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Facts are Not the Reality? These two notions/concepts are highly correlated, but to discriminate among Facts, pseudo-facts, Faked facts… require high general knowledge.

Posted on: January 12, 2022

The consequences of mixing Facts and Realities have serious consequences on how we behave and perceive the world/universe

Facts are what the sensory organs of an individual tell him they are facts.

Our perception of Reality is defined by our senses” By Nobel Laureate who worked on the sense of Touch. (I conjecture that we should add the new technologies on “Augmented Reality”)

There are limitations and handicapping conditions in the sensory faculties of every individual

If you are Daltonian and cannot see but Green and red colors… you have no right to badger him on his handicapping condition on the base that the majority of people do Not agree with him: What he sees are the facts. And this is true for all other handicapping conditions.

Actually, humans have many limitations in their sensory organs, and most animals have far better capabilities in every single sensory organs human are endowed with.

At this junction, we can perceive that Reality of the world/universe/mankind…is different from what we sense.

Reality has gone through many transformation in methods used to register and measure what we sense and what we do Not sense.

If a few people insist that earth is Flat, it is your responsibility to “show” him the contrary by pictures, videos, experiments…if you feel the urge to “lead this person into the light

Reality needs to go a step further from “common sense” intelligence and it requires the mind to reach a space that does Not match the “facts” that are still its foundation in any evaluation.

And since Reality is intrinsically linked to Methods used and adopted, we should be able to ponder on all those “paradigm shifts” that used other Methods and experiments to demonstrated variations on “reality” that we took for granted for so long.

An example of what bugs me in the methods used in Statistical packages and that users don’t even know the “Mathematical Algorithms” that run them.

Do you know that all these “statistical packages” that are used abundantly by almost every psychologists, social scientists… the “mathematical algorithms” that churn out the “results” use the “Mean/Average” as the foundation in all their mathematical manipulations?

Do you know that Not a single one was able to explain what mean/average actually means in words/pictures, videos, graphs… or any means of explanation?

It is a mathematical equation that no one was able to explain to anyone, simply because it is a Nonsense, but is very practical in mathematical statistical manipulation to find other statistical “measures/outputs”.

For example the “Median” has great sense but cannot be used because is Not amenable in the further mathematical development

Question: How using a nonsense measure can lead to a sensical result?

The key word is “Does it work”?

Mind you that “scientists” have adopted the shortcut of claiming “Facts” what the statistics at 5% total errors in the “experimental process” prove their “hypothesis” or don’t prove it.

Many experiments needs to set the bar higher in total errors, like 1%, because of the deadly seriousness of the experiment, and still many scientists ignore it because they want the results to match their hypothesis and be “published

Do statistical packages “work“?

Logically, it is important to use other valid methods (tested for their accuracy) to validate the results of the package.

For example, does landing in the moon by mathematical equations match the results of the statistical packages that scientists use during the entire process?

Next, I’ll approach cosmology, this Big Bang, and this one billionest of a second that set the clock for a new Universe…

Am I in lucubration mood?

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