اتساع التجربة الإنسانية، كما تقضي استبداداً على الأصالة، وهي الشرط البدئي للابداع: محرك النزوع إلى الارتقاء.

وتتجلى وقاحة الادعاء بتمدين البشرية، والانسياق الأبله في مجرى التيار الدارج، بهذا الركام من الظواهر والتراكيب المجتمعية الممسوخة التي شكلت فولكوراً بديلاً يغطي الملامح الأصلية لبلدان “العالم الثالث”، وبهذا التشويه اللاحق بالبشر وبالبيئات الطبيعية.

حسب النظرة القومية الاجتماعية، لا وجود لنظريات معلبة، ولوصفات جاهزة، تدعي إنماء الأقطار وتطوير الشعوب. ولا وجود لمقاييس موحدة، لمراتب التقدم، مرتهنة لتجربة تاريخية معينة. ولا وجود لسلم أولويات واحد موحد. ولا وجود لسلم قيم واحد موحد. كل قيمة هي قيمة مجتمعية، ولا قيمة في المطلق. كل أولوية هي أولوية مجتمعية، ولا أولوية في المطلق، كل آفة هي آفة مجتمعية، ولا آفة في المطلق.

إذا كان البشر يجتمعون في عموميات إنسانية مجردة فإنهم يتمايزون في الخصوصيات الواقعية للبيئات التي ارتبط بها تكوينهم التاريخي. فالبشر جميعهم يجوعون، ولكن تأمين الاكتفاء الغذائي يختلف بين سورية والهند والسنغال وغواتيمالا. والبشر جيمعهم يخافون، ولكن أسباب الخوف، وطبيعة المخيف، تختلف بين شعون سورية والهند والسنغال وغواتيمالا…

وإذا كانت العلوم المجردة، كالعملة الذهبية، صالحة لكل زمان ومكان، فإنّ التطبيقات العملية المنبثقة عنها ليست بالضرورة متطابقة مع احتياجات بلدان من مستويات معيشية مختلفة وفي أطوار ارتقائية متمايزة وفي ظروف تاريخية متباينة.

وإذا كانت هذه حال القواسم المشتركة الأكثر التصاقاً بعموميات البشر، فكيف تكون وضعية الأحوال المتميزة الأكثر التصاقاً بخصوصيات الجماعات البشرية، كالنظم الاقتصادية والاجتماعية والسياسية، والقوانين والدساتير، وأساليب العيش، والمفاهيم الثقافية الحياتية؟..

ما هي الجدوى من إفقار التجربة الإنسانية؟

ما هي الجدوى من القضاء على غنى التنوع في العالم؟

ما هي الجدوى من إلباس العالم، بالإكراه، زيّاً موحداً (Uniforme)؟

نسأل عن الجدوى قبل السؤال عن النتائج العملية لخربطة العالم بلا جدوى ولكنها مقتضيات السوق…

حقاً إنه السوق. وإنّ أبرز ما في هذا السوق زبائنه الطارئون، والمهرجان الكاريكاتوري المفتوح لمسخرة لعبة التمدن.

شعوب طيبة على اختلافها، مصفوفة على عدم تراتبها، تتخبط في سيرها على وقع موسيقى لا تفهمها باتجاه نموذج لا تكهنه… الإيقاع الوحيد المضبوط هو إيقاع النظرية المعلبة، التي لم تثبت مصداقيتها (التجربة اليابانية تمت على نقيض النظريات المعلبة وهي الوحيدة الناجحة، من خارج مراكز الاستقطاب وفروعها… مشكلة الديون الفاحشة المترتبة على دول “العالم الثالث”، التي أغرقت في مشاريع التنمية، والماثلة حالياً، وبدون حل، لتسفه كل نظريات التنمية).

حسب النظرة القومية الاجتماعية، لا وجود للاوتوبيا، وبالتالي لا وجود لنماذج “الميني اوتوبيا”.

هذا من الناحية المبدئية.

عملياً، يمكننا ولوج مصطلح – مقولة “العالم الثالث” عبر مصطلحين شكّلا عنوانين كبيرين لأوضاع جغرافية – سياسية، محددة من سوانا، أما نتائجها فتنسحب علينا.

إننا في صميم “الشرق الأدنى” وبعده “الشرق الأوسط”. ونحن لا شيء في قضية “الشرق الأوسط” كما كنا لا شيء في قضية “الشرق الأدنى”. المصطلح – العنوان الطارئ حلّ محلنا وسرق منا القضية. فالحل والتعقيد يعودان للأوضاع الجغرافية – السياسية المحددة من سوانا، والتي يعبّر عنها المصطلح الموضوع من سوانا، وليس لقضيتنا. وانتقال الملكية هذا تم بالموافقة الضمنية لكتابنا ومفكرينا وسياسيينا وصحافيينا وتجارنا وطلابنا وفلاحينا وعمالنا ومثقفينا، على اختلاف خلفياتهم وإيديولوجياتهم. فهم يستعملون هذا المصطلح، براحة، وكأنهم هم واضعوه على حساب سواهم. وهم يتصرفون مع هذا المصطلح بموضوعية حيادية نموذجية. إنها عملية تمثُّل فريدة في تاريخ انفصام الشخصية. فلنتصور أنفسنا الآن ونحن نستعمل مقولة “العالم الثالث” بحق أنفسنا. على الأقل، مصطلحا “الشرق الأدنى” و”الشرق الأوسط” لا يضمران معنى الإهانة.

وفي صورة بيانية سريعة لتدرج الاختلاطات الناتجة عن التسليم “الموضوعي” بالمصطلحات والمقولات المشِّوهة لواقع العالم، لصالح الأمر المفروض على العالم، نلاحظ، أنّ مصطلح “الشرق الأدنى” درج في ظروف تنافس بريطانيا وفرنسا، وشمل منطقة جغرافية – سياسية محددة بالاحتياجات الأوروبية للتمركز في شرقي المتوسط، ومطابقة للمفهوم الاستشراقي ولرقعة اهتماماته، الموضوعية وغير الموضوعية، ومطابقة أيضاً (ولا مجال للشكر) لمسرح العمليات الأساسية في السياق الحضاري الطويل، كما في التاريخ الانترنسيوني، منذ البدء وحتى الحرب العالمية الأولى، على الأقل. ولأن “الشرق الأدنى” هو مفهوم جغرافي – سياسي عام حددته المصالح الأوروبية، بذاتها ولذاتها، ولأنه غير محدد بذاته ولذاته، فإنّ تجزئة بيئة طبيعية، وتشليع شعب عريق، لا يعدو كونه عملية من عمليات توزُّع المواقع بين بريطانيا وفرنسا، على هذه الرقعة الجغرافية – السياسية المسماة “الشرق الأدنى”. “سورية الجغرافية”، بذاتها، تاريخياً وحضارياً، هي ركيزة أساسية، بل الركيزة الأساسية في هذا “الشرق الأدنى”. ولكن حسب مصطلح “الشرق الأدنى” كمفهوم جغرافي – سياسي، ذابت سورية وذاب أساسها التاريخي – الحضاري، وامّحت شخصيتها وضاعت قضيتها، وتوزعت بضعة مواقع استراتيجية على رقعة (جغرافية – سياسية) مشاعية.

هذا، ومفهوم “الشرق الأدنى” لم يحدث تغييراً بنيوياً، في الإطار الإقليمي العام، بالنسبة لواقع المنطقة التي شملها المصطلح – التحديد. فكيف ستكون الحال مع حلول “الشرق الأوسط” سيّداً على الساحة؟.

اتسعت الرقعة من عنق شرقي المتوسط لتشمل خطوط التماس الآسيوية بين مناطق نفوذ القوتين العظميين الراهنتين والخطوط الخلفية الأفريقية للقارة الأوروبية. مناطق شاسعة لا يمكن أن يحدها مفهوم جغرافي – سياسي معقول، بيئات طبيعية متباينة الخصائص، نماذج مجتمعية ومستويات وثقافات وخلفيات وطموحات لا قواسم مشتركة بينها، مجموعة كبيرة من الشعوب التي لم يحدث تاريخياً بين غالبيتها أي احتكاك، لا سلباً ولا إيجاباً، جملة قضايا خصوصية، حقيقية وواقعية، ولكنها مختلفة ومتمايزة. كل هذا يشمله مصطلح “الشرق الأوسط”. وكل هذا لا يجمع بينه إلا كونه مناطق التماس، مناطق البين بين، ومن أقصى البين إلى أقصى البين، يستعملون عبارة “الشرق الأوسط” وكأنها تختصر قضيتهم، وقضيتهم أكلها البين.

“القضية” هي فقط قضية “الشرق الأوسط”، هذا الكائن “الجغرافي – السياسي” المشاعي، هذا الوافد الطارئ على الجغرافيا وعلى التاريخ، وليست قضية أحد (سواه) من الذين شُبّه لهم أنهم من أركانه أو من رعاياه. يذهب، فتذهب معه قضيته الطارئة ومجمل القضايا التي ارتهنت له وتلك التي جُيّرت لسلطانه الغابر، ولا تبقى إلاَّ القضايا التي بقيت، كما كانت، قضايا أصحابها. يبقى، فتبقى الاختلاطات، ولا تسلم إلاَّ القضايا التي عرفت كيف تتميز عن مشاعيته الجاهلة المستبدة.

نضيف إلى “الشرق الأوسط” بضعة مناطق، وها نحن في حضن المقولة الأم، في مقبرة “العالم الثالث”.

تراكم القضايا، والاختلاطات الهجينة، في رحاب عالم تمّ تصنيفه بالجملة، طبقاً لموقف “الآخر” منه وخلافاً لذاته – وفي الأصل ذواته – لا ينتج قضية واحدة موحدة. بلى، إنّ اصطناع “عالم ثالث” أوجب اصطناع “عالم ثالث مضاد”، عملاً بقانون الجذب وتطابقاً مع ثنائية الاستقطاب العالمي.

إنّ تمرد الخادمة على ست البيت من وقت إلى آخر، وهي لا تنفك تقلد مشيتها وتسريحة شعرها ونبرة صوتها على الهاتف  ليس موقفاً ثورياً تغييرياً، ولا حتى منطلقاً لمثل هذا الموقف. وكذلك تجمع خادمات الحي، وهن من أصول وخلفيات وثقافات وطموحات مختلفة، لا يشكل تنظيماً ثورياً، إلاَّ إذا كان المقصود هو فقط إزعاج ستات بيوت الحي، ولا ضير في إزعاجهن، ولكن التغيير والتطوير إزعاجه مختلف جداً.

فقط، عندما تعي الخادمة ذاتها وشخصيتها، وأنها ليست خادمة لأحد، وأنّ لا مشية ست البيت، ولا حتى مشية ست بيت الجيران، ولا تسريحتيهما ولا نبرة صوتيهما هما المثال المرتجى، عندها، فقط ينشأ موقف ثوري تغييري. فالتغيير هو شرط الثورة، وليس “الحلول محل”، وإلاَّ اقتصرت المعمعة الصراعية على محاولة تمثُّل وتقليد “الآخر”، وهذا ما هو معروف بالسعدنة.. “وما بيحرز ثورة”.

ونتذكر “تركيا الفتاة”. ونتذكر أتاتورك، ذالك الذي لم يستطع خياله أن يجد محور ارتكاز، لقيام دولة تعاصر الحداثة، لا في فتافيت النظام العثماني، ولا من وحي زحف الجحافل الغازية بغداد، ومن ثم القسطنطينية [ولا فرق إن كانت مشكلته في خياله أم في القيم العثمانية أم من وقع الزحف الرهيب أم في نوعية فهمه للحداثة] فألبس شعبه زيّاً جاهزاً من الطراز الأوروبي، بقي زيّاً هجيناً، على كافة مستويات سلالم القيم، وترك ضمير ناظم حكمت يتمزق من مآسي انفصام الشخصية “المجتمعية”.


واقعياً، “العالم الثالث” غير موجود، إنه فقط في الذهن الباهت، وفي النية المضمرة، وعلى خرائط المخططين. على الطبيعة الحية هو شيء آخر. فهل يمكن نشوء حركة تحرر من اللاواقع، من الهيولى؟ هذا موضوع لا نجروء على المجازفة بولوجه، فهو من اختصاص اللاهوت. ولكن مراجعة سريعة لما يبدو أنه تحقق من إنجازات تحررية، على وجه بسيطة “العالم الثالث”، كان في البؤر التي انعتقت من المقولة – الهيولى، عندما وعت ذاتها وشخصيتها، وبالتالي قضيتها. وكل الهيصات المرافقة لم تكن سوى مجرد مجاملات ببغائية من صنف تلك المعتادة في صالونات النفاق الاجتماعي ومؤتمراته.

“العالم الثالث” مقبرة القضايا: الداخل مفقود والخارج مولود.

لسنا من “العالم الثالث”، لا واقعاً ولا مقولة ولا هيولى.

لنا عالمنا، ولهم “العالم الثالث”.

نحن من العالم، من مجتمعاته وشعوبه المقهورة. و”العالم” الذي نحن منه متحرك خارج هوامش الأوصاف والتعاريف المحددة قسراً من قبل الغير، وخارج أطر البرمجة السائدة، تنموية كانت أم توليفية.

نحن مع العالم، مع مجتمعاته وشعوبه المقهورة.

ولسنا ردة فعل. ولا نتمنى، بل لا نريد لشركائنا في الإنسانية أن يتوحدوا، وأن نتوحد في ردات الفعل. وإلا بطلت الأصالة، وبالتالي بطل الإبداع، وبالنتيجة توقف النزوع إلى الارتقاء.

كل ردة فعل تبقى أسيرة ضمن دائرة الفعل المرتدة عليه. مشارف الدائرة الخارجية هي وحدها المكان المحتمل لإنوجاد نقاط انطلاق لفعل مغاير.

قضيتنا، أن تلتقط سورية معلم الارتقاء الحضاري من الموقع المتقدم الذي تركته عليه يوم توقفت عن الفعل – مكرهة أم طائعة؟ – لأن العالم الحديث تأسس انطلاقاً من مرتكزات هي دون ذلك الإنجاز، ولا قضية لنا دون هذه الغاية. النهضة هي لهذه الغاية، وهي، إن كانت لسواها، أو لما دونها، بطلت هذه القضية أن تكون هي بالذات.

وهذه القضية، وإن كانت سوريَّة، فهي ليست لا خصوصية ولا أنانية، إنها ضرورية للعالم بنسبة ضرورتها لنا. فسورية، التي شكلت عصب الحضارة وضمانتها منذ فجر التاريخ، هي أكثر ضرورة في هذا العصر الذي بدأت فيه الانهيارات تخترق حداثة هذا العالم الهشة.

أما أن يكون مقياس النصاب في الديمقراطية بالسنتيمتر أن بالإنش، أو أن يكون مكيال العدالة بالغرام أم بالأونصة، فهذه تفاصيل “بيزنطية” تمَّ إشغال “العالم الثالث” بها، باب ارتزاق للشاغلين، وليبقى عالماً ثالثاً بالفعل…وعلى زود.

قضايا شركائنا في الإنسانية (ورفاق المصيبة في وصمة التسمية بشعوب “العالم الثالث”) هم يحددونها بأنفسهم، وهم يحددون موقع نقطة الانطلاق من ذواتهم المجتمعية.

عندما، يبدأ موكب الانعتاق من مقولة “العالم الثالث” للدخول إلى واقع العالم في حقيقته الإنسانية – المجتمعية.

عندها، يمكن الحديث عن الأصالة – الإبداع – الارتقاء، وليس عن العصرنة – السعدنة – الاستنماء، فقد خرجنا، توَّاً، من مدافن “العالم الثالث”.


تنويه: نشر هذا النصّ، بالأصل، في مجلة فكر العدد 69 / خريف 1991

What were Lebanon economic and social cost for Lebanon in Israel pre-emptive war in 2006?

هلق صحيح بحرب تموز تضررت ٣٤٥ ضيعة، تدمر ٣٠٥٣٩ بيت، تهجر ١.٥ مليون لبناني، هاجر ٢٠٠ ألف غيرن، تدمر ١٥% من المدارس، تدمرت ١٦ مستشفى، تلف ٩٢٦٧٢٠ ألف شجرة، توقف ١٢٠ إلف موظف عن العمل لمدة ٣٣ يوم، تدمر ٩١ جسر، تضرر ٦٢٠ كيلومتر من الطرقات، قتل ٢٠٠٠ لبناني، أصيب ١٠ الاف غيرهن، و خسر الإقتصاد اللبناني ١٥ مليار




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