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They tell us “You cannot add/mix apples and oranges”. Then why scientists use equations that mix apples and oranges, and we fail to question these manipulations?

Posted on: January 6, 2022

What squaring an apple means? What square rooting of an orange means?

If we read (2 apples + 3 oranges), what this coded message means? Unless it is a message for household to mix the apples and oranges in a blender and observe the result of the flavor, taste, color and consistency of the liquid to be different from combinations of apples and oranges? Or how to prepare a bowl of fruit salad in a particular recipe? Not counting the many detailed variables of how thin to slice the apple and orange, the form and shape of the slice…

What Time, Length, Mass… have in common in “classical physics”? Not much. Though they are mixed and manipulated mathematically to give the “magnitude” of the sensations of speed, acceleration…

The key word is “Does it work”? Do the manipulations of these independent variables accurately predict, forecast…the magnitude, location, behavior…of an object, event, sensation, tendency…?

If it works, then what the hell, go ahead in mixing and manipulating all kinds of apples and oranges and bananas… as long as the result is “satisfactory”. And keep at it until with all kinds of variables since computation is no longer the problem with computer.

How can manipulating a mix of “nonsense variables” lead to shedding light on Facts and Reality?

Unless we consider these equations as coded methods to explain Facts (sensations) and Reality (in the follow up article)that cannot be sensed directly by our sensorial capabilities and limitations.

Am I in a lucubration mood?

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