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Sabine Choucair

Yesterday at 8:13 AM  ·

When us clowns entered a school for k

ids with special needs yesterday, their educators told us we can do everything but we can’t go super high with sounds and voices. We made sure to be quieter than usual and Dia2 our musician lowered the volume of the amplifier.

I couldn’t help myself not imagining the state of these 45 autistic kids during the Tayouneh shootings with the terrifying loud sounds of RPGs and guns.

We started the show slowly and sweetly. Us trying to understand our audience and them trying to understand their visitors. The audience was one of the best in understanding every detail of the show like never before.

There was not one moment in any scene that was not met by a reaction. And what’s more amazing above all this was seeing their faces and reactions when they were chosen to come on stage.

My goodness the happiness, the joy and the honesty in living the moment, we got a lot to learn from this. Or seeing this 11 year old kid in the audience who was looking at us with big open dreamy eyes and a smiley face making us feel like we made his dream come true.

During the orchestra scene, @ghalia and myself go on our imagined super cool motorcycle and pick up our musicians from the audience. One of them this time, a teenage girl, was given blue pom poms.

Once she took them, her eyes went bigger, and with a big shock ( I was a bit worried when I looked at her) she said in perfect English : “ oh my god I was never a cheerleader before”, so I said “well now u are”.

She held them high, and it felt like our breath and souls were there up high with the pom poms for a fraction of second, the music started and our cheerleader danced like never before.

She took on the stage and offered us all the most magical moment ever. She made this orchestra the best of all times, one that we will remember forever. She freed us all, we breathed, we had tears in our eyes and we felt more relaxed for some reason.

I wish we could all be that honest and be present 100% in every moment in our life like her and these other amazing humans we performed for yesterday. #diariesofaclown

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