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Jyotiraditya Jadhav

Feb 10, 2022

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Mathematics”? For majority it would be equivalent to the word “boring” but it is not the case all time.

If you feel mathematics is boring then it is your mistake, (your laziness in improving your mind)!

For majority of the readers the first paragraph would be just like some another article about the “fun” in math, but trust me many authors of such articles themselves are not interested in the subject so they always fail to showcase the truth and “serious beauty” of Mathematics.

Connection with Maths cannot be felt with any article, video, animation or teaching method but just with your own understanding and your “view towards mathematics”.

So why do mathematicians like the subject so much?

After all we are not going to “use” this knowledge in real life, right?

I will not argue or talk about the use of mathematics. My goal would be introducing you to some branches and even my thoughts and work over this branches or questions…

But before that you need to learn the way you learn mathematics !

No, there is no algorithm or “formula” to learn mathematics but just a simple human nature -curiosity, try to completely understand a specific topic you read, like:

Why it is true?

How it is derived?

Do not run behind cramming “formulas”, instead try to understand why those work, how are they derived, can you make another such formula?

Doing this things would make you realize how true, beautiful and logical mathematics is.

It does not matter how intelligent or sort of genius you are to be able to do things mentioned.

I myself was an average student with “average IQ” but from the time I truly started been curious just because of my interest I got into position of conducting original research or more informally I am in a position to be able to make my own “formulas”, understand the most complicated parts and upgrade my skills every time.

Mathematics is not just a school subject which would have a fixed time of 40 min. period, nor I will ask you to practice different questions to prepare for your term examination.

I just want to show you and encourage you to see how great it can be spending time with mathematics, be it solving linear equations or integral calculus questions.

This universe is designed through mathematics and to understand the universe we should deeply understand mathematics.

Everything is mathematics and mathematics is in everything, be it simple exercise or a mission to land over moon.

Mathematics is filled with lot of truth.

Note: Evariste Galois, the story of a young man so brilliant that his scribblings started one of the most beautiful and interesting fields of mathematics, a revolution in how we think of equations.

He did he solve a 350-year-old problem in the process, his theory also showed a solution to a couple of questions that were about 2000 years old and unsolved at the time.

Galois was the first to coin the word Group, and to use the same definition as we do today in various Universities and Colleges. He developed the concepts of a normal subgroup and finite fields

Group theory and field theory are the mathematical study of symmetry. It is used in many disciplines within mathematics and physics, and abstract algebra has been called “the language of modern mathematics”.

The most famous part of his manuscript, reviewed by Joseph Liouville in 1843, was a proof that there is no quintic formula – that is, fifth and higher-degree polynomial equations are not generally solvable by radicals.

Nikola Tesla was a great Serbian-American engineer who played the major role in perfecting and promoting alternate current. The Tragic Story of Nikola Tesla – YouTube

He was also a visionary who predicted smartphones, renewable energy and creation of artificial Suns, much before time permitted.

Is it surprising that Tesla sometimes may have taken “anti-science and a few anti-mathematics positions” in a period that was crowded with many dramatic paradigmatic shifts in sciences?

Several of his views about the world were particularly pseudoscientific. So in this post, let us look at 8 instances when even the Genius Nikola Tesla was wrong.

8 times when engineer Nikola Tesla was wrong

On electrons

Tesla did not agree with the theory of atoms being composed of smaller subatomic particles. He thought that there was no such thing as an electron creating an electric charge and that it had nothing to do with electricity.

Not only did the electron get discovered but also its properties and effects were measured by physicist J.J. Thomson at the start of the twentieth century. Without electron, technologies like the television couldn’t exist.

On relativity

According to Nikola Tesla, Einstein’s 1915 theory of general relativity was wrong. He commented in 1932: “I hold that space cannot be curved, for the simple reason that it can have no properties. It might as well be said that God has properties. He has not.”

8 times when engineer Nikola Tesla was wrong

In 1935, Tesla told The New York times: “Einstein’s relativity work is a magnificent mathematical garb which fascinates, dazzles and makes people blind to the underlying errors. The theory is like a beggar clothed in purple whom ignorant people take for a king.”

In 2004, the gravity probe-b satellite was launched to measure the curvature due to Earth. Its data was analyzed by the Stanford University and it indeed confirmed Einstein’s theory to a high degree of accuracy in 2011.

Without relativity, the GPS would fail in its navigational functions and Google maps couldn’t work to pinpoint precision.

On mathematics

Nikola Tesla said in 1934: “Today’s scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality.”

That may be true, although mathematics and experiments are both fundamental to scientific progress. There cannot be one without the other, especially in the field of physics.

At the same time in Europe, Dirac was trying to find an equation to unify quantum mechanics and special relativity. He predicted the existence of antimatter in doing so, which was discovered in 1932.

Even 16th century Galileo Galilei had a high regard for mathematics, when he said: Philosophy is written in mathematical language; without it one wanders in vain through a dark labyrinth.

On atomic energy

Tesla told The New York Times in 1931: “The idea of atomic energy is illusionary. I have preached against it for twenty-five years but there are still some who believe it to be realizable.”

Because, as mentioned before, he did not trust the theory of subatomic particles.

So according to Tesla, atoms were immutable – meaning that they could not be split or changed in any way.

Two years after Tesla’s death in 1943, not only did the humankind split the atom, they also used it to end the World War II. Although it began a nuclear arms race and a call for disarmament – well that is another story in itself.

Today, atomic energy is a source of nuclear power – as predicted by physicist Lise Meitner – which is in turn used to generate heat and electricity. Scientists are also working on a large-scale fusion project called ITER for future electricity generation. (Was already done for 5 seconds)

On EM waves

German physicist Henrich Hertz demonstrated the accuracy of Maxwell’s equations when he successfully generated electromagnetic waves in laboratory.

Because Tesla did not have the mathematical advantage, he relied completely on experiments and his own experiments led him to erroneously believe that Hertz and Maxwell were wrong.

In one 1891 lecture, Tesla expressed openly his disagreements with Hertz – which is anyway healthy for the sake of scientific progress.

But over the next few years, several groundbreaking evidences were collected in the favor of Maxwellian electromagnetism.

In 1898, Tesla himself developed a radio based remote-controlled boat, and yet till 1919 he did not believe in the existence of EM waves and in the theories developed by Maxwell and Hertz.

On wireless electricity

Tesla was a great visionary but his vision was not always practical.

After perfecting alternate current technologies, Tesla wanted to make a new revolutionary change -render wires useless!

At first, Tesla decided to transmit electricity through air but rejected the idea later on. In 1902, Tesla completed the Wardenclyffe Tower to tranfer electricity via ground.

However, engineers pointed out that currents once injected into the ground would spread in all the directions, quickly becoming too diffuse to be usable over long distances.

8 times when engineer Nikola Tesla was wrong

In addition to engineering and financial problems, the dangers of wireless electrical power to nearby wildlife was not taken into account by Tesla. Thus, the Wardenclyffe Tower project had to be abandoned.

During the same time, Italian engineer Guglielmo Marconi – who unlike Tesla, believed in and worked with electromagnetic waves, succeeded in the wireless transmission of information, rather than electricity.

On science

Although Nikola Tesla was a brilliant engineer and inventor, he sometimes delved into pseudoscientific ideas which had no basis in reality and lacked experimental data – a quality he admired.

For example, Tesla once said: A single ray of light from a distant star falling upon the eye of a tyrant in bygone times may have altered the course of his life, may have changed the destiny of nations.

No matter whether this thought has no scientific weight, it is poetically beautiful and powerful.

Do you believe distant stars and planets and their motions have No measurable effects on people?

On radioactivity

In 1903, Marie CuriePierre Curie and Henri Becquerel won the Nobel Prize in physics for discovering evidence for radioactivity.

Tesla was not convinced since he did not believe that the atom was divisible and that it had internal forces and subatomic particles.

According to him, the phenomena of radioactivity was not the result of forces within the radioactive substance but by the rays emitted by the Sun.

He told The New York Times in 1931: If radium could be screened effectively against this ray (the Sun ray) it would cease to be radioactive. ( Probably the radioactive materials have since been screened in deep underground tunnel, and yet have all the other factors been totally controlled?)

Summing up

Nikola Tesla was a genius inventor and explorer whose work ushered the electrical revolution that transformed daily life. 

Einstein wrote to Tesla: As an eminent pioneer in the realm of high frequency currents… I congratulate you on the great successes of your life’s work.

8 times when Nikola Tesla was wrong

Nikola Tesla was also human – did jealousy, denial and frustration, play a big role in his professional life?

His frustration with advanced mathematics led him to incorrectly conclude that Maxwell’s equations and relativity were wrong. (Actually relativity and Maxwell equations have nothing to do with advanced mathematics, unless we consider partial derivations and integrals as advanced)

His denial of modern science left him too far behind his contemporaries – Marconi, Braun, Bose – in his ability to contribute to the wireless communication.

Surely, Tesla did achieve what others could only dream of. But the point is, not to put Tesla on pedestal, or build conspiracy theories in his favor, as many fans would want to do.

It does not do justice to Tesla’s brilliance.

The Grandparents of Fadi Abed Ahad lived in the Syrian regions and towns that were occupied by Turkey through the give-away of France mandated power over Syria and Lebanon.

They had to flee the province of Mardine and Al Koussour and were saved from the genocide and worked on menial jobs to survive in Lebanon and the city of Zahli.

By فادي عبدالأحد Fadi Abed Ahad

جدي هو من أحدى القرى في ولاية ميردين السورية المحتلة من الأتراك، وستي هي من قرية اسمها القصور من نفس الولاية أو المحافظة

هم من الناجيين من السيفو ( الذبحيات العنصرية)

ذهبوا مشيا على الأقدام إلى زحلة، و نجوا من قطاعين الطرق في تدمر (بطريقم إلى زحلة لبنان)

أهل القرية اختاروا زحلة لأنها على جبل وهي نفس طبيعة ميردين

بعد فترة رجعوا جدي وستي إلى الحسكة لقربها إلى ميردين على أمل أن يشموا هواء مسقط رأسهم، واذكر كان يوجد مع جدي قليل من تراب الضيعة وكان يتبارك فيه بشكل دائم

أملاك جدي موجودة بالضيعة لحتى الآن، مع الأوراق الرسمية

اشتغل فلاح لحتى آخر يوم في حياته، مع إنه يملك أراضي في القرية ، لكنه فضل أن يعيش فلاح فقير وان لا يبيع حبة من تراب القرية

القرية لحتى يومنا هذا، تحت تصرف شعبها يللي ما سلموها لتركيا بشكل رسمي

إنها (بنيبيل )

بنيبيل هي كلمة سريانية من جزئين

بني إيل = أبناء إيل ، او أبناء الله

البقاء للأرض والسلام لارواحهم الطاهرة

وستبقى قرية بنيبيل (أبناء إيل) بحماية إيل العظيم… وهيك

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