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Can you spread Covid-19 if you get the vaccine? The short answer is: We don’t know yet. Why?
The first reason for that is practical:
Vaccines’ priority is preventing exposed individuals from getting sick, so that’s what the clinical trials for Covid-19 shots were designed to determine.
We simply don’t have public health data to answer the question of transmission yet.

The second reason is immunological. From what we know so far, Covid-19 vaccines cause the body to produce a class of antibodies called immunoglobulin G, or IgG antibodies.
These antibodies are heavyweights: They react swiftly to all kinds of foreign entities. They make up the majority of our antibodies, and are confined to the parts of our body that don’t have contact with the outside world, like our muscles and blood.

But to prevent Covid-19 transmission, another type of antibodies could be more important. The immune system that patrols your outward-facing mucosal surfaces—like the nose, throat, lungs, and digestive tract—relies on immunoglobulin A, or IgA antibodies.
People who get sick and recover from Covid-19 produce a ton of these more-specialized antibodies, but we don’t yet know how well existing vaccines incite them.

Because of all that complication, it’s unlikely that immunological research alone will reveal how well vaccines can prevent Covid-19 transmission—at least, not for years.
Until then, community spread is the best way to tell if a vaccine can stop a person from transmitting a virus to others.

In the period between the first vaccine injection of Covid and the second inoculation the immune system drops dangerously. My conjecture is that the many varieties of Covid surfaced during the secret testing of the vaccine. Lebanon is the turntable of all the family varieties of Covid flocking from UK, South Africa, Israel and Denmark…

One of these strains—scientists call it B.1.1.7—originated in the UK. Viruses in the B.1.1.7. lineages have small modifications on their spike proteins. Instead of one set of amino acids, which are the biological Legos that make proteins, they have others—like swapping out a blue brick for a red one. This building-block switcheroo makes the spike protein better able to attach to our cells and infect them, microbiologist and immunologist David Topham

During the Spanish Flu pandemics, starting in 1920, people figured out that wearing a mask is very much a common sense protection. Still the Flu harvested over 20 million around the world. If we say that the global population increased 3 fold since then, should we expect that 60 million should die before Covid gives us a reprieve? With vaccines or no vaccines, since at least 3 billion will never get that vaccine?

Travel in 2021 is going to be a stop-and-go journey, as governments and businesses try to figure out an equitable plan to get things back to normal.  Be prepared to have the vaccine Passport on you

Janssen says its Covid-19 vaccine can prevent 66% of symptomatic cases, Janssen’s vaccine shines by another metric: reducing the severity of the disease, potentially freeing up hospital beds.

To keep people out of the hospital and prevent death—this is value added,” said Anthony Fauci, the director of the US National Institute on Allergy and Infectious diseases on NBC Nightly News. Actually, the other vaccines dispatch 2% of the takers to intensive care units.

When THEY come to stick you forced Covid-19 vaccine- Just Think and recall this precedent code:

After Macron tested positive to Covid: Macron en the phone: “Allo, Professor Raoult? To the rescue. Au secours”.

Yalla. Covid-19 has become a passe-partout “cause of death“. You don’t die of Ebola, Sarl, or other sisters of Corona…. You just died of Covid-19. I am under the impression that the “Spanish flu” that harvested more than 20 millions after WWI might be a nasty kind of Covid-19.

Do you trust covid-19 vaccine? I don’t. Especially when they force it on you. and more horrifying, when the pharmaceutical companies are liability-free if you die or are maimed...(The PERP ACT of Trump administration)

US regulators approved the first rapid at-home coronavirus test. It has been developed by California-based Lucira Health, and can be completed from start to finish in one location and in only 30 minutes, without requiring an external laboratory to analyze samples. (I don’t trust anymore US health regulators)

Covid-19 has resuscitated the ancient mode of separation among communities. Farewell the mild fiscal and commercial barriers. Still, internet (social platforms) continue to add wings to ideas/feelings that have been restrained for so long.

The US has the highest number of hospitalizations from preventable causes and the highest rate of avoidable deaths relative to other wealthy nations, according to the Commonwealth Fund.

Biden said what amount to: “we are Not going to demand from nations to do what we cannot give and apply as examples to follow”. Sure, Biden has the habit of Not quoting sentences that impress audiences. Hoping that older age agrees with good pronouncement.

It turned out that Ukraine was an exception to his rule and philosophy? Going on a path for a third grand economic war that should change world trade processes?

Impotence is covering your violent heart with a cloak of nonviolence rhetoric.

“Traînée de poudre”, spreading Covid like wildfire: Lebanon actually reached contamination of 10,000 per day, the highest rate per number of population. Most of the cases, as everywhere else, are located in disinherited people living in crowded camps and shantytowns.

When 30% of the “working force” are employed in government institutions and most of them barely show up to work, and yet get paid…how can this pseudo-State of Lebanon surmount its economic and financial deficits?

The worst among enemies (religious sects) are those branded “heretics” by the dominant religious sect. This label extends to political parties and ideologies. Most of the savage wars around the world and empires were conducted under the excuse of fighting heretics

Though most “Protestants”, of so-called Christian sects, adopt the Jewish mythological stories and barely rely on the New testament, they considered the “Jews” living in ghettos as “heretics”, and vice versa. Pogrom and persecutions had a deep connotation for the common people as Jews being heretics to the dominant religion in every nation.

Trump refused to fool the US voters that he learned to act as a President to all: he preferred to position himself as the Leaders of the hooligan factions

It was thanks to the campaign efforts of Obama and Sanders to rally the Democrats and select Biden as the party candidate to confront Trump. They figured out that this “lukewarm candidate” cannot be attacked convincingly by Donald as “communist” or left leaning. Obama had to settle in California in order to rally his supporters to vote for Biden as Dem. candidate as Biden was already considered the biggest loser in the initial primaries. (The Ukraine war is proof that USA institutions wanted to pressure Russia to invade Ukraine since then)

I agree with George Orwell: “If you cannot write, you cannot think (properly), and others will think for you”. I assume that Orwell meant: If you cannot observe (consciously observe what is going around you) and note down accurately what roil your set of values…then you are Not fit to write for others to think clearly.

Historical question if there are data: During the “Spanish Flu” pandemics that reaped over 20 millions within 2 years, I wonder when people started to wear the masks and how masks decreased the level of contamination.

General knowledge is important to know the context of speeches, articles and books. When context is Not directly provided you left of assume anything. Without understanding of the context, what we hear or read fall within the abstract domain and is Not retained.

Why islands and shorelines that experience devastating frequent hurricanes and tsunamis still rebuild at the same places?

The big Baobab tree preserves large quantity of fresh water in its trunk. The baobab can reach 30 meters high, live more than 1,000 years and won’t need rain for 10 years to survive.

Tribes learned to excavate an entrance in the trunk in order to extract badly needed water in dry seasons. The baobab is as good a source as aquatic wells.

As the dry season starts, chameleons all die. The hidden eggs in the deep soil will have to fend for themselves.

Toutes ces jeunes visages palestiniens sur cette photo ont été assassinés par Israël depuis le début du mois d’avril.

Peut être une image de 21 personnes et texte
Peut être une image de 5 personnes, personnes debout et texte

Encore 5 nouveaux palestiniens ont été assassinés en 24H:
Parce qu’ils avaient eux aussi des prénoms, noms et visages:
Omar Mohamed Elayyan, 20 ans, assassiné hier soir d’une balle dans la poitrine dans le village de Silwad près de Ramallah
Mustafa Abu Alrob, professeur, a été assassiné à Jénine ce matin
– Qusai Fuad Mohammad Al-Hamamra avait 16 ans, il a été assassiné hier dans la ville occupée de Husan, en Cisjordanie. Les forces d’occupation israéliennes ont retenu son corps.
Mohamad Assaf (34 ans) était un avocat travaillant pour défendre la terre palestinienne contre la colonisation israélienne. Hier matin, il emmenait ses enfants et ses neveux à l’école. Les forces israéliennes ont attaqué sa ville natale, Naplouse, et lui ont tiré une balle dans le cou.
Sha’s Kamamji, assassiné dans le village de Kufr Athan près de Jénine 


Peut être une image de 4 personnes, plein air et texte
May be an image of text that says 'Le 8 juillet 1972, voulant cibler es leaders politiques palestiniens influents, des espions israéliens ont assassiné Kanafani à seulement 26 ans dans une voiture piégée qui a aussi tué sa nièce adolescente Lamis. Cinquante ans plus tard, Ghassan Kanafani est toujours l'un des intellectuels palestiniens les plus influents et l'un des leaders révolutionnaires dans le monde.'




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