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Tidbits and notes #507

Posted on: October 3, 2021

Why islands and shorelines that experience devastating frequent hurricanes and tsunamis still rebuild at the same places?

Can you spread Covid-19 if you get the vaccine? The short answer is: We don’t know yet. Why?
The first reason for Not being sure on the spreading of Covid is the practical side: Vaccines’ priority is preventing exposed individuals from getting sick, so that’s what the clinical trials for Covid-19 shots were designed to determine.
We simply don’t have public health data to answer the question of transmission yet.

The second reason is immunological. From what we know so far, Covid-19 vaccines cause the body to produce a class of antibodies called immunoglobulin G, or IgG antibodies.
These antibodies are heavyweights: They react swiftly to all kinds of foreign entities. They make up the majority of our antibodies, and are confined to the parts of our body that don’t have contact with the outside world, like our muscles and blood.

But to prevent Covid-19 transmission, another type of antibodies could be more important. The immune system that patrols your outward-facing mucosal surfaceslike the nose, throat, lungs, and digestive tract—relies on immunoglobulin A, or IgA antibodies.

People who get sick and recover from Covid-19 produce a ton of these more-specialized antibodies, but we don’t yet know how well existing vaccines incite them.
Because of all that complication, it’s unlikely that immunological research alone will reveal how well vaccines can prevent Covid-19 transmission—at least, not for years.

Until then, community spread is the best way to tell if a vaccine can stop a person from transmitting a virus to others.

One of these strains—scientists call it B.1.1.7—originated in the UK. Viruses in the B.1.1.7. lineages have small modifications on their spike proteins. Instead of one set of amino acids, which are the biological Legos that make proteins, they have others—like swapping out a blue brick for a red one.

This building-block switcheroo makes the spike protein better able to attach to our cells and infect them, microbiologist and immunologist David Topham told Quartz.

Lebanon and Jordan States were created before the State of Israel in order to become “buffer zones” for the “security” of the programmed creation of the colonial powers implanted colony of Israel in 1948.

During the Spanish Flu pandemics, starting in 1920, people figured out that wearing a mask is very much a common sense protection. Still the Flu harvested over 20 million around the world. If we say that the global population increased 3 fold since then, should we expect that 60 million should die before Covid gives us a reprieve? With vaccines or no vaccines, since at least 3 billion will never get that vaccine?

Got to admit it’s really something to see Wall Street addicts have a long history of treating our economy as a casino. You have complain about a message board of posters also treating the market as a casino too Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez@AOC

Marshall plan? Two years after the war, Europeans were totally down and drowning in poverty. The plan was supposed to have “saved” western Europe, and with extreme difficulty preventing it from rallying communist Russia by extending what corresponded to a month in expense during the war or $5 bn (currently $50 bn).

Capitalist USA dispatched its surpluses, monopolized the sea trade, “looted” the minerals in the French colonies and gained global markets for her trades. Effectively, The Aid to Europe returned to the USA for the duration, even after the fall of the Soviet Union.

The Elite classes (especially Old Money) in every nation are establishing this malediction “truth” that they are a fatality for citizens to accept and bow down to.

This monopolistic class own everything, while the other classes, even middle classes, lack of everything to sustain their autonomy. Actually, after every world calamity, it is the middle class that retrograde in “wealth” and blend with the poorer classes.

Just a hypothesis, and a good conjecture too: what we eat and how we eat and how much we eat is a minor factor to obesity. The main factor is the kinds of physical exercise we undertake to allow the brain to pick up the nutrient the body needs and what to excrete: Physical exercises shake the brain out of its torpeur of minding only the necessary sugar it needs for mental tasks.

So far, all US citizens of “color” and “immigrants” who acceded to the highest political positions behaved as “sheep” and were crushed by the deep institutions, including Obama and Colin Powell and the score of women.

My deepest wish is that Vice President Kamala Harris will stand tall for international values and reverse this “sheep” trend and prevent Biden from engaging in pre-emptive wars, under all kinds of lame excuses from the “establishment”

The Incompetent Infants in charge of the community: Don’t seek management or leadership if fishing, video games, or playing golf are your greatest aspirations: Anyone who thinks responsibility is easy is irresponsible. You learn to embrace responsibility when you learn the value of doing hard things. 

The mother has the earphones in her ears, listening to whatever her mobile is saying. The daughter is communicating in what looks like silent/sign language. The mother seems to get what her daughter is saying.

A beauty that astonishes you after she is out of sight, and you reflecting on this kind of beauty.

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