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Is the mass upheaval in Lebanon still going on? Any signs or indications that it is Thawrat (Revolution)?

Bernard Gerbaka posted on FB. Yesterday at 12:01 AM
A people who occupy the places, who take breaks for the holidays.

A people who fill the streets, cafés, living rooms and press rooms. …

a people who are fighting, ” hungry “, ” has enough ” of his militia/mafia/sectarian “leaders”… all of them “kellon”

a people who are waiting in front of the ATM, waiting for their turn for hours at the bank counter to ask for their own money that is paid as a alms, to the weekly drop account,

a people who suffer the vexatious policies of the central bank, the association of banks, greedy exchange and loan Sharks,

a people who, of pain and misery, force the resignation of the government and who have been attending, for more than three months, to the same talks and wallets for the formation of a new government,, who will not accept a Replica of the previous ones, but only a government of independent technocrats as requested by the “revolutionary”…

… A people who do not let go of financial scandals or billions of dollars “escaping” or fraud operations to administration, neither abuse and trafficking of children, nor the loud with justice, nor ecological disasters, nor Health neglect, neither educational harassment, nor the destruction of places of life, nor the discrimination, nor the shattering revelations of ministers accused each other in the register “responsible but not guilty”…

A people who do not Don’t let the cases of corruption and human rights, women and children settle down or fall down…

… a people who are aware of the faith core, and who does not rule out anyone from the “kellon”,

… a people who manifest in front of a restaurant to remove organisers and fill with life the restaurants and places, which trigger the “revolt of the hungry”

… a people who are angry and who will turn to all Turkish heads, their hela hela ho or other tirades – according to preferences – who refuses the government knead machine and the ministry cake,

… a people who learn and teaches, from movements and movements, revolts and revolution, wars and armed conflict, from turkey, Tunisia, Palestine, Jordan, Bahrain, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, Algeria, Iraq, Syria , Iran… and who tries, in his despair and immense hope, to do better, more peaceful, less violent, more sustainable, more curable…

A Thawra of women and men, young and old, children and holders of disabilities, count on its diversity to draw wings, print her character and personality, innocence and maturity, peace and burst, his resistance and his Its resilience, flexibility and endurance, peaceful determination and spiritual landings.

“Thawra” endure, with its evils and dead, as well as the great sacrifices that this people suffer… economic and financial, health and environmental, social and educational… and who draws resistance and resilience in their own resources, … a proud and generous people, a kind and pleasant people, a superficial people in their daily life and deep in their roots, a living and free people,

… this people will not die, and its revolution will succeed… and the word “Thawra” engraved on a giant fist, is to the measure of this people, who have included then transformed into remains all the jobs, from the ottoman (which started before the discovery of America), to the Syrian…

this people, broken by interests and manipulation, are gathered by hunger and bankruptcy… he remains to mourning (on His bloody past) that he has never done since 1975, to finally find himself in a nation and not in 2 Negatives, a people able to build his society, our society, born of our thawra!

The Thawra is permanent, with smile and tears, in good mood and sadness, in humor and screams, comics and sarcasm, on places and social networks, making the leaders sad and sad. The people invest this “Thawra”, campaign, wake up the unconscious, shows the apathy of leaders, leads their ears, calls for strike, dessille the eyes of the blind on their own condition…

To the rhythm where she goes, thawra! Thawra! Keep its shape declarative!
Like Fire, it ignite and burns, like water, it irrigates and drown, like the earth, it buried and blooms, like the air, it inspires and sweeps!

Thawra is diverse and everywhere, it is unexpected and inclusive… she has no engine but she has a soul, that of our children!

R. B, thank you so much, you were right to be wrong!




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