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No one, USA or Russia, is playing “Russian” roulette in the Ukraine military scenario

Posted on: February 23, 2022

USA scenario at this moment came way too late for any kinds of roulette game.

After the fall of the Soviet Union and the period of Yeltsin selling most of Russia State public economical institutions for peanut, and the formation of mighty oligarchs, in unison with USA multinationals, here Putin stepped in.

Helen Carrie Dancus wrote:

The Jewish George Soros of Wall Street got in touch with the Russian Jewish Khodorkovsky (who acquired the oil/gas consortium Yukos) and asked him if McDonalds could buy the Kremlin. Khodorkovsky replied if this historic society could be turned into a casino…

Even President Bush Sr. considered putting a bid to purchase Siberia, as USA purchased Alaska a century ago

Putin put in jails the Russian oligarchs who monopolized the oil/gas institutions, the military centers and depots, the timber in Siberia…

USA wanted Russia to lean toward Europe and USA and keep China in the cold.

The USA knew that Russia was in no economical condition to go face to face with the USA monopolies in most financial and economic sectors.

To encourage Putin westward, USA included many Eastern European State into NATO and especially Poland, and installed missiles and military and naval bases and centers.

Putin knew that Ukraine will be out, simply because Russia will inevitable destroy all USA military installations in Ukraine: No roulette is such a case.

Putin decided on a nibbling strategy that would Not drive USA hysterical and force his hands in retreating his forces. Trump presidency came in handy for any forceful responses on Putin

Putin reacted by invading Chechnya, Crimea and many parts of Georgia and parts of Ukraine… and backed Syria

The USA knew that China is backing Russia financially for him to launch military expeditions without much of an economic foundation.

Putin decided that China is a better strategic partner.

Beside, Germany is umbilically linked economically with Russia and will circumvent any economic sanctions, as it circumvented many other sanctions on other States.

USA scenario came too late for any kinds of roulette game.

The consequence will be a diplomatic arrangement among USA, EU, Russia and China in order to deviate any serious military confrontation that is forced upon them by economic balance sheet going hayward.

Note: The initial military plan was to “neutralize” all the regions east of the Dnieper River and control the last Ukrainian port on the Black Sea

Apparently, after destroying all the airfields and missile silos, the Ukraine army retreated haphazardly and Russia opted for a new opportunity: a political structure change over in Ukraine, and thus advanced toward the Capital Kiev.

Mind you that Ukraine is the richest nation in Europe in all kind of mineral resources and foodstuff. If Russia take control of Ukraine, it will control the basic economic sources of the EU.

Ukraine followed Israel as a hub of international crimes in fraud, racketeering and embezzlement. Those international criminals select Israel and Ukraine to settle down and avoid legal proceedings. No wonder that the President and PM of Ukraine are Zionist Jews and speak Hebrew with their family members

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