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Sure Democrat and Republican elected Presidents, every one of them, had to wage wars, at a large scale or a small scale around the world to re-establish already democratically elected Presidents in the third world.

What the elites in the Anglo sphere of influence are really afraid of is the natural marriage of German capital, technology, market monopolies and industrial efficiency with Russian natural resources, manpower, scientific knowhow and industrial capacity. 


Germany industrial/military progress has been historically linked to neighboring Russia.

It is to observe another major dimension to this fabricated scenario of war on Ukraine: The Middle-East created States strategically depend heavily on Ukraine wheat. If Ukraine stops exporting its wheat then the US will totally control the wheat market in the Middle-East and beyond.

Another factor in this war tension is to bring China into this mess by funding the war and slow down its “peaceful” economic progress.

State of the Nation

(This article lay the blame of all major wars in the 20th century to the Democratic administrations from Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman, Lyndon B. Johnson….)

There is no greater game-changer than war, especially World War.  Although the world community of nations has been quite preoccupied with the cold phase of World War III since the false flag 9/11 terror attacks were staged by the US Federal Government, it’s the long-planned hot phase of WW3 that really matters here.

This is exactly why Joe Biden was installed in the White House—to aggressively prosecute World War III after he helped set the stage — IN THE UKRAINE — as Obama’s Jesuit-controlled VP.


Whether it’s a European regional war or world war remains to be seen during Biden’s presidency; however, a major armed conflict of great consequence to the global order is all but guaranteed.

Both the Biden administration and NATO have worked overtime to provoke Russia into war in such a transparently belligerent manner that it’s clear the globalists will not relent. 

Biden even hastily ended the war in Afghanistan in preparation for the war in Ukraine.

The US military deliberately ended their occupation of Afghanistan in 2021, ahead of an armed conflict in the Ukraine; and purposefully left billions of dollars of weaponry and tons of armaments and other supplies there to be used for the coming war against Russia. 

Afghanistan is the closest nation to southern Russia that can still be used as a NATO-based weapons depot, staging area and launchpad to support a regional armed conflict.


The ongoing war in the Ukraine represents just one [PIVOTAL] piece on the current global geopolitical chessboard. 

It is a particularly BIG piece because the Ukraine occupies a highly geostrategic location where it concerns the multi-century Great Game played over centuries to conquer Russia. 

The distance from the center of Moscow to the Russian-Ukrainian border is only 450 km or 280 miles.

KEY POINT: It’s Not the Ukraine that’s being targeted by the NWO warmongers; it’s Germany.  

The Powers That Be have been on a serious mission, since the various revolutions and wars that were deliberately staged during the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, to keep Russia and Germany apart—FAR APART—forever.

The Zio-Anglo-American Axis knows that a close political/economic alliance between Germany and Russia would spell the final end of the dying US-UK Empire

The Western political establishment will simply not tolerate this; nor will the wealthy elites of US-UK-EU accept the ascendancy of a Russian-German power structure built around the most powerful economic engine the world has ever seen.

What the elites are really afraid of is the natural marriage of German capital, technology, market monopolies and industrial efficiency with Russian natural resources, manpower, scientific knowhow and industrial capacity. 

Such an economic and financial union scares the living daylights out of London and Washington.


There are several other purely geopolitical reasons for Biden’s naked warmongering in the Ukraine as he blindly attempts to lead the West into World War III. 

All of them serve to advance the New World Order agenda while maintaining Zio-Anglo-American domination of the world AT ALL COSTS.

(This article want us to focus on the current events as a guiding rod for this moment of a major war:

(1) Free-Fall Collapse of the Worldwide Covid Tyranny

(2) Replacement of COVID-19 Pandemic with the
“War on Climate Change”

(3) Controlled Demolition of the Global Economic and
Financial System

(4) Acceleration of the Great Reset via Digital Crypto-

(5) Expeditious Implementation of UN Agendas 21 and

(6) Establishment of a One World Government &
Global Security Superstate

(7) Creation of a New World Order via Ordo Ab Chao
in the Wake of World War III




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