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When she trod on mud, mud is nicer. when she run in the rain, rain is a welcomed silver. when she picks u a toad, this creature looks the most lovely among its species.

Daughter, those sorts of jealous Gods you are mentioning are all folly and lies of poet and cleric. Go figure out how these two meet in the same functions.

Do Not expect to live beyond 85 anymore. If it is Not just from recurrence of various pandemics, it is the Stress generated from dashed hopes for Return to global Normalcy. Program your life accordingly.

I read 3 books at the “same time”. Otherwise I get bored. If I am pressured to focus on a single book, pretty soon I realize that the author is trying to cram the book with faked ideas, faked emotions… and rarely the good personal experiences.

If you can avoid the pressures of multinational education monopoly, don’t take the IQ test and other tests that are supposed to evaluate you aptitudes and intelligence. You do share all the attribute of high IQ people: bored from society, bored at school, never happy at any paid job, self-discipline is to be desired, and feel that I’m better than anyone else except in manual work and group sports.

Travel in 2021 is going to be a stop-and-go journey, as governments and businesses try to figure out an equitable plan to get things back to normal.  Be prepared to have the vaccin Passport on you

We have discussed this folly of “jealous Gods” a hundred times: The Divine Nature is without jealousy.




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