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There are many kinds of heart attacks. Mine was an obstruction of blood flow in one of the main arteries on the left side of the heart.

Actually, the terrible pain was felt on the right side, around the upper chest, neck and shoulder. The actual center for the pain is the bottom of the heart, as the surgeon says, and as many people think they have an acute stomach ache. Go figure.

After reading the perfectly healthy blood tests, physicians jump to the conjecture that you are a smoker.

Yes, I am a smoker, Not a heavy smoker. Barely a pack a day. And I claim that the cause for my heart attack is Not mainly from smoking, but from a genetically deficient parts that eventually kicked in, or parts that were weakened during the many sicknesses and illnesses in a lifetime.

The story started on the morning of March 2. I had performed my exercises with weight of 5kg in each hand for half an hour and was feeling great. No symptoms of any kinds of pain.

Then the nasty pain lasted about 2 minutes with sweating and then it subsided for an entire day. I went on with my day as usual.

I knew then that this is a stroke and that I should be checking on a hospital very soon. The weather was cold, rainy and Not promising to be going out and I delayed the decision if this accident happens again.

I suffered another attack at night for short duration and waited for the morning, on the assumption that hospitals and emergencies are Not best functioning at night.

Around 6 am, as I opened my eyes, the pain started at the bottom right side of my neck and I understood that the attack has started. Not sure if it was the onset of the attack that woke me up.

This time around, the pain would Not let go, not for a few seconds. Continuous pain. I called my neighboring cousin to take me right away to the emergency unit of the hospital of Beit-Chabab, my hometown.

The emergency personnel took blood sample and heart recording on papers, did their best to lower my blood pressure that reached 18, and arranged with a heart physician to meet me at the hospital of Abou Jawdi for further check up and machines that were Not available in Beit-Chabab.

The pain was continuous and my cousin Noel drove me down to the Abou Jawdi hospital, a 30 minutes drive.

They welcomed me with 2 tests for Covid. One test called a quick one for 200 LP and a formal one for 250 LP in order to enter the hospital.

This welcoming expenses was bad omen to my shattered health condition, a condition that never occurred to my mind that I might become a victim.

A “routine” radio for the chest was done and I submitted to a lengthy “Mill” operation and 2 “ressorts” were inserted in my blocked artery.

The operation lingered and I felt this urge to piss that was overwhelming and let the operating team know my “discomfort”.

They kept telling me to be patient, as if Not pissing is totally in my power.

It turned out that after opening the artery, the blood refused to flow in. So they decided that I will have to wait 5 days in the ICU before they attempt another “Mill control” on Monday.

I spent 24 hours of constant pain, before, during and after the operation, and in the same region of the right upper chest, neck and shoulder.

I experienced the next day an additional kind of 24 hours pain: this time was every time I inhale for breath.

The nurses wanted me to drink 2 L of water in order to evacuate all the medicines they made me ingest, but I barely could drink or eat because this constant blurting of air (tedshayi), even on an empty stomach.

I was never comfortable in that unit reserved for myself, with all the pains, gases and the onset of diarihya.

The nurses had order Not to allow me to step down and check the WC to relieve myself and the experience of using this totally dirtying and uncomfortable utensil in bed was a nasty experience.

The male nurse had a very hard time to clean me up and he decided that it would be best to totally shave my ass in the second attempt.

On Monday, the second mill control was a success: the blood was strongly flowing and the team of operators almost opened Champaign bottles to celebrate this vision.

Mind you that I left in an emergency and never remembered to bring a bag containing emergency items that hospitals refuse to provide, like a comb, a razor, a slipper… I looked like a cave man during my stay.

This year, the month of March was the coldest in recent history and I stayed in bed for warmth.

I visited the surgeon 9 days later and the echo-cardio doppler showed a perfectly functioning heart and arteries. The damage to the heart muscle was very minimal.

I was given a lengthy list of medicines to take: one of them is for a lifetime (Aspicot), another one for an entire year, and a third one to bring to life many tiny arteries that died during this accident….

I am Not even used to take Panadol for pain and they expect me to take medicines every day, morning and evening. And they are expensive and a few are Not even available for the time being.




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