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Sheikh Jarrah: Israeli forces tear down Salhiya house in overnight raid

Posted on: January 24, 2022

Israeli forces storm house in occupied East Jerusalem neighbourhood, arresting several inhabitants, including the father Mahmoud Salhiya, violently arresting and assaulting family members, before emptying the house and demolishing home

By Huthifa FayyadNadda Osman

 19 January 2022

At around 3am local time, a large number of police units, including counterterrorism and riot police forces with bulldozers, stormed the Salhiya house. 

A member of the Israeli forces stands by the ruins of the demolished Salhiya house in Sheikh Jarrah on 19 January 2022 (AFP)

Yasmin Salhiya, resident of the house and daughter of the owner Mahmoud Salhiya, told Middle East Eye the large Israeli force cut off the electricity supply to the house as they raided it, and started firing teargas, blocking everyone’s vision. Mohamed Salhiya’s fight to save his family home

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Yasmin said officers then assaulted the family and arrested 5 of them, including Mahmoud.

Around 22 supporters who were camping inside the property in solidarity with the family were also assaulted and detained.

“My father was asleep when they took him. They didn’t let him put a jacket or shoes on,” Yasmin, 19, told MEE. 

“They separated everyone that was there and started beating the young men before detaining them in the jeeps and taking them away.” 

Among those assaulted were Yasmin’s 9-year-old sister Ayah and their aunt. 

“They shoved Ayah and assaulted her father, her brothers and her aunt right in front of her. She is distraught,” Yasmin said. 

After emptying the houses, Israeli forces started firing rubber bullets at journalists and supporters who were outside the house and prevented ambulances from accessing the site, Yasmin said. 

Bulldozers finished the demolition three hours later, leaving the house in ruins and the family’s possessions scattered on the ground. 

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