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Tidbits and notes #500

Posted on: September 3, 2021

Tout ce que J.J.Rousseau suggera dans son “Emile” est praticamment applicable a nos temps moderne. C’est le bon sense rationel qui selectionne les avis et methodes comprehensives des pertinents alternatives suggeres par les scientific de son temps

La coutume est un argument qu’on ne refutera jamais en beaucoup de pays, au gre du peuple

Ah, l’Europe moderne? Je veux bien croire qu’au moins 1% des familles au temps de Rousseau on applique’ ses preceptes de l’education des enfants, depuis leurs naissance

Un rebel maudit et sans talent pour comble, meme avec un charme fou… c’est pas gagne’

Plus l’environement est riche en diversite’ et plus on est “normal”

Moins l’environement est demuni et arride pour les sensations…et plus on est enclin a des extremes conditions mentales: la probabilite’ de devenir fou, extremist, depressif…est grande.

On ne vit pas dans des deserts et des poles geles, dans des tranche’ de guerre…sans resentir le pire de nous-meme

Les effets differe’ de la psychose traumatique de la guerre des tranchee’… Ce jeune homme qui s’est fait tuer en tombant de sa fenetre apres la guerre: Elle etait contente qu’il ait joue’ son va-tout, cependant que les autres continuaient a vivre.

What allowed Europe to develop is that, as soon as they learned to write…they created institutions to continuously archive their documents, detailed documents of their official activities

Elle avait passe’ la cinquantaine et elle n’avait jamais ete’ aussi heureuse. Rien ne pouvait etre assez lent: arrangeant les fauteuils, les livres dans la biblioteque, d’avoir triomphe’de la jeunesse, de s’etre marie’ proprement, et avoir une fille belle et intelligente…Elle s’est perdue en tentant de vivre… Et pourtant, elle se sent heureuse, finalement

USA national anthem celebrates the murder of slaves?

“So when Key penned “No refuge could save the hireling and slave / From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,” he was taking great satisfaction in the death of slaves who’d freed themselves. His perspective may have been affected by the fact he owned several slaves himself.”

Two generations of youth opted not to get involved in Lebanon internal problems. They refused to know who represented them and even had no idea of the Name of the President or the PM. This garbage crisis got them to start asking questions. And felt appalled. And currently the entire State and Central Bank are bankrupt and the Lebanese are lining up to get gas for their cars, diesel, kitchen gas and potable water, and medicine and every thing…

Leaded gasoline is finally banned everywhere on Earth. It only took half a century.

Vaccines that are Not meant for children against future exposure is Not a Vaccine: find another term in order Not to confuse the taker. A “vaccine” that is to be retaken after 6 months and indefinitely is Not a vaccine.

Not many try to find out the danger of what they absorb/consume in medicines and industrial food

Letting the States of Muslim Brotherhood of Qatar and Turkey control the Kabul airport is very troubling: Kind of Obama convinced Biden to resume his previous mischievous strategy for the Islamic World after the “Arab Spring” upheaval of 2011

“The share of water for Israelis is 7 times that of the Palestinians. According to the reports, the daily share of a Palestinian person ranges between 50-80 liters while the share of Israeli individuals, especially settlers, ranges between 400-800 liters per day

Just one of Mærsk’s Triple-E ships can move/ship 36,000 cars. At nearly 400 meters long, they are among the largest container ships in the world

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