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Facebook Knew of Human Traffickers: Frances Haugen whistleblower

Posted on: November 10, 2021

Anneke Kooijmans – Avaaz

A brave whistleblower just leaked secret Facebook documents… and they’re shocking!

They show that Facebook knew

They knew that human traffickers used Facebook to lure women into sexual slavery. They knew that it was being used to incite violence against minorities. And they knew their systems remove less than 1% of violent content!

Facebook knew all this, but still chose their profits over our safety.

And with no effective laws to hold Facebook accountable, dangerous actors will continue to spew lies, misinformation and climate denialism to millions, everywhere.

This is code red for our democracies and planet — we need to change that, NOW!

This week, whistleblower Frances Haugen is testifying in Europe about Facebook’s corrosive impact, bringing renewed scrutiny on the tech giant.

Thanks to our ground-breaking investigations, and explosive media coverage, Avaaz will be in the room with lawmakers fighting tooth and nail to win laws that protect us and our privacy.

But so will Big Tech’s massive lobbying machine with their $100-million-dollar lobbying firepower

We need to counter by funding top-notch investigators to uncover more hard evidence, bringing testimonies of those harmed by social media to lawmakers, and showing up at every key decision with headline-grabbing stunts and ads.

We’ve seen, time and again, the devastating consequences social media can have. 

In Myanmar, the military used Facebook as a tool for ethnic cleansing, spreading hatred that fueled a bloodbath.

In Palestine/apartheid Israel, viral lies are further inflaming the conflict.

And just when we least need it, active climate denialism online is already trying to overshadow the climate emergency negotiations in Glasgow.

To win legislation that can protect us all, we have to bring these harms into the light, and before governments, as they decide on regulation. We can:

  • Run and publish more hard-hitting investigative reports that show the massive harm caused by these platforms on our societies;
  • Bring together a powerful movement of survivors and communities fighting against online hate and misinformation and take their voices to the corridors of power;
  • Unleash relentless advocacy in the EU Parliament, as well as the US Congress, and Brazil, ensuring they don’t give in to tech pressure;
  • Deliver powerful stunts and ads at key moments to help win the regulation we urgently need. 

This is a big deal.

Social media, (funded with faked information by multinationals and colonial powers) is eroding the fabric of our societies in important ways.

It’s fueling division and hatred, and sabotaging the biggest battles of our lifetimes, from human rights and climate change, to the mental health of our children. We can’t afford to lose this fight!

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