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Israel Special assassination force is operating in Palestinian 1948 territory and killing without trials.

Posted on: April 2, 2022

Palestinians are marking the 46 anniversary of the Land Day.

To be noted that people in Greater Syria (combining all the ethnic minorities stretching 5,000 years of civilization) celebrate the New Year (Akito) on April 1st. The celebration used to last 8 days, starting on March 21. In is also celebrated in Iran.

The Israeli police kidnaped at dawn Wednesday 8 Palestinian young men from Wadi Ara town and Nazareth City in 1948 occupied Palestine and transferred them to detention centers for interrogation.

Following the recent shooting operations in Beersheba and Hadera (Al khodeirat) , the Israeli police have launched a large-scale campaign in Arab towns and cities in 1948 occupied Palestine.

Yesterday, 12 Palestinians were kidnaped by police forces from Umm al-Fahm, Wadi Ara, Sakhnin, Nazareth and Taybeh.

Israel has launched an operation of shooting Palestinians without trial.

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