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Most experts agree that temperature checks (for covid) are a form of theater, a performance intended to put our minds at ease. But the theater is partially the point. When someone steps into a restaurant or hotel, they’re still taking a risk. These thermometers help to remind all of us to continue taking the pandemic seriously.

Never dig deeper in to your origine: Every community that survived had participated in a massacre. La takol asli wa fasli abadan, ennama aslou al fata ma yassalahou.

Des aéroports commencent à tester le « passeport COVID » qui indiquera si une personne a été vaccinée avant le voyage — Les Maîtres du Monde — So travel for me is out of the question: I refuse to be vaccinated for Covid. Though I get the flu vaccine every year

The conventional-minded say that they don’t want to shut down the discussion of all ideas, just the bad ones. There are two reasons why we need to be able to discuss even “bad” ideas. The first is that any process for deciding which ideas to ban is bound to make mistakes. ... The second reason it’s dangerous to ban the discussion of ideas is that ideas are more closely related than they look.

More novels were written about the cheating business among couples. The novel is made big by using the moral and ethical standard of a general society as a Filler. The crux of the matter is a local state of mind of the individual. Should he abide by the idiosyncrasies of the community or should he grab the opportunity to experience an all encompassing passion?

La mécanique tranquille des abattoires, tout est blanc et propre, sauf les cris des cochons suspendus par une chaîne: c’ est l’ enfer déguisé’ qui fait peur. Nazi Germany inherited US mechanics.

Natural product Is Not even every citizen’ asset. National debt is every person’s liability, excluding the elite classes.

The 10 biggest Lebanese banks had amassed $180 bn in accounts and they could afford to face any temporary rush on October 17. Closing their doors was Not a flawed in judgement: the board members of the banks were following orders from US/Israel to destabilize Lebanon, and they should be investigated and tried in criminal justice.

One day, an astronomer will discover a new star where a Black Hole was supposed to be. And the scientists will find a new job: explaining the process of Black Holes exploding into many stars.

The spirit of humanism of Charles Dickens failed to reach the USA, even today.

Nothing is resolved in the USA about owning sub-machine gun. Why? Because the Constitution allowed the White colonials to own and shout at colored people (Black, Red, and Yellow) who trespass their plantations

Many nations had a civilization of high level of tolerance, until warrior nations, and lately colonial powers, inflicted on them their close-minded and racist Law and Order systems

Avant le péché on était un diamant, et après on est devenu un charbon? Alons, le temps qu’on apprenne ce qu’est le vrai péché qui nous ronge la vie. Il faut apprendre a conqueror les petits péchés pour faire face et confronter le plus vilain des peches. On joue a l’alchimiste: traiter le charbon tout au long de notre vie pour obtenir un petit diamant: Ca vaut-il la peine?

If you are lucky to start the third phase of your life, you better transfer what was a shamble in your head to your body and be proud of it.

Only the governments in Syria and Israel follow the events and a few details in Lebanon. All the others never cross their mind that lebanon is a worthy subject matter. Only Lebanon local news media try hard to inflate this croaking animal “nafekh hal Dafda3at”

2020 Physics Laureate Andrea Ghez: nobelprize_org “I feel more passionate about the teaching side of my job than I have ever been, because it’s so important to convince the younger generation that their ability to question and think is crucial to the future of the world.”
In 1995 she wrote the children’s book ‘You Can Be a Woman Astronomer’ inspiring children to become scientists when they grow up.

The children of Palestine and those living in shanty towns of refugee camps, are systematically denied the basic rights of happiness, and of enjoying periods of laziness and boredom. The occupiers made sure to rob these kids of the basic feelings and their innate innocence. They are more mature than other children, and yet, more receptive to all kinds of feelings and emotions. The same goes with Syrian refugees and the poorest of Lebanese

US presidential candidate spending is also only a fraction of the total cost of the US election: One study estimates that a record $10.8 billion will be spent on this year’s vote. Barack Obama had spent $13 per voter. This is way too cheap compared to what election cost in Lebanon per “voter”.

South Korea military spending might surpass France, UK, and Japan in a couple of years, due to its high rate compared to its GNP.

Deloitte and Accenture are among the US government’s largest outside contractors of any kind, paying them billions of dollars for services like management consulting and assistance in modernizing technology.

Solid atomic hydrogen allows sound waves to travel 36 km per second, about twice as fast as through even ultra-dense diamond.

The primary reason the US typically has such a large trade imbalance is that it has the world’s reserve currency. People all over the world want to hold dollars. When foreigners sell goods to people in the US, they don’t always use that money to immediately buy stuff from American companies, but rather, because the dollar is such a safe asset, they keep it. That allows Americans to consume more than they produce.

Usually, people who talk too much are considered weak in the mind. And yet, if you fail to learn how to talk and talk well you will Not be going too far.

Election madness had a different flavor in the early days of the US: Electioneering involved lots of free booze, like the 144 gallons of rum, punch, hard cider, and beer a young George Washington used to woo voters in his second run for local office. (He believed his first attempt failed because he didn’t dole out enough of the good stuff.)

1965: The US enacts the Voting Rights Act, finally taking action to prevent racists from denying Black Americans and other minority groups the right to vote.

Lebanon claims that its army is apolitical? Why? Because the army has No right to vote. I don’t think this is a viable reason. The officers are assimilating during their carrier all kinds of chauvinism and sectarianism. And you discover these facts after they retire: they all wanted to be promoted and they refrain from outright opinions publicly for fear of Black reports.

I don’t believe in luck: good fortune isn’t always an accident. It is when you are prepared when the right opportunity knocks, and you feel it is what fits you.

Chileans, in a landslide 78% of voters in the referendum agreed to rewrite their constitution. They scrapped the country’s dictatorship-era 1980 constitution after mass protests last year over inequality.

A few sentences from the Memoirs of Jean Jacques Rousseau:

“Je sens tout et je ne vois rien. Je suis emporté, mais stupid: mes idees sont lentes a naitre. Il faut que je sois de sang-froid pour penser. Je manque d’apropos dans mes conversations. Mes idées sont sont excellentes en écrit.”

The democratic process, allowing the base to vote, has the advantage to open up freedom of opinions, debates and a wider communication among the members. The trustee system (Senate, representative chambers, majles Oumanaa2) might look good logically because a gathering of educated and experienced members, and might be the best alternative at the beginning, but it usually becomes obsolete to the base and inevitably leads to dictatorship of a certain political class of elders with vested interests.

If there’s an electoral college tie, it goes to the House. At that point, according to the 12th amendment, the newly elected House chooses the president among the three leading candidates. The new Senate, meanwhile, gets to pick the vice-president from the same three candidates. My question is: how tie is being considered numerically?

Researchers say cortisol hormone levels in earwax can transform diagnostics for people with depression. Not an indicator for Stress too?

It is impossible to contemplate the Zionists and US extremist Protestants still living under this heap of crap of fake knowledge, myths and racist ideology. Israel is surviving under this mound of shit and forbidden to criticize its apartheid policies.

When those States drop “La Ilaha illa Allah” from their flags, when they drop from their Constitutions that Shari3at is the foundation of the laws, when they drop that a religious sect is the religion of the State, when they drop the concept that women’ brain is half that of men…Then, you may ask me “How do you foresee the future for these people?”

Desist from hiding your belonging off your sight: you end up acquiring the double of everything when the time for the great clean-up is ripe.

US having no central authority in charge of elections. No wonder the US citizens are always confused on “how to vote”

And the Beltway battle cry of “look to the future, not the past!” is what all political power systems tell their subjects to do when they want to flush their own crimes down the memory hole.

Oh Palestinians, Jordanians, Lebanese, Syrians, Iraqis: You should Not cow down to the colonial powers directives that you are living on individual Islands and have to fend individually by yourselves. You are one nation, one people and you have got to think, feel and act accordingly. One for all and all for one against the forces that want you isolated, weak and taken apart in our existential future.

Great awakening of the troubling times ahead. Walmart is temporarily pulling guns and ammunition from shelves. Citing rising tensions after police fatally shot a Black man in Philadelphia on Monday, the retailer will require customers to specifically request the items for purchase. Approximately half of Walmart’s 4,700 US stores sell firearms.

Global Debt reached $280,000 bn, mostly printing money with no reserves of any kinds. The many next generations will have to resolve this “funny money” game.

Stephen Hawking wrote: “If you stacked the new books being published next to each other, at the present rate of production you would have to move at ninety miles an hour just to keep up with the end of the line.” For each of these books of, “famous” profitable authors, there’s a cover, carefully designed, to catch the reader’s, and hopefully buyer’s, eye.

French colonialism did the most harm to the people in the Near-East. French institutions have been suckering to Zionist movements since 1870 and preempting their demands all the way.

All billionaires have shares in pharmaceutical companies, in oil companies, in chemical companies… What is worrying is that, eventually, most vaccines (covid-19 and others) will be laced with 5G microchips to control and monitor world population by the superpowers. Mind you that Taiwan is the main manufacturer of those microchips.

Do you trust covid-19 vaccine? I don’t. Especially when they force it on you. and more horrifying, when the pharmaceutical companies are liability-free if you die or are maimed…(The PERP ACT of Trump administration)

The night is much longer than the day. Not just in duration but in exhaustion. Trying to sleep and waking up frequently and filling the void. By day break, you feel that you had done all your mental work

US regulators approved the first rapid at-home coronavirus test. It has been developed by California-based Lucira Health, and can be completed from start to finish in one location and in only 30 minutes, without requiring an external laboratory to analyze samples. (I don’t trust anymore US health regulators) “The bottom line is: we’re still looking at the same Deep State, the same factions, the same players, and the same playbooks. Mafia, CIA, military, and “Texas oil interests”, meaning the Hunts, the Murchisons, and – yes – the Bush famdamnly. And we’re still looking at a banana republic… with nukes” 57 […]

US/colonial powers commit the assassinations and Israel get free propaganda to her Mossad. Paid mercenaries have to pay the consequences.

How the “terrorist”activities are conducted? US/colonial powers fund the “terrorist/mercenary” camps. A high officer in the internal service of a third country (Pakistan for example) manages and run the execution of the activity. If activity fails or the main officers are uncovered, they are exterminated in order Not to leave evidences. Former Pakistan dictator General musharraf said: “These are Not terrorist movement, they can be considered as armed NGO”

I will Not trust flying a 737 again, even if Boing said it spent $20 bn to have it approved fit for flying again

I am still reading Rousseau (Confession Tome #1). I am struck by his frank description of his character and in details. It matches mine, except in what he claims of his passionate tendencies, a character I still ignore if I had it in my childhood.

The New York Times said it finally got hold of the US president’s tax records, and reported that he frequently paid No federal income tax at all because of “chronic losses;” He paid only $750 the year he became president.

An unexamined life is Not worth living. And after being examined, it turns out Not to be such a bargain

“The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.

We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.

The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the deadly light into the peace and safety of a new dark age.”

—H.P. Lovecraft, from the opening of “The Call of Cthulhu. HP was an outright racist and every Non-White immigrant was a “beast”. Basically a KluKlox Clan

Why this urgency of US/Israel to negotiate the maritime borders between Lebanon and Israel? Apparently, the blocks 8 and 9 in Lebanon are the main reserves of gas/oil in the Mediterranean Sea. Israel wants to start extraction near this area and fear Hezbollah will demolish any offshore installations without any agreement. Israel does Not want the wealth of this reserve to be shared with Egypt and Cyprus.

Proving that competition is a click away is not the same thing as proving that a market is competitive. For competition to work well, consumers need to be able and willing to switch to better products, and new competitors need to be able to enter the market.

Released 42 years ago: late Nigerian Afrobeat star and political activist Fela KutiSorrow Tears & Blood” in his pidgin English: “My people sef dey fear too much!”. Fitting Nigeria past three weeks of EndSARS protests against police brutality, this “Special Anti-Robbery Squad” 

Lumper-proletariat? Prolétariat a guenilles des bidonvilles, shantytowns. L’intellectuel communist a une idée précise de ses propre sous-classes. Ces Lumper-proletaires terrorise les communists traditionnels: Ils ne savent pas comment traiter avec eux.

Chinese officials are testing out a virtual yuan, backed by the central bank, in one of the world’s most cashless societies. Funny, counterfeit digital yuan wallets have already sprung up to exploit the innovation. Yeah, how old, off-line problems have a way of resurfacing in the online world.

Racism is virtual among the rich, regardless of color, religion or origine. The only difference is Old and New wealth.

Racism spans all the spectrum of differences among the poor people.
One exception in Lebanon: White colonial citizens are highly welcomed and treated like VIP, even if they are practically poor or pretty stingy

“Zombie fires”? Wildfires have been smoldering underground in Siberia for five years and can outlast harsh winters and are a growing problem in Arctic areas of Russia.

If we could read each other’s body language, Zooming will fail to bring out the remote communication message.

Not much into that business. If you care, then these Top 10 Cyber Security Tips

  • Reboot your mobile device(s) every morning
  • Use a microphone/camera blocker on all devices/computers when not in use
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with all email/cloud/web accounts
  • Use a Password Manager (with strong passwords, no password reuse)
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN), make sure the VPN vendor is based in a friendly country!
  • Make sure all devices/computers are fully patched (operating system/software/apps are always updated)
  • Don’t post addresses, phone numbers or email account information on social media
  • When travelling, don’t use airport/plane/hotel Wi-Fi networks unless absolutely necessary (and use a VPN if you do!)
  • At home, don’t use the Wi-Fi network provided by your ISP modem (use a separate Wi-Fi router)
  • Keep home IoT (smart speakers, TVs, etc) on a separate Wi-Fi network from devices/computers

Nicolás Rivero’s story on how cities like Stockholm and Seoul are using pneumatic tubes to dispose of waste brightened my day, allowing me to daydream of a better-smelling, less rat-heavy way of life. —Sarah Todd

More than 100 years ago, a multinational Census of Hallucinations found that up to 19% of the living said they’ve encountered the dead . Did you ever had this experience?

The rolling droids robots emit ultraviolet light to disinfect St. Pancras International, one of the country’s busiest transport hubs.

Even with the $18 trillion of stimulus pumped into the global economy, mostly by wealthy governments, the International Monetary Fund projects a cumulative loss of some $12 trillion by the end of 2021.

Measuring hidden carbon footprints of oil companies that are mostly generated  from their customers and suppliers?  David Fickling and Elaine provide a useful, if “more art than science,” estimate of which big polluters are keeping the most concealed.

Caste system in certain countries extend to overseas locations: Indians from lower castes can’t escape prejudice even when they emigrate to the US. It’s rampant in Silicon Valley, and Dalits in particular face insidious discrimination from their upper-caste Indian colleagues.

The main reason for tariff cost related are handicap procedure 77%, These cost have prompted companies to relocate their supply chains production. An increase of 33% so far.

New research from the New York Federal Reserve shows more than 70% of a potential $1,500 second payment would be saved or put towards debt payments rather than buying goods, which is the main reason for these lavish payment. Only the well to do can save. The common people have to spend it, no matter how they respond for “wishing” to save.

Poorer nations are floundering amid massive public debt and shortfalls in state revenue. All the while, the roughly 2 billion people who eke out a living in the world’s informal economies face varying degrees of deprivation.

Financiers and traders on Wall Street may be starting to feel optimistic, but for most people the gloom is only deepening. Starvation and famine are looming wide and large in most Third World States

Why we refrain to say what we think? Do we only express opinions that seem safe to the community idiosyncrasy? Here’s how the spiral of silence works and how we can discover what people really think?  If you never master the courage to sound and look like an idiot for a while, you’ll never do anything great.

Antoun Saadi, founder of Syria National Social party in 1936 said: “The main difference between our capitalist class and the ones in more advanced nations is that our kind of capitalism is Not founded on industrialization which seeks unified and larger markets; but we have simply an outmoded mercantile system

A reminder for our people in the Near-East: Israel was implanted by the western colonial powers in our region to prevent any daily trade and communication among the same people. Israel was created to fail us in any sustained development among the same people who were divided in pseudo “independent” States in order to facilitate the fomenting of civil wars among the pseudo-States. Israel/USA/France/Britain are existential threat to our future well-being

Equal practical opportunities circumvent the wrong implication that opinions are reached independently of their surrounding.

As long as police officers are Not controlled for alcoholism, violence will be prevalence in these institution.

One of the plans of the genes is to decide whether we are to be one of the human species or a bacteria.
Together, the bacteria in the intestine have 150 times more genes than us, called microbiome

Stimulating opportunities to choose from is a stabilizing factor in societies. Stimulating desires (and wants) can be easily blocked in many ways and generate unrests

When a young guy was raised to equal status in the living with his superiors (parents, uncles…), to feel free of extending his opinions, of tasting everything that was displayed in front of him, of expressing the desires he has…How can this guy feels as soon as he feels scared and cowed when confronted with a Master who treats him as a “slave”? Who forces him Not to speak or communicate with the invitees, of Not finishing his meal (as was the customs with apprentis)… When he feels like desiring everything just because he is denied it? (Rousseau)

If an hour of reading leisurely failed to generate a single worthy idea/feeling to note down, then you better try another book

Covid-19 has resuscitated the ancient mode of separation among communities. Farewell the mild fiscal and commercial barriers. Still, internet (social platforms) continue to add wings to ideas/feelings that have been restrained for so long.

We don’t need to travel in order to grow agreeably? That may be valid if we had the opportunity to travel, at least once, to physically get in touch with differences.

Le comble de l’ironie: “L’Empereur n’était pas dépourvu du sens moral: il connaissait très bien le mal, quand le mal ne venait pas directement de lui” (Chateaubriand). This is the trademark of all “popular” dictators who spread calamities on their people.

La gloire revient comme une vapeur radieuse et couvre a l’instant le tableau de l’infamie.

La France a fait Napoleon: Les institutions de Louis 16 a permit a Bonaparte de devenir officier, la Révolution était sa nourrice, les premières succès militaires des recruits de La Révolution lui ont permit de continuer les succes militaire, Robespierre lui a donné’ une excuse majeure d’abattre la Révolution et il ne cessa de l’abattre…

300,000 soldats Français furent fauchés chaque année durant le règne de Napoléon. Quand les Français connurent l’humiliation de Napoléon a Saint Helene, ils oublièrent tout leur misères et la misère des générations future.

The practical British institutions turned a blind eye, as long as the sexual preference is Not acknowledged publicly, in order Not to disturb the Victorian conservatism and conserve the heritage laws.

The ultimate in irony: It was Robespierre, the one who dispatched 17,000 French to the scaffold, who was the staunchest defender among the revolutionary leaders for the Abolition of the Death Penalty

Arkansas, California, Florida, Montana, Oregon, and Texas all reported spikes in Covid-19 related deaths, with Latinos the worst-affected group.

Jeff Bezos, Sundar Pichai, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook (combined worth: $265.8 billionappear before Congress to defend their horror business practices that add billions everyday to their personal wealth.

A massive transfer of wealth to women is under way in the US. They are taking control of an additional $20 trillion in assets this decade as male baby boomers die, leaving assets to spouses, and as more women become breadwinners.

Les Intouchables de l’Inde (Untouchables cast), comme dans plusieurs pays qui croulent sous les myths ancestral, hors caste, hors systeme, hors systeme scolaire, et jugée “impure” et relégués a la périphérie de l’humanité’.

By 2005 the number of transistors and diodes on a silicon chip rose above 1bn, which many thought was unsustainable. ⁠But there are now around 50 bn transistors jostling for space on some chips and producers are gunning for more.⁠ In the current state of the art, the smallest components (transistors and diodes) made on a silicon chip are about 7 nanometres (billionths of a metre) across.⁠ As components shrink, electrons start to leak from the connections between them.

Price of gold $2000 has gone up by more than 30% this year, because of a weak dollar and low bond yields.

Funny. Covid-19 confinement has proven that No major commercial furniture manufacturers have designed a convincing high-performance chair that blends in with the rest of our homes (✦). —Kira Bindrim, 

Protest in Portland continues. For the 56th day in a row, a mostly white crowd of protesters gathered to voice their disapproval of police brutality and racial injustice.

Ideal face mask for Covid-19? You want a three-layer mask. Next to your mouth goes cotton or something else soft and woven. The middle should be a non-woven material, like a Kleenex or the polypropylene in reusable shopping bags, to increase filtration. And the outside should be something that repels moisture, like a nylon or polyester blend.

Never Promise anything to anyone: It means you agreed to be exploited. If you must promise, let it be for a specific task that will Not last more than 24 hours.

La dignité humaine prend son élan avec un ventre plein. Surtout de la viande, quand tout autre chose manque

When a kid, the teacher didn’t have much to teach us, but what I learned from his gentle style of learning without pain or coercion, I never forgot throughout my life. (Rousseau). That’s a valid method when a kid. As we grow up, anything worth learning will come with hard work, perseverance and studiousness.

Come to think about it, it was a glorious summer. I was 14 and my parents paid for two private sessions of learning, 5 mornings a week. I walked up to my previous boarding school in Beit-Chabab and returned before noon. We were at most 3 students. One of the sessions was how to factors in equations of multiple power degrees (5 and more degrees) and Father Boutrus was my teacher. The other session was reading Arabic stories and essays and taught by an older Maronite Father.  The exercise was to find out the main essence of the piece we read. Patiently, the teacher listened to our opinions, and his main essence would always leave us speechless and awed.

I don’t recall what I did before age 5. I don’t recall when I started to read books. I guess that naturally Bambara (language in southern Mali) was the first language I communicated with: We were the only “White” family in that village. Even if “MY Boy” was sourd-muet. The only picture I have of my pretty boy was crouching and observing me riding my little 3-wheel bike. I was pretty too, with my curly hair.

Ay age 5, I went for only 3 months to the white French Freres school. An assistant gave me ride on the bike. Mother told me I managed to learn the 4 math operations in that duration. Before I got the typhoid fever and almost died and was shipped to Lebanon to an intern school for 6 years.

At the start of Lebanon civil war in 1975, a community mix of Christians and Muslims decided to march to Beirut Center and deny the plans of foreign powers to be executed. Two young women were to meet early morning, wearing the same clothes and yellow color and then the community will get out of their building and gather. A sniper shot dead one of the woman and Lebanon sank for 15 years in a devastating civil war. (Andree’ Chedid in “Maison sans racines)

Marc Miskin:  “In 30 years, when my son is my age, what will we do with that ability? Will microrobots live in our bloodstream, as common as bacteria? Will they live on our crops and get rid of pests? Will they tell us when we have infections, or will they fight cancer cell by cell?“⁠

When doctor Li Wenliang posted his warning on Dec. 30, the new coronavirus had not yet been identified. Dr. Li warned troubling cluster of viral infections in a Chinese province that could grow out of control. He told us: “If the officials had disclosed information about the epidemic earlier, I think it would have been a lot better. There should be more openness and transparency.”⁣

The resolution to curb Donald Trump’s ability to declare war on Iran without approval from Congress has bipartisan support and is expected to pass.

Former Under Armour Execs are making the best jeans of 2020 by using a proprietary fabric consisting of Italian milled denim infused with the same stuff used in football uniforms and yoga pants. It is dealing directly with the customer for a killer price.

Google is appealing antitrust fines levied against it for allegedly favoring its own shopping comparison tool over smaller European rivals.

The CIA secretly owned Crypto AG, the company that made the world’s encryption devices to listen in on private communications. For decades, spies used Crypto AG’s products.

Iraq is the strategic location for energy in the Middle-East and Syria the cultural center and national pride for this region.

Bush Jr. quickly forgot Afghanistan in order to keep a close eye on Iran and sustain its economic embargo since the USA could Not invade or occupy Iran. 7ashed Sha3bi changed the done: give it time and Iraq will convince USA that it does Not need its presence to unite

“Ghost population”? The genomes from West African populations are found to have up to a fifth of their DNA appeared to have come from the unknown species. Geneticists suspect the ancestors of modern west Africans interbred with the to-be-discovered human species tens of thousands of years ago.

Influenza B (the flu more common in the Spring; whereas A is more common in the fall/winter. A team from the MIT Department of Chemistry @mit_chemistry unveil the structure of a flu protein, which could help researchers design drugs to treat infections from influenza B, designing small molecules that can block it .

Before World War II, Dresden was called “the Florence of the Elbe” and was regarded as one the world’s most beautiful cities for its architecture and museums.  By February 15, the USA savagely bombed this city for 2 successive days. This city, which had no strategic interest in the war, was a smoldering ruin and an unknown number of civilians—estimated at 25,000 dead.

Consequences of China Coronavirus epidemic: Supply chains are tangled, global webs and China is the world’s second-biggest importer. Any economic weakness, no matter how temporary, is felt by all.⁠

The expert opinions of Sex forensic experts, and knowledgeable in a particular community idiosyncrasies need to be recognized in court to save the victims from public harassment, settle 90% of cases out of court, and cut court costs

The Award is named after Fridtjof Nansen, the first High Commissioner for Refugees (during WWI) who served from 1920 to 1930. He helped hundreds of thousands of refugees to return home.

The EU launches new tech and AI rules that include limits on facial recognition and more scrutiny on monopolistic acquisitions by US tech giants like Facebook, and are meant to differentiate European firms on the basis of values like competition, equality, transparency, and oversight.

South Korea launched the world’s first air quality satellite. The Chollian 2B will monitor fine dust and other air pollutants in the East Asian region. The information it will gather could pave the way for a new disaster relief communications system.

Neanderthals were Not concentrated in”Europe”.  They have used flowers in their funerals. The clues come from a skeleton found in a cave in Iraq.

It is easy for man-made fire to spread: You drop a ping-pong ball of permanganate of potassium in a field and with some wind you start an efficient fire that can spread like crazy. I believe that the fire that were generated in Lebanon was activated by Israel via drones.

Thinker and philosopher Zeno is born in Cyprus, a province of Syria in 490 BC. Four of the more than 40 thought experiments he is said to have devised are most often employed as vivid introductions to the intersection of math and philosophy, where something readily apparent is a challenge to definitively prove.

The most powerful of Zeno’s paradoxes grapple with the concept of infinity while pitting observable reality against the scientific language we use to describe that reality, suggesting that elements of the everyday, like motion and speed, are actually illusory. A few of Zeno paradoxes:

Dichotomy paradox: If you want to walk across the room, you have to first walk half that distance, then half the remaining distance, ad infinitum, so how do you ever get there?

Achilles paradox: If a turtle gets a head start in a race against Achilles, Achilles has to cover half the distance between himself and the turtle in order to catch up. Then half that. And half again. And again. In an upset, the turtle wins!

Arrow paradox: At any given instant, an arrow in flight occupies a certain space, no more and no less. At the next instant, it occupies a different space. If you assume an instant is indivisible, the arrow is not in motion. So how does it move? “It is never moving, but in some miraculous way the change of position has to occur between the instants, that is to say, not at any time whatever,” as Bertrand Russell put it.

Stadium paradox: Imagine three sets of three bodies in stadium rows: three As, three Bs, three Cs. The As are stationary; the Bs are moving right; the Cs are moving left at the same speed. In the same timeframe, the Cs will pass just one of the As, but two of the Bs. Crazy, right? (It doesn’t seem like it, but if you think of space and time atomistically, they pass without passing.)

“Zeno’s arguments, in some form, have afforded grounds for almost all theories of space and time and infinity which have been constructed from his time to our own.”—Bertrand Russell

Other legendary paradoxes to mull:

😡 The Liar paradox, or Epimenides’s paradox: The Cretan philosopher is still remembered centuries later for the statement “all Cretans are liars”… get it?

🌉 Buridan’s bridge: From the 14th-century Parisian philosopher and Aristotle expert Jean Buridan.

🐴 Buridan’s ass: Inspired (but not created) by Buridan, it’s more paradoxical for machines than people.

🎺 Torricelli’s trumpet: A mathematical creation outlining a cone that has finite volume but infinite surface area.

💡 Fitch’s paradox of knowability: “It tells us that if any truth can be known then it follows that every truth is in fact known.”

China’s alleged hacking efforts have borne fruit just as big data and artificial intelligence combine to make those massive databases useful, sortable, and studiable. As Barr said on Monday, “This data has economic value, and these thefts can feed China’s development of artificial intelligence tools as well as the creation of intelligence targeting packages.”

“Writing comes from reading, and reading is the finest teacher of how to write.” – Annie Proulx published Brokeback Mountain in the New Yorker in 1997.

“The more sci-fiction novels and stories you write, the more coincidences happens”. Kim Stanley Robinson.  In his 2005 novel “Forty Signs of Rain,” an epochal storm called Tropical Storm Sandy floods most of Washington, D.C. The book came out seven years before Superstorm Sandy pummeled New York, something Robinson chalks up to coincidence.⁠

A team of “experts” from the IMF heads to Lebanon to give “advice” as the country faces an economic meltdown. Lebanon has not yet asked the IMF for financial assistance, but yesterday was the worst day on record for the heavily indebted country’s bonds. Lebanon is supposed to repay $1.2 bn in March and the State and Central Bank are practically bankrupt

No, it is Not the difference in opinions that drive people to fight one another: it is your choice of the moment between what you consider the “truth” represented by your community positions or your “conscience” as a human for fairness and equity.

Talking about the horror that refugees living in tents have to endure during winter is one thing but seeing it and feeling it and experiencing is another qualitative horror level!

“Who are the terrorists?” 308 actions were conducted by Zionists terror organizations (Palmach, Irgun and Stern) against civilian Palestinians before and after recognition of Israel

According to a Chinese expert, patients who think they’ve fully recovered could still be infectious.

There comes a time when people problems need to be solved by people and Not by biased algorithms. 

La vie est un genre littéraire. A toi de le choisir et la manipuler. De meme que le genre de la mort.

I conjecture that the best time to start schooling for 6 month-old babies: Teaching them sign language (about 100 signs) before communicating verbally.

The rationale of depressed British establishment for quitting EU was: “If there is no way to catch up with Germany, it is better for our sanity to lick our wounds in isolation”

Very funny: explaining False facts as Alternative facts. Kind the difference between conjecture and pseudo-science?

Pas besoin de rejeter tout ce qu’on nous offre, mais meme ce petit geste ne sera pas laché sans une bagarre armée convaincante

The big black hole in Lebanon deficit is for paying the civil servants that constitute about a third of the “working” population. As for the rest of the people, the government doesn’t give a shit: it considers that it is none of its “responsibility”

A few social media are promoting travel tips, encouragement and packagest. Excellent ideas:

First, with this outbreak of coronavirus, do you still think this post is timely?

Second, many States do Not have “colonial passports” (passport that allows you to travel without visas), have you considered the added cost and time consuming for applying to visas and expected problems in airport checkout? Third, are there Credit cards with low interest rates (and low penalties if you are Not carrying enough cash to cover the balance) while traveling for more than a month and these cards are accepted in the country you visits?

Late Polish journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski wrote in 1974: Quand on traverse la Syrie, la Jourdanie ou le Liban, tout est beauté, ordre et harmonie. On est dans un paradis de vergers d’orangers, de citronniers, d’oliviers et d’abricotiers.
Ce sont les camps Palestiniens qui ressemblent a un immense patchwork d’argile, de tôle rouillés, de vieux chiffons… et des nuées de mouches

60,000 is the Number of slide-rule operators required in 1922 to theoretically predict the next day’s weather using Navier-Stokes equations

During the Cold War, the USA could Not allow any communist/socialist movement to access to power through a democratic election, especially in Indonesia (1965-68, One million communists slaughtered) and Latin America (blood to the knees as predicted by the chief of USA Federal Reserve Bank).

The cycle of confronting democratic processes has resumed in Chili of Allende, Brazil of Lula and Venezuela of Chavez…all the other countries have made tacit deal with colonial multinationals: Capitalist ideology would be threatened.

The families of the victims knew all the assassins (“patriotic militias” at the sold of the military army) and yet, the families of the assassins (fathers/brothers) claimed that they were Not aware of any “wrongdoing”. This process is still happening everyday, somewhere.

Just consider the additional facilities needed to take travelers’ Temperature the Old Way

I rephrase what I read: “Losing your mother resurface your main metaphysical construct , hidden deep into your subconscious”. I would like a list of comparisons for each metaphysical issue with its normal real belief system.

The epidemic has spread to 34 countries, with Italy, Iran, and South Korea reporting surging numbers of infections. Contagion now seems to be happening between countries a long way from China and its containment efforts.

Funny. An Irish drug dealer lost bitcoin passwords worth $60 million when he stashed them in a fishing rod case, but his landlord threw it out after he was arrested.

Office corporate meeting?  This enduring need for “garbage speak,”  “operationalize” , “level set”, “parallel models” prospectus reads like “something a person wrote in the middle of an Adderall overdose with a gun to his head.”

When I experience a totally disgusting night dream, I start doubting the relevance of human species.

Emotions are brain’s predicted guesses within a context that you think come close to one of your past experiences. Thus, Simple feelings (like calmness and agitation, excitement, comfort, discomfort) are Not emotions

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund is $1.2 trillion fund, the largest in the world, is looking for a successor to Yngve Slyngstad. The job is considered to be the most important in the country (paywall), as the fund is worth three times its economy.

Saudi Arabia suspended pilgrimages by foreigners to Mecca and Medina as it counted more than 220 coronavirus cases. Wonderful occasion to let the pilgrims to reconsider their previous myths, and spending lots of money to enrich this retrograde Wahhabi Kingdom.

And Iran advised against travel to Qom, which is the epicenter of its outbreak.

Scientists discovered the first animal that doesn’t need oxygen to live. It’s changing the definition of what an animal can be.

The “wartime measures” that Chinese authorities have put in place in Wuhan to stop its spread have been stepped up.⁠ Even if the cases are diminishing. Apparently, you can get Coronavirus after you thought you recovered from the first time. That is a very dangerous fact that is more horrifying than the epidemic.

Pandemic: Global spreading of an epidemic

Sweatshop factories: Global exploitation of the poorest people

Capitalism: Global subjecting to indignity the working people

Colonial imperialism: Global sanctioning of any attempt to self economic autonomy

Unicef’s adoption of bitcoin could lead to greater independence for the organization.

Covid-19 spreading to almost all countries: Supply chains are being disrupted and public gatherings are being canceled, which can filter through to spending and investment.

Revisiting the Tocqueville Paradox? Inequality isn’t rising in Latin America, but protests against inequality certainly are on the up. It is an expanding middle class that makes people more frustrated by inequity. These people have the exposure to the wealthy to understand what went wrong.” —Dan Kopf, senior data reporter

Machines are to do the job of reducing human error in programming: an estimated $312bn (in 2016) spent on debugging software every year.

Do you want to write a poem? Recall a personal experience and leisurely and frankly recount the event. By the by, let whatever imagination and passion that you possess to bypass the limit of the reality.

What else is keeping you alive? Letting loose your demons, which you created and nourished. Share your demons, these black fixers of your character and attitudes.




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