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Tidbits and Notes #502

Posted on: September 22, 2021

Archaeologists discovered 12,500-year-old rock paintings in the Colombian Amazon. Tens of thousands of artworks depict humans and Ice Age animals including mastodon, horses, and fish.

Sanmitsu is Japan’s buzzword of the year… It refers to the “three C’s” of social distancing—avoiding closed spaces, crowds, and close-contact situations.

If anyone tells you that your daydreams should account for your “old Age”, then fuck those daydreams and fuck his life

Are you a Romantic? Sure, in my daydreaming stories. Isn’t it the definition of being Romantic?

So many daydreamer Romantics turned out to be the worst nightmares inflicted on the individuals as well on society

I feel so sorry for myself: I am too slow, in expressing my affection and attachment to you

If you have no patience to do your due diligence on fact-checking research, at least make sure your general knowledge is vast enough to discriminate faked news and faked facts.

The bedouin tribes mentality are compatible among themselves. For example, the Arabian Peninsula pseudo- States and Israel. Israel colonial implanted tribes in Palestine

Urban social structure is meant to accommodate many economic and social classes in order to function and exploit nature.

And ‘Choice’ remains our greatest gift whether we don’t see it or recognize its existence in transforming our life. Yes, life is a journey and our tomorrows are dependent on every action we take and every step we make today. We are the author of our destiny, even partially, and it is a huge responsibility that most of us abdicate from, early on.

Is China own the narrative of vaccine diplomacy by using “powerful” images to get headlines “on the cheap? China is providing “free vaccine” in small amount to many African nations such as Egypt (300,000 shots, Algeria, Cameroon, Senegal, Zimbabwe., Rwanda…) Today, at the UN China boss promised two billion doses of vaccine in 2022

Freedom? People refuse to act for obtaining “freedom”: They want the Liberty to enslave people, physically, emotionally and intellectually. Freedom demands to confront injustices and indignity in order to free others.

Freedom is Not what the silent majority is ready to shoulder. Actually, the “American Revolution” wanted the liberty to keep importing slaves. And the US is still at it, till now and at a larger scale.

Indo-Pacific region new hot target for colonial powers. This region includes India, South-East Asian countries, Indonesia and Australia. “More than 50% of the world’s population, 3 000 different languages, several of the world’s largest militaries…two of the three largest economies…the most populous nation in the world, the largest democracy, and the largest Muslim-majority nation.” It’s also the heart of global trade. 

Cognitive biases explain why we made a bad decision but rarely help us to avoid them in the first place. It’s better to focus on warning signs that signal that a decision might turn wrong: First, You’re emotionally tired in a rush, or distracted, and Second, you’re operating in a group or working with an authority figure

France and Germany consumes 5 billion gallons of potable water that reach homes directly.

In France, you have about one million km of canalization and 550,000 km in Germany. Distillation based on 60 criteria of quality of water include: Residues of pesticides, pathogenic and chemical agents, manganese, iron, micro plastic, … Ultra violet radiation treat the disinfection of microbes and bacteria…

Was it harder to find crowds to unleash mass shooting in the US during the pandemics? In fact, 2020 was a record year for firearm deaths, which cost over 19,200 lives—a 25% increase over the previous year, bringing the toll of gun violence to over 653,000 deaths since 2001, far more than what Covid-19 harvested in the last year. And nothing drastic was changed since to curtail private machine gun weapons.

Jesus was Not a Jew, as agreed upon by the Jerusalem sect in the Sanhedrin. The charismatic Jesus is from the province of Tyre (including Galilee and Sidon in the Seleucid empire). Jesus was circumcised during the short period of the extremist jews occupation of the Galilee province. The Temple of the sect of Jesus was in mount Carmel, above Haifa. All Jesus life was spent in that region, before he decided to march toward Jerusalem in the last 6 months of his life

This year 2021, there is a shift of an entire month between the resurrection of Jesus at the Catholic and Orthodox churches. The Catholic had Jesus dying and resurrecting while the Orthodox consider Jesus walking toward Jerusalem on this glorious Spring day.

If a mature character can affect positively a woman, then it is far more rewarding when maturity is done in a younger age.

It should be prohibited , with firm prison term for the people who divulged and relayed the sex of the baby to the parents in the echography. What preparations parents are needed whether it is a boy or a girl? The color of the cribbs, the color of the pampers…? One month should be enough to decide on the name and to absorb the “psychological shock“.

Glucophage? A toxic chemical that has been heavily used for decades by multinational Agro-businesses, including Monsanto.

The range of diseases of Glucophage includes gluten intolerance, autism, diabetics, celiac illnesses…Research demonstrated that Glucophage is the cause for countless chronic illnesses that start since we are born. This constant ingestion of small antibiotics doses in industrial food destroy our micro-bio that stabilizes our system. Cereals are sprayed with Glucophage 200 times the tolerated dose for vegetables. This chemical generates glycine, an analogue product that emulate amino-acids and confuses the system.

Are Flying, pregnancy, or taking the pill… all carry much higher blood clot risks than the J&J vaccine?

“I’m such a poor little fool; do tell me when I do wrong”

“He who is Not with me is against me”? As the gentleman said who was notoriously capable of coarse distinctions and puerile generalities. People such as maybe Oliver Cromwell, George Washington, a few saints and prophets? Definitely George W. Bush Jr. , Donald Trump… And this radical Jewish Mathew (of one of the selected 4 books) who could Not stoop to be a disciple of Jesus, unless he is a descendent of David, even a fabricated genealogy.

Daydream a lot: That’s the only knowledge that you will retain. Be careful how you daydream and what you dream about.

Ultimately, in the latest hours, we are alone with our fears. No faith or knowledge will be of any help in our anxiety for the unknown. Damn it! A little push for a joyful illusion can go a long way to people gathered around you. Sort of: “What the fuck, I am going to My Heaven”

There is No malice in me: Just a childlike questioning everything, wrapped in an adult acquired sense of humor

It is still a monolog in a quiet gathering. Listening intently is an acquired skill, out of respect for the implicit toil and suffering of the opinion of the other. And out of respect for our flexible state of mind and emotions.

History is a continuum of “Songs in the time of Order”. A tacit agreement for the subsequent blood letting, torture and indignities heaped on the living species and on Nature. The Silent majority in each community desperately want to obliterate the consequences of its cowing down to the status quo.

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