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The effects of whaling and its end.
“Whales are the canaries of the ocean,” says Philip Hoare, “the measure of all that is healthy, and all that is sick on earth.”

An epic struggle for survival is unfolding in the pristine Arctic – as the planet gets warmer, the ice is melting and instead of governments finding a plan to save it, the US is allowing Shell to go in and drill for oil. It is insane, but this week, one woman can stop it, and it’s up to us to make sure that she does just that.

Lisa Jackson, Environmental Protection Agency head can right now withdraw the permit because Shell has violated the conditions and last week the company lost control of one of its rigs, narrowly avoiding disaster off Alaska. Environmental activists are raising the alarm, but unless we make it a global scandal, Shell — the biggest company in the world — will get their way and others will soon follow the charge.

Lisa Jackson stood up to Big Oil before, but Shell has invested billions and won’t be easily turned back. Let’s make this decision the line in the sand that protects this great wilderness from becoming an oil field. Click below to send Lisa Jackson a message and share this with everyone — let’s flood her with global encouragement to save the Arctic:

The Arctic is melting faster than even most scientists predicted. Climate change is driving dangerous temperature rises — just last week, a chunk of a glacier nearly 40 kilometres long broke off Greenland. Some estimates predict that in just 4 years, the arctic will be completely free of ice in the summer months, soaring temperatures even higher and leading to the melting the Greenland ice sheet which would raise sea levels by 6 metres.

Yet for some this planetary disaster is the 21st century gold rush. Companies and countries who hope to make billions are lining up to frantically grab their share of oil, gas, and minerals. To them the Arctic is not a home to whales and polar bears, it is a new frontier, and it’s one of the reasons why nations like the USA, Canada and Russia have spent years blocking global climate treaties.

This is a simple decision: the people and planet’s future or increasing Big Oil’s profits with a 40% possibility of a catastrophic oil spill. If Lisa Jackson gives Shell the permit now then Exxon, Chevron and the rest of Big Oil will cover these beautiful icy wastelands with dirty rigs, pumps and pipes. Let’s now urge Lisa Jackson to stop Shell before it’s too late. Click now to send a message and share this with everyone:

Arctic drilling has already been condemned by the British government, Insurance companies, the US Coast Guard, and in the last week, Greenpeace and others have been taking to the streets. But to stop this madness we all need to join together to target the one person that can stop it. Let’s ensure that the Arctic is saved from the danger of drilling and instead protected as a global treasure.

With hope,

Iain, Alice, Sam, David, Aldine, Diego, Ricken and the rest of the Avaaz team




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