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Tidbits and notes #505

Posted on: September 25, 2021

The EU launches new tech and AI rules that include limits on facial recognition and more scrutiny on monopolistic acquisitions by US tech giants like Facebook, and are meant to differentiate European firms on the basis of values like competition, equality, transparency, and oversight.

South Korea launched the world’s first air quality satellite. The Chollian 2B will monitor fine dust and other air pollutants in the East Asian region. The information it will gather could pave the way for a new disaster relief communications system.

Neanderthals were Not concentrated in”Europe”.  They have used flowers in their funerals. The clues come from a skeleton found in a cave in Iraq.

It is easy for man-made fire to spread: You drop a ping-pong ball of permanganate of potassium in a field and with some wind you start an efficient fire that can spread like crazy. I believe that the fire that were generated in Lebanon and Syria were activated by Israel via drones.

Thinker and philosopher Zeno is born in Cyprus, a province of Syria in 490 BC. Four of the more than 40 thought experiments he is said to have devised are most often employed as vivid introductions to the intersection of math and philosophy, where something readily apparent is a challenge to definitively prove.

The most powerful of Zeno’s paradoxes grapple with the concept of infinity while pitting observable reality against the scientific language we use to describe that reality, suggesting that elements of the everyday happening, like motion and speed, are actually illusory.

A few of Zeno paradoxes:

Dichotomy paradox: If you want to walk across the room, you have to first walk half that distance, then half the remaining distance, ad infinitum, so how do you ever get there?

Achilles paradox: If a turtle gets a head start in a race against Achilles, Achilles has to cover half the distance between himself and the turtle in order to catch up. Then half that. And half again. And again. In an upset, the turtle wins!

Arrow paradox: At any given instant, an arrow in flight occupies a certain space, no more and no less. At the next instant, it occupies a different space. If you assume an instant is indivisible, the arrow is not in motion. So how does it move? “It is never moving, but in some miraculous way the change of position has to occur between the instants, that is to say, not at any time whatever,” as Bertrand Russell put it.

Stadium paradox: Imagine three sets of three bodies in stadium rows: three As, three Bs, three Cs. The As are stationary; the Bs are moving right; the Cs are moving left and at the same speed. In the same timeframe, the Cs will pass just one of the As, but two of the Bs. Crazy, right? (It doesn’t seem like it, but if you think of space and time in atomistic fashion, they pass without passing.)

“Zeno’s arguments, in some form, have afforded grounds for almost all theories of space and time and infinity which have been constructed from his time to our own.”—Bertrand Russell

Other legendary paradoxes to mull:

😡 The Liar paradox, or Epimenides’s paradox: The Cretan philosopher is still remembered centuries later for the statement “all Cretans are liars”… get it?

🌉 Buridan’s bridge: From the 14th-century Parisian philosopher and Aristotle expert Jean Buridan.

🐴 Buridan’s ass: Inspired (but not created) by Buridan, it’s more paradoxical for machines than people.

🎺 Torricelli’s trumpet: A mathematical creation outlining a cone that has finite volume but infinite surface area.

💡 Fitch’s paradox of knowability: “It tells us that if any truth can be known then it follows that every truth is in fact known.”

China’s alleged hacking efforts have borne fruit just as big data and artificial intelligence combine to make those massive databases useful, sortable, and studiable. As Barr said on Monday, “This data has economic value, and these thefts can feed China’s development of artificial intelligence tools as well as the creation of intelligence targeting packages.”

“Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.” – Annie Proulx published Brokeback Mountain in the New Yorker in 1997.

“The more sci-fiction novels and stories you write, the more coincidences happens”. Kim Stanley Robinson.  In his 2005 novel “Forty Signs of Rain,” an epochal storm called Tropical Storm Sandy floods most of Washington, D.C. The book came out seven years before Superstorm Sandy pummeled New York, something Robinson chalks up to coincidence.⁠

A team of “experts” from the IMF heads to Lebanon to give “advice” as the country faces an economic meltdown. Lebanon has not yet asked the IMF for financial assistance, but yesterday was the worst day on record for the heavily indebted country’s bonds. Lebanon is supposed to repay $1.2 bn in March and the State and Central Bank are practically bankrupt

No, it is Not the difference in opinions that drive people to fight one another: it is your choice of the moment between what you consider the “truth” represented by your community positions or your “conscience” as a human for fairness and equity.

Talking about the horror that refugees living in tents have to endure during winter is one thing, but seeing it and feeling it and experiencing it is another qualitative horror level!

“Who are the terrorists?” 308 actions were conducted by Zionists terror organizations (Palmach, Irgun and Stern) against civilian Palestinians and British officers before and after recognition of Israel

According to a Chinese expert, patients who think they’ve fully recovered could still be infectious.

There comes a time when people problems need to be solved by people and Not by biased algorithms. 

La vie est un genre littéraire. A toi de le choisir et la manipuler. De meme que le genre de la mort.

I conjecture that the best time to start schooling for 6 month-old babies: Teaching them sign language (about 100 signs) before communicating verbally.

The rationale of depressed British establishment for quitting EU was: “If there is no way to catch up with Germany, it is better for our sanity to lick our wounds in isolation”

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