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The Greek/Syrian Rhetorician And Satirist Lucian Quotes

Posted on: August 31, 2021

30+ Lucian Quotes From The Rhetorician And Satirist

Lucian was a Syrian scholar of ancient Syria, he was born into a lower middle class family in the village of Samosata.

Lucian was famous for his sarcastic approach towards religious practices, superstitions, and often ridiculed paranormal beliefs.

Most of the facts about him are known through his writings.

Though he was a Syrian, most of his books were found to be written in Attic Greek. He was trained to become a sculptor, but a failed attempt at sculpting made him run away to pursue an education in a faraway land.

After acquiring enough wealth, Lucian is said to have settled in Athens where he wrote most of his works.

He bought a house and seemed to have invited his parents to live with him in Athens. He was also appointed as a government official with the highest remuneration.  

Here we would like to share a few of his thoughts that may inspire the historians in you to study his works further.

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Best Philosophical Quotes By Lucian

Nothing is known about how Lucian got educated. However, his art of rhetoric and knowledge of philosophy was found to be very deep and thought-provoking.

Here we bring some of his philosophical quotes for you to check out.

1.”The happy think a lifetime short, but to the unhappy one night can be an eternity.”

― Lucian of Samosata.

2.“I see no reason for resigning my right to that inventive freedom which others enjoy; and, as I have no truth to put on record, having lived a very humdrum life, I fall back on falsehood–but falsehood of a more consistent variety; for I now make the only true statement you are to expect–that I am a liar.”

― Lucian of Samosata, ‘True History And Lucius Or The Ass’.

3.”Wise is the person at either end. Who can in due measure spare as well as spend.”


4.”It is not lawful or proper for you to know everything.”

― Lucian of Samosata.

5.“Human life is under the absolute dominion of two mighty principles, fear and hope, and that anyone who can make these serve his ends may be sure of rapid fortune.”

― Lucian of Samosata.

6.”Death is a mercy, and I have enough mercy to go around.”

― Lucian of Samosata.

7.”Now that I know what I want, I don’t have to hold on to it quite so much.”

― Lucian of Samosata.

Popular Lucian Quotes On Historians

Popular quotes and sayings on historians by Lucian.

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