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Writing articles in the health domain: the new rage?

Posted on: November 3, 2021

Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse Writer?

– Elizabeth Hanes

 · I shocked my late husband’s boss at a company holiday party. Exchanging pleasantries, the boss asked me what I did for a living.“I’m a nurse,” I replied, “but I make my living as a writer.”

He chuckled and turned sarcastic. “So, basically, you don’t make ‘much’ of a living,” he said.

I smiled and paused and held eye contact.

“Well, actually,” I responded sweetly, “I make twice as much money as you’re paying my husband. ”His jaw dropped.

My husband laughed.

Here’s the backstory.

I became a nurse at mid-life and worked at the bedside for several years. While there were so many things I loved about nursing – like working with patients, making connections, and seeing my impact on other people’s lives – there were a lot of drawbacks as well.

I found myself appalled by the bullying, politics, and backbiting I experienced in the profession. (As in all professions)

As I coped with all that nonsense, I also struggled to juggle full-time nursing with caring for my aging parents – and spending time with my husband and stepdaughter.

I tried switching up my work shifts from three-12s to 8-5s, and even part-time…

But I really needed a FT salary.

What I remember most about my bedside nursing career is the exhaustion: physical, mental, emotional.

I never had anything left to give my husband, stepdaughter, parents – or myself. Sound familiar?

So one day I decided to start a business writing for health magazines. I had the goal to write professionally as my only source of income.

And within weeks, I knew I’d found the answer to my prayers! I had no trouble finding editors to buy my health articles.

I worked from home. I set my own hours.

I quit my traditional nursing job, and EVERYTHING changed for me.

If I needed to drive Dad to a midday doctor’s appointment? No problem! And no begging for permission from the charge or requesting PTO.

If hubby suggested an impromptu three-day weekend trip? Awesome! I could file my assignments in advance to clear my work schedule.

But the schedule flexibility wasn’t even the best part.

I started making MORE as a writer than I’d ever made as a nurse! Three times as much, in fact.

My business grew and grew. Editors clamored to work with me. Clients gave me lucrative annual contracts to write for them.

Why ?Because I’m a nurse. Nurses (RNs, LPNs, and LVNs alike) are in SUPER high demand for healthcare writing.

You don’t need any advanced degree or previous writing experience to get started!

And it doesn’t even have to be a full-time gig if you don’t want it to be. I started out working 4 hours a week and decided to grow my business because I LOVED it so much (and the paychecks were nice, too).

So it’s the perfect job for those who want to (or have to) leave typical bedside nursing behind…OR those who want to continue nursing, cut down to part-time, and have flexibility in their schedule…OR those who just want some extra spending money.

My new book, “Design Your Dream Career as a Nurse Writer.

The three main paths for starting out as a freelance nurse-writer – and what types of writing they involve (page 30)

Where to find editors who buy freelance articles (page 101

The only 4 business skills you’ll need to succeed (page 73)

The SIX “non-icky” marketing approaches I’ve used to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars’- worth of writing over the past 10 years! (page 99

The correct way to cite sources for any client (hint: no APA style involved!) (page 65

How to format articles for the web – so clients will know you’re a pro (page 62)

The shocking truth about how low the barrier to entry is in freelance writing (page 41)

The 5 attributes clients value most in nurse writers – hint: almost none of them have to do with writing ability (page 43)

Why there will never be a “glut” of nurse writers in our lifetime (page 116)?

Note: Okay. this is what sponsored articles looks like. But it make sense to start a new career.

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